Hen Scratch 2010


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Yearly newsletter of Lake View Farm, located in the beautiful Willamette Valley of western Oregon. We encourage everyone to eat local, so if you're local, come and eat.

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Hen Scratch 2010

  1. 1. HELLO & WELCOME New This Year! to all who are new to the Our mission at Cow Share Lake View Farm Many of you may recall family and a big “welcome back” to our our Cow Share Program. faithful ol’ timers, who’ve stuck with us over is to utilize what God has Well, our girls are back in the years, even during our short sabbatical. provided us to offer fresh, business and producing Many of you know that our home burned healthful food, produced the same beautiful, creamy several years ago and we’ve been in the process using the most sustainable milk you remember. Give of rebuilding and regrouping since then. While methods feasible. We strive Andy a call and arrange to everything is not completely back up and to honor Him and those He come by for a free sample flying, we’ve been gearing up the last couple of brings to our farm. and see the cows. years and we’re ready to get back to work. We are a small diversified, family owned farm nestled on 60 acres in the center of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, between Albany and Eugene. With an emphasis on raising our animals as close to God’s design as we can determine and practically manage, we enjoy providing delicious, healthy food for both our family and yours. We hope you enjoy our newsletter, our farm, our family and our food. Our Annual Join us Saturday …goes to Pam and Roger Bristol! Purchasing the largest amount of tasty, farm fresh, pasture fed Lake View Delicious Fresh BBQ Chicken Hay Rides Farm chicken, along with a holiday Baby Animals turkey and a couple of lean, smoked Milking Cows hams, they are the highly blessed Gathering Eggs recipients of a free fryer, redeemable Fishin’ any time throughout the 2010 season.
  2. 2. CLA? WhAt’s thAt? Conjugated Linoleic Acid, (CLA) is a naturally occurring component of meat and milk from grass-fed ruminants. These grass fed What is products contain much more CLA “Additive Free”? than those from grain-fed Most people aren’t aware that their animals.[19] In fact, meat and dairy feed can be full of “extra little products from grass-fed animals can surprises”. The feed that is used to produce 300-500% more CLA than grow most of the traditional, those of cattle fed the usual diet of feedlot style meat that we find in 75% hay and silage, and 25% Why Choose “ReAL” food? the typical grocery store contains grain.[20] So many of our foods today are hormones and supplements, Eggs are also rich in CLA, and it produced using artificial, additive introduced into the animals’ diet so has been shown that CLA in eggs laden means that it is virtually that it will produce at an artificially survives the temperatures impossible to completely control our accelerated rate. These additives encountered during frying.[21] diets and eliminate harmful foods. can transfer to the meat or milk, Antioxidant and anti-cancer The more we mess with God’s introducing invisible and often properties have been attributed to original plan for foods the further it unhealthy additions directly into CLA, and studies on mice and rats falls from the healthy, nourishment it your family’s diet. show encouraging results in was intended to be. Our desire to avoid these additives hindering the growth of tumors in We can, however, minimize the for our own family led us to find mammary, skin, and colon tissues.[6] effects of these negative factors by and utilize feeds that are hormone Furthermore, a European team, led choosing “REAL” foods, whenever and additive free. We’ve found by the Swiss scientist Lukas Rist, possible. A “REAL” food is one that that when the animals are allowed has found that mothers consuming is produced the way God designed it, to produce at the rate that they are mostly organic milk and meat by the most natural means possible naturally intended to, it’s a healthier products have about 50 percent and left the way God intended it, situation for the animal and for the higher levels of rumenic acid, (a completely unprocessed. rest of us, as well. specific form of CLA), in their breast milk.[7] WhAt’s the diffeRenCe betWeen oRgAniC And nAtuRAL? Wikipedia defines organic foods as those produced according to certain Just another benefit of our Lake production standards, grown without the use of conventional pesticides and View Farm products, in addition to artificial fertilizers, free from contamination by human or industrial waste, and sustainability, healthy freshness and processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. If livestock are delicious, wholesome flavor. involved, they must be reared without the routine use of antibiotics, without 6. ^ Belury, M.A. (October 2002). "Inhibition of carcinogenesis by conjugated linoleic acid: Potential mechanisms of action". Journal of Nutrition 132 (10): 2995–2998. PMID 12368384. the use of growth hormones and fed a healthy diet of all organically produced 7. Lukas Rist, Andre Mueller, Christiane Barthel, Bianca Snijders, Margje Jansen, A. Paula Simoes- Wust, Machteld Huber, Ischa Kummeling, Ursula von Mandach, Hans Steinhart, and Carel Thijs. (June 2007). "Influence of organic diet on the amount of conjugated linoleic acids in breast milk". British feeds. In most countries, organic products may not be genetically modified. Journal of Nutrition. 19. T. R. Dhiman, L. D. Satter, M. W. Pariza, M. P. Galli, K. Albright, and M. X. Tolosa (May 2000). "Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Content of Milk from Cows Offered Diets Rich in Linoleic and In contrast, natural foods are those produced and processed as naturally as Linolenic Acid". Journal of Dairy Science 83 (5): 1016–1027. PMID 10821577. http://jds.fass.org/cgi/content/abstract/83/5/1016. Retrieved on 27 May 2006. possible. For us at Lake View Farm, that means no pesticides or insecticides 20.T. R. Dhiman (2001). "Role of diet on conjugated linoleic acid content of milk and meat" (PDF). Journal of Animal Science 79. http://www.adsa.org/jointabs/iaafs108.pdf. Retrieved on 9 March 2007. used with our pastures, facilities and animals, rendering them essentially 21.Lin Yang, Ying Cao, Zhen-Yu Chen (2004). "Stability of conjugated linoleic acid isomers in egg yolk lipids during frying". Food Chemistry (Elsevier) 86: 531–535. doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2003.09.006. organic. It means feeding only pesticide, insecticide, hormone and additive free feeds. It means allowing our animals to enjoy fresh pasture and sunshine Why are your chickens verses cramped, dusty indoor pens. We have chosen to forego the costly, outside in open pens? impotent and ambiguous organic certifications and pass the savings on to our Chickens were designed by God to customers. move about freely and eat grass, We have opted out of going completely organic, because the added feed costs with all the little crawly critter of organic feed cause our prices to be prohibitive. Instead, by minimizing our condiments that come with it. By farm’s exposure to harmful chemicals, while maximizing our use of on-farm raising our chickens as close to this and locally grown feed sources, we feel like we’ve found the optimum balance. original design as possible, we end This allows us to market a product that is superior to that of the industrial food up with chickens that are happy, production machine at a price that is affordable to those who realize the healthy and taste like chicken is importance of feeding their families REAL FOOD. supposed to taste.
  3. 3. Fresh from the Farm Products Grass Fed Beef REAL Milk Old Fashioned Pasture Fed Plenty of grass, clover and sunshine It is currently impossible for us to Chicken bring you fresh, unadulterated create an environment that Plump and juicy, our homegrown dairy products for human produces beef that is lean, flavorful chicken is raised on fresh clover, consumption in the State of and full of healthy CLA (conjugated grass, weeds, real milk and tasty Oregon, due to legal constraints. linoleic acid). With no preservatives bugs, supplemented by all natural, Lake View Farm is pleased, or hormones, these young, lean antibiotic free grain. Grown to however, to be able to offer you a steers are finished on green grass between 4 and 8 pounds dressed share in your own cow. Please and crisp Oregon air. Most will weight, these tender fryers have contact the farm for more dress out between 400 and 500 lbs become a family favorite for many. information. and are sold, hanging weight by the Our tasty birds are sold for $3.75 lb, whole, half or quarter starting from dressed weight, with complimentary $2.65/pound, plus additional Farm Fresh Eggs butchering upon request. Let us butcher, cut and wrap costs at a Happy hens produce healthy, know if you want us to save giblets state certified facility. Pastured veal delicious eggs. Grass, clover and at the time of ordering. Choice of is also available at $4.25/lb. with the bugs give our hens the components gizzards (uncleaned), livers, hearts usual cost for they need to create eggs full of or a mix of any, sell for $3.00/lb. butcher, cut & vitamins and low in cholesterol. Fresh fryers are available only in the wrap. Beef pro- Our girls are pampered inside summer, so order early to insure ducts are available during the winter and put to graze your freezerful. in the fall. Please early in the Spring. For those who order at least 60 enjoy REAL eggs and those who days ahead. would like to, they’re only Tender Spring $3.00/dozen when available. Lamb & Chevré Fresh Lean Pork Home grown freshness, straight from the farm, this lamb is ready Feeding our pigs in fields of grass Plump, Juicy Holiday and clover, real milk and grain Turkeys for you at its peak of flavor and produces delicious pork full of Plan now for your farm fresh, tenderness. Delicious lamb and natural vitamins, minerals and additive free holiday celebrations. chevré (goat) are the result when healthful CLA (conjugated linoleic Our turkeys are raised on green they are allowed to eat and grow on acid). Fed to lean perfection, our grass, real milk, grain and wild bugs fresh pasture. Extra vitamins, pork is ready for fresh chops, to produce the most delicious and minerals and nutritious CLA hams and the smokehouse. Most healthy holiday meals. These birds (conjugated linoleic acid) are added hang out at 175 to 200 pounds should dress between 15 and 30 benefits. Lambs are 50-70 lbs. and can be purchased by the pounds and will be available for hanging weight and can be whole or half, as low as pick up in mid to late November at purchased by the whole, $2.50/lb, $2.75/pound, plus additional $3.75/pound. We do a limited or half, $2.75/lb. plus additional butcher, cut and wrap costs at a number of these specialty birds and butcher, cut and wrap costs at a state certified facility. Pork is they’ll go fast on a first come first state certified facility. Available available in the fall. Order 90 days serve basis, so get your order in in the spring, order 90 days ahead. ahead. early this spring.
  4. 4. 2010 Order Form Pick up days vary. We ITEM QUANTITY AMOUNT PICK UP DATES will call you with dates Beef Whole/half/quarter Fall based on the preferred Pork Whole/Half Fall pick-up dates you circle. Lamb Whole/Half Spring Our Chevré Whole/Half Spring coincides with our mid Chicken Whole/Half* June ~ July ~ Aug July fryer pickup, so plan (Please circle the dates you prefer) on staying for a piece of Turkey Whole November BBQ’ed chicken, a glass * We’re glad to halve these large birds for smaller appetites and easier storage, for an additional 25¢/lb of ice cold lemonade or milk and a hay ride. NOTE: Our chicken is Order early, order often…by phone, mail or email sold live. Complimentary 541-369-2393 29540 Crook Drive, Halsey, OR 98348 lvf.realfood@gmail.com butchering is available Yes, I understand that these birds are sold live and would appreciate complimentary butchering. upon request. Although our facilities and Signature: processes are clean and we invite you to inspect Name: us at any time, we are NOT inspected by any Address: City: State: Zip: regulatory agency. Please Phone: Email: sign if you wish to have courtesy butchering in Comments & Suggestions: our facility. HOW DO I FIGURE OUT HOW MUCH MY MEAT WILL COST? APPROX. OUR PRICE CUT & PRODUCT HANGING (per pound hanging weight) KILL COST CURING WRAP WEIGHT Whole 1/2 or 1/4 Beef 300-500 lbs $2.65 hw $2.85 hw $50 $ .45/# $ .50/# Burger $3.75/# $ .45/# Pork 175-225 lbs $2.75 hw $2.95 hw $50 $ .45/# $ .50/# Sausage $3.75/# $ .45/# Lamb/Chevré 70-80 lbs $2.50 hw $2.75 hw $50 $35/hd Chicken 4-8 lbs $3.75 Turkey 15-30 lbs $3.50
  5. 5. God has shown us the advantages of food produced in a wholesome way and provided us with the opportunity to grow this quality food on our own farm. We are committed to supplying the healthiest products feasible by making the most wholesome feed and quality care possible available for our animals. To us, this means a clean, low stress environment, plenty of fresh air and sunshine and all the grass our animals can eat. We hope everyone is pleased with the products they buy from Lake View Farm. Please feel free to contact us with any comments, concerns or for free samples. More than just food to eat Food to live on The Walton Family 29540 Crook Drive Halsey, Oregon 97348 541-369-2393 lvf.realfood@gmail.com