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Lakeland College 3


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Lakeland College 3

  1. 1. Where is Lakeland College?
  2. 2. Vermilion Campus
  3. 3. Lloydminster Campus100% of students after taking University Transfer at Lakeland College and moving on to other institutions, say they made the right choice to come to Lakeland first. Why? Easier transition, small class sizes & more enjoyable personal experience.
  4. 4. What’s New at Lakeland?• New student centre – Vermilion• Trades remodel Vermilion & Lloydminster• Land purchase of 10 quarters for Farm/Enviro labs & applied research & future expansion• Veterinary Medical Technician – 1 yr program
  5. 5. Program Areas•University Transfer Routes withDegree Options•Business Certificates , Diplomas &Degree Options•Agricultural Programs•Environmental Sciences•Fire & Emergency Services•Trades•Health & Wellness•Human Services•Interior Design•Adventure Tourism & OutdoorRecreation•Event Coordinator•Academic Upgrading•Transitional Vocational
  6. 6. Scholarship Info & Deadlines!• Grade 11 Marks Count• Not all awards are based on marks• Financial Aid – searchable database• Website links for awards and scholarships• 09/10 - awarded over $691 000 to 833 students
  7. 7. Athletics• Scholarships• Recruiting process• Nationally ranked teams• Many accomplishments• Best to contact Rec Department and talk to someone about their processes• Might be able to come out and practice with team• Check out the Rustlers site
  8. 8. Residence Vermilion• Set up like the Frat Houses you see in American movies• 32 – 44 students in a house• Co-Ed• Double rooms and Single rooms• FREE Laundry in each building• Kitchen & lounge areas Virtual Tours
  9. 9. Residence Lloydminster • More like a townhouse • Up to 8 students in a house • Can be Co-Ed but doesn’t have to be • Kitchen & Living Room • Single rooms – 2 bathrooms • FREE Laundry in Residence Office buildingVirtual Tours
  10. 10. Services for Students• Student Success Course prior to coming to LLC (4 day course – there is a fee but you get to meet some students before classes start, and learn the ropes)• Study skills sessions Library• Tutoring• Cafeterias• Health Services• Campus security• Parking• Wireless internet• Recreation Facilities & activities• Weekly Student newspaper And the list goes on and on…
  11. 11. Clubs, clubs and more clubs!• Ag Tour• Christian Friends• Climbing• Enviro• Judging• Outdoor Recreation• Rodeo• Stock Dog• Stockman• Men’s and Women’s hockey
  12. 12. Get to know us!Student for a day Tour IncentivesCome and participate inregular student activities fora day Pay us a visit and you can receive up to $600 dollars in tuition credit as well as be entered in a $1000 dollar tuition credit draw
  13. 13. Admission Process & Program RequirementsWhen should you apply? Why?• As soon as possible in your Grade 12 First Qualified year First Accepted How? Except:  Service Technician  Practical For more information Nursing 1-800-661-6490  Interior Design
  14. 14. Open House & Career Fair Dates & Times Vermilion LloydminsterOctober 19th 9am-4pm October 20th 9am-4pm iPad Touch give aways! No application fee on these days Campus & Residence Tours Program displays Prospective employers For more information check out
  15. 15. Orientation Days and Information Sessions• Ag-Citing Day• Enviro-Citing Day• ATOR Camp Day• Business Info Day• University Transfer Info Sessions• Evening Information Session – January 31, 2011 Check out our calendar of events on the web
  16. 16. Check Us Out Online!www.lakelandcollege.caFacebook videos
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Come “Live the Learning” with us!