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Recruitment powepoint all about Lakeland.

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Lakeland College 2

  1. 1. Try and find all 5 reasons why students love Lakeland College throughout this presentation: Academic Services Vermilion, AB population 4,400 Lloydminster, AB/SK population 26,000 Canada‟s only border cityVermilion & Lloydminster
  2. 2. “Lakeland College‟s instructors and staff want their students to not only achieve but to excel. They take the time to listen to students and offer encouraging words and advice when needed.” Colin Durovick ‘08Unique learning opportunities –out of the regular classroom settingClasses that will allow you tointeract with your instructorsPeople-centered environmentProvide education excellence Live The Learning
  3. 3. 98.9% of employers who have hired Lakeland grads recommend them to other employers. 2009 Lakeland College Graduate Survey, Class of „07 2009 Lakeland College Employer Survey Great Marks = Great Savings If you apply for: Business Environmental Studies University Studies Education Assistant and you have: an average of 85% or higher in 5 academic Grade 11 courses you will receive a $1,500 to $3,500 scholarshipAid and Awards=Free $$
  4. 4. 95% of students in Lakeland‟s agricultural sciences programs recommend their program to others. 2009 Lakeland College Student Satisfaction Survey Programs: Agribusiness Animal Health Technology Animal Science Technology Crop Technology Dairy Production General Agriculture Livestock Production Ranch and Feedlot RiderAgricultural Sciences
  5. 5. Top reasons why students love Lakeland College: Student Centeredness Student Managed Farm- Crops and now Livestock Ag-focused Clubs Agricultural Ambassador ProgramAgricultural Sciences
  6. 6. “The hands-on learning opportunities at Lakeland are great. Real-life training is a large part of all environmental sciences programs.” Breanna Sinclair, „08 and current Bachelor of Applied Science student Programs: Conservation and Restoration Ecology Environmental Conservation & Reclamation Environmental Protection Technology Renewable Energy Conservation (online) Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Bachelor of Applied Science: Environmental ManagementEnvironmental Sciences
  7. 7. Average salaries of environmental sciences grads $55,768 2009 Lakeland College Graduate Survey Class of „07 Environmental Ambassador Program Enviro-focused Clubs Focused not only on the Oil and Gas Industry but so much moreEnvironmental Sciences
  8. 8. Top reasons why students love Lakeland College: Campus Climate Programs: Child and Youth Care Early Learning and Child Care Educational Assistant Sign Language and Deaf Culture Studies Sign Language Interpretation Transitional VocationalHuman Services
  9. 9. According to the Alberta Occupational Demand Outlook Study, the demand for qualified community service workers will experience above average growth until at least 2010.NEW! 2nd Year Course in Animal Assisted TherapyEach Semester 5 Week PracticumOn-site Child Development CenterEarly Learning grads can earn extra $$$ from the governmentHuman Services
  10. 10. “My time at Lakeland College changed my life. My program was very fulfilling on a personal level and at an educational level.” Diana Wiltermuth, ‘08 Programs: Esthetician Health Care Aide Massage Therapy Practical NurseHealth & Wellness
  11. 11. 94.3% of grads are happy in their jobs resulting from their Lakeland College Education. 2009 Lakeland College Graduate Survey Class of „07 Brand new Practical Nursing Labs/ Equipment Fall ‘09 New Massage Therapy and Esthetician Labs Fall ‘10 Practicum PlacementsHealth & Wellness
  12. 12. Top reasons why students love Lakeland College: Instructional Effectiveness Programs: Accounting Technician Agribusiness Appraisal & Assessment Business Administration Financial Services Management Office Administration Professional Accounting Bachelor Degree’s in Commerce, General Studies or ManagementBusiness Studies
  13. 13. Average top salaries of business grads: $66,017 2009 Lakeland College Graduate Survey Class of „07 Transferable Professional Accounting designations New “office style” classroom for Office AdministrationBusiness Studies
  14. 14. 89% of students transferring from Lakeland to universities enroll as full-time students. Lakeland College University Transfer Study, June 2008 Some Transfer Options Available at Lakeland: Arts Commerce Education General Studies Sciences (Biological, Kinesiology, Nutrition) Social Work Pre-Dentistry/Pre-Med Pre-Pharmacy/Pre-Vet Dental HygieneUniversity Transfer
  15. 15. Top reasons why students love Lakeland College: Academic Services Bill Kondro Wing open Fall ‘08, new classrooms, labs, student loungeUniversity Transfer
  16. 16. Average salaries of fire & emergency services grads $59,548 2009 Lakeland College Graduate Survey Class of „07 Programs: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Emergency Services Technology (EST) Firefighter Training (NFPA 1001) ParamedicFire & Emergency Services
  17. 17. “Looking back on my experience at fire etc. … I realize now just how fortunate I am to have taken the wild ride of learning and to have grown as an individual and as a team member.” Yolande E. Dorion, „08 Fire Student for a Day On-Site Training Field 2009- 50th AnniversaryFire & Emergency Services
  18. 18. NEW! Fall of 2010 Fully-modernized teaching facilities for trades students Programs: Automotive Service Technician Carpenter Electrician Heavy Equipment Technician Heavy Oil Operations Technician Instrument Technician Parts Technician Pre-Employment Electrician Pre-Employment Instrumentation Pre-Employment Welder Steamfitter-Pipefitter WelderTrades & Technology
  19. 19. “There‟s a lot of hands on work in the labs and the instructors are great. They really helped me. It was a great experience. I‟ll definitely come back to Lakeland.” Rodney Bolin, „08 World Skills Competition Ongoing IntakesTrades & Technology
  20. 20. “I believe Lakeland College was the best choice for me to prepare for my career. The program covers all aspects demanded by the profession.” Travis Herrington, Interior Design ‟10 Vancouver British ColumbiaMember of the National Kitchenand Bath AssociationField Trips/PracticumInternational CompetitionsInterior Design
  21. 21. “This has been the best two years of my life!” Lukas Mueller, „09 Evansburg, Alberta Field Trips in 1st Year… 3rd week of classes Business knowledge with the adventure Wide open for EmploymentAdventure Tourism
  22. 22. 98.9% of employers who have hired Lakeland grads recommend them to other employers. 2009 Lakeland College Graduate Survey, Class of „07 2009 Lakeland College Employer Survey More than wedding planning Practicum Opportunities Field TripsEvent Coordinator
  23. 23. 87.2% of grads say the benefits of their Lakeland College education outweigh the financial costs associated with post-secondary education. 2009 Lakeland College Students About to Graduate SurveyHighlights:Student ClubsRecreation FacilitiesRustler AthleticsWeekly Student NewspaperChristmas Gala Campus Life
  24. 24. NEW 2010 ACAC men‟s and women‟s soccer and cross-country running!Lakeland Rustlers compete in:BasketballCurlingFutsalRodeoRowingVolleyball Athletics
  25. 25. $3.3 million spent on dorm renovations last year with another $3.9 million to go this year.Highlights of Residence:Townhouses, single rooms, double rooms, family housing availableParking for students (energized and non-energized stalls)Campus Security and Safe Walk program Residence
  26. 26. Top reasons why students love Lakeland College: Registration EffectivenessWhen to apply: First day of grade 12How are applications processed? First Qualified First Accepted Except:  Emergency Service Technician  Practical Nursing  Interior Design Apply Online
  27. 27. You can also call us toll free at 1-800-661-6490Check us out Online