Danielle Haughian Interior Design Portfolio 2012


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Danielle Haughian Interior Design Portfolio 2012

  1. 1. DanielleTechnologyInterior Design Haughian
  2. 2. NKBA BathroomObjective-Remodel the upstairsbathroom of a Federalrow house for Michaeland Jolene Matthews-Transitional style withTraditional accents-Replace the tub,lavatory, toilet, andflooringConcept-To provide an elegantsanctuary for relaxationthrough the use of color,texture, lighting, andoverall ambiance. Classical Elegance
  3. 3. Rendered Floor Plan and Elevations Features -Cast iron claw foot tub -Custom vanity -Walk in shower -Towel warmer -Granite and porcelain tile
  4. 4. Rendered Elevations
  5. 5. Floor Plan
  6. 6. Construction Plan
  7. 7. Mechanical Plan
  8. 8. South and East Elevations
  9. 9. North and West Elevations
  10. 10. NKBA Kitchen Rustic Elegance Objective -Remodel the kitchen of a Federal row house for Michael and Jolene Matthews -Transitional Style -All new appliances and baking center are required -Formal dining area for 6-8 people Concept -To combine the properties of both rustic and elegant styles to create a beautiful kitchen. Traditional moldings and cabinet styles are paired with Restoration Hardware furniture, and reclaimed brick to achieve the desired look.
  11. 11. Material Board 5. 3. 4. Legend1. 1. Iron Orb Chandelier 2. Cabinet Door- Vanilla 2. Spice 6. 3. Chair Fabric 4. Reclaimed Brick 5. Hardware 9. 6. Dining Chairs- Restoration Hardware 7. Cabinet Doors in Island- Cinnamon 8. Marble Countertops 7. 8. 9. Cool Grey Paint Color
  12. 12. Floor Plan Features -Reclaimed brick -Large island -Wardrobe -Dining for 6-8 -Marble countertops -New appliances -Reclaimed barn board floors -Fireplace -Desk/computer area
  13. 13. Construction Plan
  14. 14. Mechanical Plan
  15. 15. West Elevation
  16. 16. West Island Detail
  17. 17. South Elevation and Island Detail
  18. 18. North Elevation and Island Detail
  19. 19. East Elevation
  20. 20. East Island Detail
  21. 21. Trout Pond Objective -To create a summer vacation home for a local artist -1500 sq.ft, sustainable, and using at least 3 types of Mid-Century furniture -Must have a studio and an outdoor living are a -Project to be completed in partners (Carolyn Kriston) Concept ‘East Meets West’. We wanted to create a home that mixed Oriental style of the east with the mountainous west. The materials and architecture reflect a modern Oriental style, whereas the exterior is meant to mimic the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia.
  22. 22. Trout PondDrawn by Carolyn Kriston
  23. 23. Trout Pond Drawn by Carolyn Kriston
  24. 24. Material Boards BedroomLiving Room Kitchen
  25. 25. Airport Kiosk Concept ‘Posh Perfumes’ was designed around the idea of luxury. The kiosk is luxurious in its materials; glass and marble, and in the product itself, which is perfume. Objective -To design a small kiosk for the Toronto International Airport
  26. 26. Airport Kiosk -Google SketchUp Drawings
  27. 27. Materials/PackagingWhite Marble Floors Black Marble Countertops Perfume Packaging Glass Tile Hardware White Maple Cabinetry
  28. 28. Retail Project ‘The Big Apple’. ‘The City of Dreams’. One of the best known cities globally. New York. This retail store was designed around different features of this magical place. It takes into account the industrial materials of downtown Manhattan- the brick, metal, glass, wood, and chipped paint. A cityscape mural on the east wall mimics the downtown sky scrapers. The clothing itself, appeals to a busy New Yorker. Empire is inspired by the fashionable, high pace lifestyle of people in New York.Objective-To design a store in anexisting mall that consists ofproduct display, cash desk,commercial coderequirements and changerooms if required
  29. 29. Product/ClienteleTrendy. Stylish. Casual. Comfortable. Fashionable. Ages 18-30.
  30. 30. Material Board Legend  Iron Orb Chandelier  Custom pendant light  Varnished plywood countertops  Hardwood floor  Brick  Barn Board wall covering w/ peeled paint finish
  31. 31. Floor PlansSketchUp Plan CAD Floor Plan
  32. 32. Storefront
  33. 33. West Elevation
  34. 34. East Elevation
  35. 35. Change Rooms
  36. 36. Other Views