Chelsea Schwindt-Interior Design portfolio


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Class of 2013 Lakeland College interior design student Chelsea Schwindt's portfolio of work from academic 2012-13. This includes NKBA kitchen and bathroom projects, a restaurant and other interior design projects.

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Chelsea Schwindt-Interior Design portfolio

  1. 1. Chelsea Schwindt Design Portfolio
  2. 2. There is always a new design problem waiting for a fresh new outlook or solution. It’s always exciting to use my creativity and produce something different. I find it extremely enthralling to come up with inspirations for projects with completely different backgrounds, to suit my client’s needs & desires. Design Skills: • AutoCAD & Hand drafting: Floor plan, elevations, mechanical plan, construction plan, specifications, detail drawings • Perspective drawing & hand rendering •Space planning •Knowledge of Google SketchUp & 20/20 • Creative- Hard working- Organized Chelsea Schwindt InteriorDesignTechnologist Studiedat LakelandCollege
  3. 3. NKBAKitchen • Project outline & concept • Perspective Drawing/ Hand Rendering • Working Drawings NKBABathroom •Perspective Drawing/ Hand Rendering TroutPond • Project Outline • 3D Model Building • Perspective Drawing/ Hand Rendering Contents: Kiosk • Project Outline & concept • Google SketchUp drawings RetailProject •Project Outline & concept •Floor Plan/ Reflected Ceiling Plan •Model Building •Perspective Drawing Restaurant Project • Project Outline & concept • Rendered floor plan/ Reflected Ceiling Plan • Rendered elevations/ perspectives
  4. 4. This is my 1st place winning kitchen design for the NKBA Student Design Competition. This earned me a scholarship and an all expense paid trip to New Orleans for the KBIS show. Kitchen Perspective ProjectOutline: • Design basement suite kitchen for client currently using walker • Complying to NKBA planning guidelines and access standards •Meet client’s needs for functional kitchen to cook for her family •Incorporate small sitting area for reading and watching T.V. •Client Request for Mid-Century Modern Style
  5. 5. Concept Statement The basement suite design intent is for Edita Kazlauskas to enjoy the freedom of simplicity. A space that is inviting to the soul while keeping a contemporary theme. The goal was to create a spacious environment that is open and easy to use. The circulation allows her to have ease of movement. Using clean lines as a repetitive element gives fluidity throughout the space. This provides Edita with a sophisticated Mid-Century Modern suite that is functional and comfortable for her needs and is aesthetically pleasing.
  6. 6. What I learned: • Attained AutoCAD skills & knowledge • NKBA drafting standards •How to produce working drawings such as: mechanical, construction, and electrical plans • Experience in accessibility designing
  7. 7. MainFeatures: • Client’s request for permanent storage of sausage maker •Lower height countertops •Garbage disposal access beside exterior door •1 main prep sink & 1 auxiliary by cook top • small seating area with T.V. •Marble wall with fireplace West wall •Stainless steel North wall
  8. 8. MainFeatures: •Motorized shelving for mount of sausage maker •Marble wall with fireplace West wall •Stainless steel North wall
  9. 9. MainFeatures: •Accent pendant lighting above main prep sink •Integrated toe kick lighting • Integrated shelving lighting •Recessed pot lights for overall ambient lighting
  10. 10. What I learned: • Codes for switches, outlets, and basic electrical knowledge • Lighting Specifications
  11. 11. MainFeatures: • New wall construction for walls of bathroom • Existing bulkhead incorporated into design •Large windows incorporated to open up basement suite and allow lots of natural lighting
  12. 12. MainFeatures: •Stainless steel clad on wall •Full sized refrigerator •Lower height countertops •Floating shelves at appropriate heights to suite user with 5’-0” stature and mobility issues
  13. 13. MainFeatures: •Storage of sausage maker- on motorized device •Lower height countertops- open knee space below sink •Large operable windows
  14. 14. MainFeatures: WestElevation: •Marble clad wall w/ featured fireplace •Cooktop directly below •Open knee space allotted •Small auxiliary sink with swivel faucet above- used as pot filler on cooktop EastElevation: • Custom built storage unit for extra kitchen accessories, food, books, etc.
  15. 15. MainFeatures: •Custom storage unit detail including: Plan, Side, and Front Elevations •Inspiration from Mid-Century furniture designer Charles Eames •Open shelving • Integrated adjustable height shelving •T.V. mount area •Pull-out drawers
  16. 16. StorageUnit Section What I learned: •How to produce a detailed section of a custom unit • Proper hatching required for materials •Call up notes for builders
  17. 17. Bathroom Perspective ProjectOutline: • Followed the same guidelines & project requirements as the NKBA kitchen Concept: Pure Simplicity • Design basement suite bathroom for client currently using walker • Complying to NKBA planning guidelines and access standards •Client Request for Mid-Century Modern Style
  18. 18. Project Outline: •Group project •Group members: Clarissa Sarpalius & Bonnie Bomock-Fuller • Design fully sustainable summer retreat home & studio for a textile artist & teacher. • Location: Trout Pond • Close attention paid to passive solar design through windows, building materials & all finishes Material Board
  19. 19. ModelBuilding •Build 3D model of trout pond house & studio •Scale: ¼” = 1’-0” Features: •Loft inspires home •Open below to large scaled windows facing the pond front for scenic view •Specialized studio design for client’s needs & wants in a “dream studio”
  20. 20. Mainfloor plan • U- shaped kitchen at back • Living room overlooking the pond • Integrated indoor/ outdoor fireplace • Large scale windows
  21. 21. BedroomPerspective • Loft style bedroom • Large scaled window • Series of clerestory windows featured above • Wood finished floor & ceiling
  22. 22. ProjectOutline: • Objective to design an international airport kiosk • Approximately 196 sq. ft. • Completed in Google SketchUp Projecttitle: Radiance Merchandisesold: Sunglasses & hats
  23. 23. Concept Statement Radiance was a concept derived from the sun, and its curvilinear form and flowing rays. The merchandise sold in the kiosk was what started the inspiration. Sunglasses and hats are merchandise intended for use under sunny conditions. So therefore the main form of the kiosk is that of a sculptural sun with rays floating away from it.
  24. 24. The main form of the building is a globe from which all curvilinear aspects of the interior were constructed. The exterior shell is covered with copper sheeting; creating a very reflective and aesthetically pleasing piece of art. The reflective surface will definitely grab attention in its surrounding of an airport. The Interior is finished with a fresh yellow paint that contrasts nicely with white high gloss cabinetry and desk. Radiance is an energetic place for you to stop by; on the way to or from a sunny vacation and find yourself a new sun hat or sunglasses to enjoy.
  25. 25. Features: • Storage/ display for sunglasses • Storage/ display for hats • Cash wrap area & desk • All cabinets and aspects curved to form around the globe like shell/ structure of kiosk • Stylized sun pendant lighting • Customized signage
  26. 26. ProjectOutline: • Design a retail store of your choice • Provide working drawings • Perspective Drawings ProductsSoldin mystore: 1. Chairs: Light & Airy, Easy to move 2. Upholstered Goods: Tablecloths, Placemats, Napkins, Pillows 3. Dinnerware Sets • Interior & Exterior Applications: Kitchen, Dining, Living, Patio, Outdoor Living Spaces, Etc. • Products: Colorful, Graphic, Fun, Trendy, Playful, • All Products come in a wide variety of colors & patterns
  27. 27. Concept Statement: Color Spectrum is derived from the rainbow and it’s multiples of colors. Color Spectrum is a retail spaced intended to bring a burst of color into your everyday life. The products sold in the store are very versatile, and intended for use in interior and exterior applications. Each product comes in a wide variety of colors and graphic prints that can provide you with the perfect accent piece or pop of color you need in your home. The neutral backdrop provides the perfect subtle space that focuses on the brightly colored products. Color Spectrum consists mainly of white finishes, and a textural wall panels to add interest. A dark brown floor was incorporated to ground the space and break up all the white finishes. All products arranged in a rainbow sequence that fades throughout the room. This creates a composition of the color spectrum across the entire space.
  28. 28. Floor Plan Features: • Living green wall • Customized display to showcase off products • Staging of products on floor tables
  29. 29. Features: • Backlit Living green wall • Customized display with integrated lighting • Ceiling backlit acrylic panel on suspended drywall- runs length of space What I learned: • How to produce a reflected ceiling plan • Commercial space designing
  30. 30. Floor Plan : • Model building project • Scale ¼” = 1’-0” • Approximately 1100 Sq. Ft.
  31. 31. ModelStore Front & Display What I learnedabout building a modelat this scale: • Very intricate & delicate • Takes a lot of time • Fun & rewarding to complete
  32. 32. Dinnerware & Upholsteries DisplayWall Chair DisplayWall
  33. 33. PillowDisplayUnitInterior withCeiling
  34. 34. Project Outline: • Design a restaurant of your choice- Bar & Grill • Located in Downtown Vancouver- overlooks the water inlet • Provide seating for 150 people & extra on patio • Layout a space for an open kitchen & bar
  35. 35. Blue Dusk Blue Dusk was derived from the electric blue sky hitting Vancouver city at the time of dusk. Dusk is a the time of day that we are surrounded by partial darkness between day and night. The sky creates these dynamic blue colors that shoot across the sky giving a very alluring backdrop to the city. The dusk sky also causes energetic reflections of city lights across the water front.
  36. 36. RenderedFloor Plan : • Scale 1/8 ” = 1’-0” Features: • Lounge • Large social bar • Dining/ Banquettes/ Booths • Women’s & Men’s washrooms • Open grill kitchen • Outdoor patio
  37. 37. Features: • Backlit 3form ceiling suspended acrylic discs @ 15’-0” A.F.F. • Skygarden pendant lighting centered above all dining tables • Varying height pendant lights above bar
  38. 38. West Elevation • Scale 1/4” = 1’-0” NorthElevation • Scale 1/4” = 1’-0” Features: • Banquettes/ Booths
  39. 39. East Elevation : • Scale 1/4 ” = 1’-0” • Custom blown glass exterior doors • 3form acrylic discs @ 15’-0” A.F.F. w/ Skygarden pendant lighting above dining tables • Swan chairs in lounge
  40. 40. Bar Elevation: • Scale 1/4 ” = 1’-0” • St. St. floating shelves/ Accent tile behind • 3form acrylic discs at varying heights w/ Tribeca pendant light
  41. 41. Exterior EntryFeatures: • Custom blown glass door • Backlit acrylic panel signage • White wash brick on restaurant front
  42. 42. Front Entry Features: • Accent tile wall • Backlit acrylic panel signage • Backlit acrylic ceiling discs • Custom host station
  43. 43. DiningAreaFeatures: • Backlit acrylic ceiling discs • Skygarden pendant lights • Shimmer screen bead curtain separating dining room from bar area • Emeco Kong dining chair • Callgaris planet dining table
  44. 44. WashroomFeatures: • Accent tile on vanity wall • Blown glass vessel sinks • 3form acrylic stall partitions
  45. 45. LoungeFeatures: • Backlit 3form ceiling disc • Skygarden pendant lights • Tribeca pendant lighting • Swan Chair
  46. 46. 1