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Ag Coversions Announcement


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The benefits of Ag Conversions at Grand Lake St. Marys.

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Ag Coversions Announcement

  1. 1. AmiranTechnologies Taking Mercer County’s AG Economy to the Next Level March 19, 2012 Amiran Technologies, LLC - Proprietary & Confidential
  2. 2. Amiran TechnologiesBusiness Units and Subsidiaries 2
  3. 3. Our Mission….Our mission is to provide unique, innovative,ecologically sound, cost effective solutions forthe decontamination of Industrial andAgricultural waste streams worldwide in amanner that restores the environment to apristine state while promoting beneficialrecycling and reuse. Amiran Technologies, LLC - Proprietary & Confidential 3
  4. 4. How we got here….• Aware that this was a Global Problem• Contacted by a Wisconsin family who has family ties in the Grand Lake Watershed 2 years ago• Contacted Jim Keller about 1 year ago• Presented to Ag Solutions on July 11, 2011• Invited to the Governor’s Cup Regatta in August –Further vetted Manure to Fertilizer Technology –Showcased Dredged Sediment to Potting Soil Technology –Gained support from Local & State Leaders• Prepared to form AG Conversions - Ohio• Local Partnerships Amiran Technologies, LLC - Proprietary & Confidential 4
  5. 5. Reversing the Broken Nutrient Cycle
  6. 6. AG Conversions – Manufacturing Process Manufacturing Fertilizer from Manure TM Drying Agents Adjust N-P-K to Need Dry Humus Solid Fertilizer Path Mixing Paddle Mixer Granulate or Pelletize Proprietary Humus Based or Chemicals Complex or Finished Dry Fertilizer Homogenize & Deodorize & Mixing Manure Slurry Manure Neutralize Input Pathogens Proprietary Adjust N-P-K Chemicals to Need Liquid Fertilizer Path Destroy Pathogens Adjust N-P-K Finished Liquid Fertilizer This drawing is the property of Ag Conversions, LLCAll information on this page is Copyright (c) 2011, Ag Conversions, LLC All Rights Reserved Amiran Technologies, LLC - Proprietary & Confidential 6
  7. 7. Collaboration
  8. 8. This is whatCollaboration looks like…..
  9. 9. AG Conversions Grand Lake Facility
  10. 10. AG Conversions Grand Lake Facility
  11. 11. AG ConversionsGrand Lake Facility – Visitor & Research Center
  12. 12. Local Partnerships Rounding out the Supply Chain• AgTrans, LLC –(419) 582-2030• Innovative Ag Nutrients, LLC –(419) 586-3077
  13. 13. In the Red Zone!
  14. 14. A Collaborative Effort To the Next Level!• Agriculture Economy• Recreation / Tourism Economy• Manufacturing Base• Real Estate Property Values
  15. 15. For more information, please contact:PHILIP SKRADE, CFO PAUL CHADWICK, EVP MARKET DEVELOPMENT610 W RAWSON AVE 610 W RAWSON AVEOAK CREEK, WI, 53154 OAK CREEK, WI, 53154PSKRADE@AMIRAN-TECHNOLOGIES.COM PCHADWICK@AMIRAN-TECHNOLOGIES.COM(414) 939-8595 – Office (414) 939-8595 – Office(414) 841-7084 - Cell (414) 378-4112 - Cell Amiran Technologies, LLC - Proprietary & Confidential
  16. 16. AG ConversionsGrand Lake Facility – Visitor & Research Center