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This powerpoint is my final assignment for my CLD 495 class.

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Tom jomby cld 495

  1. 1. Tom Jomby CLD 495 FINAL PROJECT Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass
  2. 2. • Home for families of hospital patients • It allows families to stay together in a place they can call home at little cost, and those families can access the best health care, regardless of their location • a place for children's families to stay
  3. 3. Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass •
  4. 4. • The first idea of a Ronald McDonald’s house was developed in 1973 in Philadelphia • Now there are 125 local chapters in 55 different countries • More then McDonald house • More than 150 McDonald family room
  5. 5. Lexington’s Mcdonald House • House opening in December 1984 with 17 bedrooms • The House has served over 25,000 families, from 38 different states and 10 foreign countries. • In 1997, the Ronald McDonald House expanded to 20 rooms and the name changed to Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass
  6. 6. Mission • create and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and to strengthen families by keeping them together in times of medical need.
  7. 7. Vision • Recognized community leader in the provision of quality and innovative services, facilities and support the health and well being of children and their families My choice • I choose this non profit organization because the tennis volunteered for them
  8. 8. 3 New media the organization currently uses are : • Twitter • Facebook • Youtube
  9. 9. Facebook •
  10. 10. Why Facebook • Use Facebook to best reach the community and make the strongest impact because nowadays everybody has a facebook account. • They can post interesting and engaging stuff such as pictures or event stories that makes people want to do the same and join. • I could see that they are combining visuals with a really short caption such as we learned in Picasa.
  11. 11. Twitter •
  12. 12. Why Twitter • With twitter, the Ronald Mcdonald house is hoping to connect with a strong network of volunteers, and partners, • Using the #Hastag #WishListWednesday or #HouseVolunteer they can hope to be trending one day on twitter and more people will then know about what they are doing. • They use twitter also by giving links to their facebook page so someone don’t have to actually go through the process of looking for that specific story he just has to click it.
  13. 13. • onKy
  14. 14. Why Youtube • Tell the organization's story through videos on YouTube, the more view means the more people know about the missions and visions of the organization. • Video is an amazing vehicle to connect with your supporters emotionally, • putting a link of the website in the video’s description is a good way to recruit people that will come and help the organization.
  15. 15. THEY ARE EFFICIENT IN FILFULLING THE MISSIONS OF ORGANIZATION • The facebook describe what the Ronald McDonald house is about but also mission, descriptions and general information. • Twitter facebook and youtube can tell you and promote some upcoming event in a really effective way so more people will be willing to improve life of families • Can be a good source of entertainment and then people want to improve the health of people
  16. 16. Strenghts • They are using the 3 forms of new new media • The overall new media strategy is very solid • The new implementation that I would try to do is making an Instagram account because it becomes very popular and images can mean and speak a lot to the viewer