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Board of Director Candidates 2019-2021


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View Candidate Statements for 12 nominees for the La Jolla Village Merchants Association Board of Directors.

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Board of Director Candidates 2019-2021

  1. 1. La Jolla Village Merchants Association 2019-2021 Board of Director Candidates
  2. 2. Timeline • October 2, 2019 - Secret ballots cast in-person at La Jolla Village Merchants Association Offices. Accommodations will be made to insure accessibility. • October 9, 2019 – Ballots Publicly Opened and Counted at Annual Meeting of LJVMA; 3:00 PM Riford Library. • November 13, 2019 – New Board Sworn In • December 11, 2019 – Strategic Planning Workshop
  3. 3. Lauren Johnston Current Board Member I would like to apply for a full-term position on the Board of Directors with the La Jolla Village Merchants Association. I have been a representative in the community for over a year and in that time I have developed and cultivated relationships with local residents and businesses alike. From the moment I learned about the LAVMA, I have actively participated on the Marketing Tasks Force Committee alongside some incredible members of our community to help improve and sustain business in the Village. With tenure sitting on collegiate alumni boards and as a former trustee for an international non-profit, I have experience setting and voting on budgets, networking and targeting specific communities, organizing events, and facilitating improvement projects. As a recently elected part-term board member, I hope to be given the opportunity of a full-term to continue working with the board and the community to create sustainable business strategies. At the end of the day when pressed for my motivation to join the board, all you have to do is ask yourselves one question, “Who wouldn’t want to Enjoya La Jolla?”- speaking of which, we need a winter slogan! I look forward to continuing to serve on the LJVMA Board of Directors. Thank you for your time and consideration. Patronus Wellness Project Manager 7825 Fay Ave, Suite 160 Professional Services
  4. 4. Brett Murphy Current Board Member – President I have been serving on this board for 4 years and I truly believe we live and work in one of the best places in America. During my two terms we have accomplished a ton of strategic action items that have improved life for all businesses in the Village, but I think we still have much more to do. My working relationship with our new executive director (Jodi Rudick) is growing stronger by the day and we are continuously developing new ways to improve our BID. My intention is to stay on the board as President for the full term and leave this organization better than I found it. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered and continues to volunteer to make La Jolla a top destination to live, work and play.La Jolla Sports Club Owner 7825 Fay Ave. Health Club
  5. 5. Don Parks Current Board Member I have worked in La Jolla for nearly 9 years as the Vice President of Sales for UT Community Press. We own the La Jolla Light and 10 additional publications. I have served on the board for the past two years. My passion to help small businesses started early in my career and has transcended itself throughout my 30+ years in advertising. My background of working for major media corporations brings a level of experience that can assist the board in making strategic decisions and helping guide the businesses in the village. In the past year, the La Jolla Village Merchants Association has made tremendous strides in marketing, assisting the merchants to improve their overall business and developing key partnerships to market La Jolla more effectively. I would like to continue to be a part of the exciting changes in the village and be able to share my expertise to help all businesses succeed. La Jolla Light Newspaper Vice President Sales 565 Pearl St., Suite 300 Media
  6. 6. Melissa Snook Current Board Member My name is Melissa Snook and I am local wealth advisor at Merrill Lynch. I have recently been elected to fill a vacant seat on the La Jolla Village Merchants Association and would like to continue on the board. I hope to be an excellent substitute and representation of Merrill Lynch. I am a local resident in the village and a graduate of Muirlands and La Jolla High School. I am also an alumna of UCSD with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. La Jolla is very dear to me and I care deeply about the successful integration of a thriving business community. Throughout the years, I have seen many businesses come and go in the village and believe that proactive leadership is the key to achieving that goal. I want to encourage a strong network of business owners who work together to ensure community and economic engagement. I believe the Merchants Association has already done an excellent job of hosting fun events and getting the community excited about local business. I also currently serve on the Board of the La Jolla Historical Society. Their mission is to preserve historic La Jolla but in a way that shapes the future of our community including bringing in tourism for events such as the Concours D’Elegance. Merrill Lynch, Wealth Advisor 7825 Fay Ave, Suite 300 Professional Services Finance
  7. 7. Natalie Aguirre First Time Candidates My 30+ years’ experience in San Diego retail across multiple companies gives me a unique background that is good for La Jolla Village Merchants Association. Note: Natalie is also the La Jolla Village Merchants Association Representative to the Traffic and Transportation Board. J McLaughlin, Manager 7880 Girard Avenue Retail
  8. 8. Sima Alefi, AAMS First Time Candidates Serenity Financial Planning LLC Wealth Management Advisors 7825 Fay Ave, Suite 200 Professional Services With over two decades of experience in the financial industry and as a business owner, I believe I can bring valuable experience to this wonderful organization. I genuinely see La Jolla as a town that can bring peace, serenity and enjoyment to any person’s life regardless of age. I see La Jolla as a slice of paradise filled with many hardworking business owners and friendly residents. La Jolla offers visitors and our community a vast array of services, restaurants and retail shops. As a business owner, I would put forth any idea that has helped me become successful in my own business. Whether it may be joining forces with like-minded business owners and members of the board to preserve La Jolla’s architecture, improve landscaping, roads, remove hazard, waste material as well as to promote events to attract new visitors to La Jolla. I like to promote ribbon cutting events for our new businesses, bring awareness to businesses who does not get much recognition and engage with business owners to help elevate their brand. In the past twenty years, I have managed wealth for families, individuals and businesses-located both in Northern CA as well as Southern CA. I have earned a degree in business management from UOP as well as five securities licenses. I have also earned a professional designation as an Accredited Asset Management Specialist from the College of Financial Planning. Currently, I am actively working toward earning another professional designation, CFP. On a personal level, I have been married for 28 years, I have two grown boys, both currently in college. I enjoy riding a bike, hiking, swimming, reading and have a lifelong passion for education.
  9. 9. Amber Anderson First Time Candidate As a local business professional and resident of La Jolla, I understand what makes this community so special and why the continued enhancement of our community and local businesses is critical to our growth and success. Our office is in the heart of the Village and Pacific Sotheby’s wants to continue its involvement to support this organization as we understand how important it is that our local businesses thrive, and the Village of La Jolla continues to be a top domestic and International destination. As 2018 Realtor of the Year for the San Diego Association of Realtors and Chair for the Young Professionals Network for the past four years, I have a true understanding of what tit take to forge meaningful relationships with key stake holders. My “keeping it local” video series, which highlights la Jolla businesses and my passion for promoting La Jolla make me a great candidate for the LJVMA Board of Directors. Pacific Sotheby’s Team Leader & Broker Associate 1111 Prospect St. Professional Services Real Estate
  10. 10. Morgan Barnes First Time Candidate The Cove House Marketing Manager 8030 Girard Ave Restaurant I am originally from Maine! I graduated from the University of Maine in 2013 where I received a degree in Marketing and Mass Communication with a minor in Psychology. I moved to Boston for a year and interned for the most successful entertainment groups in New England; Big Night Entertainment Group. I had many hats during this internship which included, planning mini-events at their various nightclubs and restaurants, social media management, and print marketing development. Today, I represent Cove House where I am currently the Marketing Manager. I manage the website, social media account, create menus, and help coordinate on-site events. In addition to working with the restaurant, I volunteer for the La Jolla Merchants Association as the Events Chairman, where I assist with planning events to attract business to the La Jolla Village. I have a lot to bring to the Board because my versatile skills are an asset to improving La Jolla Village. I am always contributing to businesses in La Jolla Village whether it’s shopping, dining, or attending small business events. I have lived and worked in La Jolla for five years and have made connections all over town. Before working for Cove House, I have worked in the stores, restaurants, and businesses that truly make up La Jolla Village. I feel as though my hands-on experience, self-motivated personality and my strong knowledge of the happenings around town set me apart from other contestants. Note: Morgan is the Chair of LJVMA’s Events and Experiences Committee
  11. 11. Cody Decker First Time Candidate My name is Cody Decker, and I own a Dog & Cat store in the Village with my wife. We have located 3 doors down from the Post Office on Ivanhoe Ave. Not only owning a store in town but also living nearby on Fay Ave, I want to be involved in La Jolla the most I can be. I feel that as a young entrepreneur but also experienced one. I can add some new energy and ideas to the local business community. I have 8 years of business experience under my belt and have done so much within the communities I have lived. I previously owned a Pet Boutique on Lincoln Blvd in Venice Beach, California. My business had reawakened a dying part of the neighborhood, created foot traffic & made more room for a new stretch of small local shops to open around me. I would love to be part of the La Jolla Village Board of Directors. Decker’s Dog and Cat Owner 7928 Ivanhoe Ave Retail
  12. 12. John W. Hanson First Time Candidate I am a resident of La Jolla and a business owner. I would like to help revitalize our Village Community and point it towards the future. Making the village pedestrian and cyclist friendly, and to increase and organize parking and public transportation would be priorities, as would building links to UCSD’s student population. Making Girard into a walking plaza, creating traffic calming measures, and parking structures should be considered. Organizing a “trolley” system for free transport between UCSD, the Village, and the Cove should also be considered. I would like to hear my fellow La Jolla’s thoughts and work out solutions for a Village Community that is suffering in the modern internet age. The Hanson Law Group Attorney 7752 Fay Avenue, Suite F Professional Services
  13. 13. Mike Murrell First Time Candidate Currently, I am the General Manager of Pantai Inn. I have had the pleasure to lead and work alongside our Inn’s team of hospitality professionals for over four plus years. I am a native San Diegan and have always had a sense of how important community is and what it means to support local businesses. My goal in working alongside all the wonderful members of the Merchants Association is to not only improve our Village, but also assist in promoting it as a destination. Day in and day out in speaking with our guests, its either someone’s first time here or they have been coming for many years. I am fortunate to constantly hear how wonderful it is here. In being part of the Merchants Association, it would be great to harness this enjoyment and work with other hoteliers and the Tourism Association to boost visitation. Pantai Inn General Manager 1003 Coast Blvd. Hotel/Motel
  14. 14. Dr. Diana Pickett First Time Candidate Picket Psychological, Inc. Psychologist and Life Coach 7825 Fay Ave, Suite 5200 Professional Services I have been a La Jolla resident since 1960. I was a member of the Town Council when I owned LERNER INC, a real estate development company. I worked at Scripps, TSRI, and UCSD. I have lived and worked all over the world and had the honor of being a President Reagan appointee 1980-1987. I have an MA & Ph.D. in Psychology & MD and attended USD Law School. My 3 children were born in LJ and attended Gillespie Cottage, La Jolla Elementary, The Evans School, The Children’s School. Bishops, Muirlands and La Jolla High School. La Jolla is my home and heart.