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A Little Act Can Go A Long Way


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A short story about how a little act can go a long way.

Published in: Education
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A Little Act Can Go A Long Way

  1. 1. Illustrated by lajna Hounslow East Jama’at Inspired by Ismail Magazine Jan-Mar 2013 p 19
  2. 2. There was once an innocent little girl who liked to play games just like any other child of that age. Although her owners were very kind towards her, after converting to a new religion (Islam), she was still a slave to them.
  3. 3. One day she was given 2 Dirhams by the family to fetch something from the bazaar
  4. 4. Whilst in the bazaar she explored all the different stalls, watched performers and enjoyed herself completely forgetting about her task. A little while after, the slave girl realised she had lost the 2 Dirhams and began to cry.
  5. 5. On the other side of the city, a humble companion of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) presented Huzoor 10 Dirhams as a gift. Although this was a small amount, God knew the love and sincere intentions behind this act.
  6. 6. It just so happened that Huzoor(pbuh) went to the same bazaar where he bought himself a shirt for 4 Dirhams. Soon after buying the shirt, an Ansari (companion) approached Huzoor (pbuh) and requested him to give him the shirt. Huzoor gave him his newly bought shirt and then bought himself another one from the same stall for 4 Dirhams. This left him with 2 Dirhams.
  7. 7. On the way back, Huzoor found the crying little girl. Although the bazaar was filled with people, nobody seemed to care about the crying child. Huzoor asked with kindness why she was crying? She told him what had happened and that she had lost her 2 Dirhams which were given by her owners. On hearing this, without saying any advice, Huzoor gave her his last 2 Dirhams (as she already felt guilty, this was not the right time for advice). She bought what she was told to. However, the kindness didn’t stop here. Huzoor then offered to accompany her on her way back to home.
  8. 8. When they reached the house, The Holy Prophet (pbuh) said Salam. There was no reply. Huzoor said it again; still no reply. Huzoor said Salam once more on which the door was opened. The owners, who were new converts to Islam, were delighted to see the Holy Prophet (phuh) at their home. The whole incident was explained to the family. Huzoor then asked why they had not answered to his Salam the first two times. They replied that they wanted to receive blessings from the Holy Prophet (pbuh) three times. Huzoor then requested for the family to let the slave girl be free and they did.
  9. 9. Huzoor paid gratitude to Allah the Almighty by remembering the various blessings of that day. Huzoor mentioned that how much barakat Allah kept in that sincere 10 Dirham gift. A shirt for His prophet, a shirt for a needy person, the fulfilment of another needy child and the freedom of a slave.
  10. 10. What have we learnt? • Keep a good observation of your surroundings for the needy, even keep an eye after helping them and taking care of them in future as well. • Helping others by spending wealth and time. • While helping others, avoid any advices. Keep it for later suitable time. • Provide what is needed i.e. the shirt was asked for and it was that which was provided. • When there is a chance to helping others, be grateful to God for providing the chance. • When reaching someone’s house, say Salam. • Be kind to children and servants • If they made any mistakes, try to forgive them.