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Full report roman numbering combined


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Politeknik Ungku Omar
Civil Engineering Department
Final Project Report
Sesi Jun 2012
FPD windup (2)

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Full report roman numbering combined

  1. 1. Developing MS Excel Computation in Highway Engineering (Flexible Pavement Design)VIVIEN LAI MEI YEN 01DKA10F1005NURUL NAZIA BT MUNAWIR 01DKA10F1022This project submitted in partial fulfillment of the conditions the award of Diploma in Civil Engineering UNGKU OMAR POLYTECHNIC PREMIER POLYTECHNIC JULY 2012 i
  2. 2. RECOGNITION FROM PROJECTThis project entitled Developing MS Excel Computation in Highway Engineering (FlexiblePavement Design) at Ungku Omar Premier Polytechnic, Ipoh has been submitted and certified asmeeting the conditions and requirements set restoration project.Checked by:Project Supervisor : En Azhar @ Adzhar Bin Mohd NoorSignature :Date :Approved By:Administrator :Signature :Date : ii
  3. 3. DECLARATION We admit that this project is the result of our own work, except that each of part we explain the source1. Name : Vivien Lai Mei Yen Reg. No : 01DKA10F1005 Signature : Date :2. Name : Nurul Nazia Bt Munawir Reg. No : 01DKA10F1022 Signature : Date : iii
  4. 4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Thanks to God whom with His willing giving us the opportunity to complete Final YearProject which is entitled Developing MS Excel Computation in Highway Engineering (FlexiblePavement Design). This final year project report was prepared for Department of CivilEngineering, Polytechnic Ungku Omar (PUO), basically for student in final year to complete theprogram that leads to the Diploma in Civil Engineering. This report is based on the methodsgiven by Polytechnic. Firstly, I would like to express my deepest thanks to, En Azhar @ Adzhar Bin MohdNoor, a lecturer in Civil Engineering Department of PUO, also assign, as our supervisor whohad guided us a lot for during this whole semester. We also want to thanks the lecturers andstaffs of Civil Engineering Department for their cooperation during the completion of final yearproject that had give valuable information, suggestions and guidance in the compilation andpreparation this final year project report. Deepest thanks and appreciation to our parents, family, and others for their cooperation,encouragement, constructive suggestion and full of support for the report completion, from thebeginning till the end. Also thanks to all my friends and everyone, those have been contributedby supporting my work and help us during the final year project progress till it is fullycompleted. Last but not least, our thanks to our PA, En Azman Bin Baharom and Puan Julaiha BtAbdul Rahim for great commitment and cooperation during our Final Year Project . Thank you. iv
  5. 5. ABSTRACT A use of computer software nowadays is to assist and facilitate the calculation andmanagement of data handling is required. The rapid development in the field of InformationTechnology now requires the operator (human) efficient and skilled to ensure the effectivenessof the developed applications and software that can be used is use. The Flexible Pavement Design calculations are difficult to do as well as uses paper andcalculators, especially when the matter is to be analyzed and need to compare with ArahanTeknik Jalan (ATJ) 1985. This can be improves by computational efficiency and describes byMS Excel 2007 software. This will reduce the time taken to complete the work of manualcalculation and with a click it will be able to complete the task given automatically. v
  6. 6. ABSTRAK Penggunaan perisian komputer pada masa kini adalah untuk membantu danmemudahkan pengiraan dan pengurusan pengendalian data diperlukan. Perkembanganpesat dalam bidang Teknologi Maklumat kini memerlukan pengendali (manusia) yangcekap dan mahir untuk memastikan keberkesanan aplikasi maju dan perisian yang bolehdigunakan ialah penggunaan. Rekabentuk Fleksibel pengiraan turapan adalah sukar untuk melakukan sertamenggunakan kertas dan kalkulator, terutamanya apabila perkara itu adalah untukdianalisis dan perlu untuk membandingkan dengan Arahan Teknik Jalan (ATJ) 1985Manual. Ini boleh meningkatkan oleh kecekapan pengiraan dan menggambarkan perisianMS Excel 2007. Ini akan mengurangkan masa yang diambil untuk menyiapkan kerjapengiraan manual dan dengan satu klik, ia akan dapat untuk menyelesaikan tugas yangdiberikan secara automatik. vi
  7. 7. CONTENTCHAPTER MATTER PAGE NUMBER 1 PRELIMINARY 1.0 Introduction 1-7 1.1 Statement of The Problem 8 1.2 Objectives 8-9 1.3 The Importance of The Project 9 1.4 The Scope of The Project 9-10 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.0 Introduction to Flexible Pavement 11-12 2.1 Introduction of MS Excel 2007 12-13 2.1.1 Advantages 14-15 2.1.2 Disadvantages 16 2.2 Introduction of Computer Software 16 2.2.1 Introduction 16 2.2.2 SW-1 16-18 2.2.3 DARwin 18-19 2.2.4 FRD 904 19 2.2.5 FAA 19-20 2.3 Design Procedure 20-21 3 METHODOLOGY 3.0 Introduction 22-23 3.1 Title Review 24 vii
  8. 8. 3.2 Literature Review 24 3.3 Calculate Flexible Pavement Design (FPD) Thickness by MS Excel 2007 25 3.3.1 The Front Interface 25-27 3.4 The Result Analysis for ATJ 1985 Manual 28 3.4.1 Calculation FPD Thickness By Manual 28-33 3.4.2 Calculation FPD Thickness By Computer Software 33-41 3.5 Summary of The Result Analysis in MS Excel 2007 42 3.6 Data Collection 43 3.7 Data Analysis 43 3.8 Questionnaire Method 43-44 3.9 Gantt Chart 44-454 DATA COLLECTION AND DATA ANALYSIS 4.0 Introduction 46-47 4.1 The Normal Calculation (Vx < C) 47-48 4.2 The Calculation When (Vx > C) 48-49 4.3 Data Analysis of Questionnaire 50-535 DISCUSSION 5.0 Introduction 54 5.1 Pie Chart from The Questionnaire 54 5.1.1 Section B 55 5.1.2 Section C 55-56 5.1.3 Section D 56 viii
  9. 9. 5.2 Discussion on FPD Thickness’s Formula Based on ATJ 1985 (5/85)Manual 56-576 CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 6.0 Introduction 58 6.1 The Advantages of This Computer Software 59 6.2 The Disadvantages of This Computer Software 59-60 6.3 Conclusion 60 6.4 Recommendations 61 ix
  10. 10. LIST OF FIGURESNO OF FIGURE TITLE PAGEFigure 1.1 Basic Flexible Pavement Structure 2Figure 1.2 Lime rock Base Course Undergoing Final Grading 4Figure 2.1 Flexible Pavement Load Distribution 12Figure 2.2 Excel Basic Screen 13Figure 2.3 Data Bar 14Figure 2.4 SW-1 Interface for Cross Section 17Figure 2.5 SW-1 Interface for Display Result in Report 18Figure 2.6 Spreadsheets of FAA Flexible Pavement Design 21Figure 3.0 Flow Chart For Methodology 23Figure 3.1 Cover Page Interface 25Figure 3.2 Log in Interface 26Figure 3.3 Read Me Interface 27Figure 3.4 Result Analysis for Arahan Teknik Jalan(ATJ) 1985 Manual 29Figure 3.5 Result Analysis for Arahan Teknik Jalan(ATJ) 1985 Manual 30Figure 3.6 Determine The Flexible Pavement Thickness (1st Trial) 32Figure 3.7 Determine The Flexible Pavement Thickness (2nd Trial) 33Figure 3.8 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 34Figure 3.9 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 34Figure 3.10 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 35 x
  11. 11. Figure 3.11 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 35Figure 3.12 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 36Figure 3.13 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 37Figure 3.14 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 37Figure 3.15 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 38Figure 3.16 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 38Figure 3.17 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 39Figure 3.18 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 40Figure 3.19 Arahan Teknik Jalan 1985 by Using Computer Software 41Figure 3.20 Final Result Analysis 42Figure 4.1 Flexible Pavement Thickness Designed-Normal Calculation (Attempt 1) 48Figure 4.2 Flexible Pavement Thickness Designed when Vx > C (Attempt 2) 49Figure 4.3 Considering Step Must Be Calculated when Vx > C 49Figure 4.4 Section A: Respondent Demography 51Figure 4.5 Section B: Assessment of the Usage of MS Excel in Teaching And Learning Session (PnP) 52Figure 4.6 Section C: Assessment of Student Understanding on Flexible Pavement Design 53Figure 4.7 Section D: Student Assessment on Using MS Excel Program For The Calculation of Flexible Pavement Designed 53 xi
  12. 12. LIST OF TABLESNO OF TABLES TITLE PAGETable 3.1 Layer Coefficient and Minimum Thickness 32 xii
  13. 13. LIST OF APPENDICESAPPENDIX TITLE A Arahan Teknik Jalan (ATJ) 1985 Manual B Extraction of Literature Review form Yeoh Pei Pei. November 2009. ‘Software Development for Flexible Pavement Thickness Design Based on ATJ Manual’. Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Thesis Master of Engineering. C Questionnaire xiii