Macedon ranges ict update


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Macedon ranges ict update

  1. 1. October 2011
  2. 2.  Elluminate Sessions most weeks Full calendar on the Space Weekly reminders Range of curriculum areasUpcoming sessions Wednesday 2nd @ 4pm Analysing and Applying On Demand data Tuesday 8 Nov 4 pm Online: Ultranet Learning Tasks Ultranet Refresher – Learning Tasks Thursday 10th @ 4pm Enriching the literacy block
  3. 3.  will be managed by the base school and a governance group of principals and the RNL. the work will be in partnership between the network, region and centre. Increased attention to underperforming schools Increased attention to accountability Lead user workshops and support to guide increased implementation in schools twice per term Training for Lead users and classroom teachers in online pedagogy, Learning tasks, assessment and reporting through the Ultranet Ongoing support for the LMR Ultranet Host school Initiative for host schools and visiting schools Support of schools in other ICT initiatives such as NSSCF, 1 to 1 devices, eBookboxes, digital content One on one classroom modelling to support empowerment Termly reports to RD/ ARD Fortnightly network reports from coaches
  4. 4. StudentStaff
  5. 5. Teacher All teachers Teacher attends at Professional participate in at least one Ultranet development least one Ultranet professional professional development development workshop per workshop per term term Learning At least one learning At least one learning At least one learning Tasks/Learner item is set for every item completed per item created for Profiles class/subject subject each class taught School decides Teacher sets confirmations to be confirmations for set for students students according (ongoing) to school policyExpress/Portfolio An agreed Students’ portfolio Classroom, Student Learning /Learning goal understanding of the content based on Homegroup goals part of Spaces structure of the evidence of Teachers or Advisors parent/teacher/stud portfolio established achievements are Portfolio Viewers ent conferences across whole school towards their of all their students. learning goals.Design/Collaborat Whole school design Curriculum ive/Community space created to outlines/schedules Space house curriculum and planners documentation and published in school planning design space
  6. 6. Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday28 Oct & 11th NovElphinstone PSEngaging students in meaningful literacy and numeracy tasks through the Ultranet- aparticular focus on Early years4 Nov & 15th NOVCrusoe CollegeHow does the Ultranet empower a learning community of teachers and students?10 Nov & 14TH NovRomsey PSHow does the Ultranet support purposeful reading in the literacy block? How canCollaborative Learning Spaces provide authentic activities in comprehension?Elphinstone PS