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Three reasons to flip your classroom - TESOL 2013


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Presentation on the flipped classroom for English Language Learners. TESOL Dallas 2013.
Three reasons: increased comprehension, increased interaction, increased critical thinking. Flip cycle components: (1) instructional videos; (2) in-class collaboration; and (3) observation/feedback/assessment - by both teacher and learners. Presenter: Helaine W. Marshall

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Three reasons to flip your classroom - TESOL 2013

  1. 1. Three Reasons to Flip Your Classroom Helaine W. Marshall Long Island University3/31/2013
  2. 2. The Flipped ClassroomTurn teaching inside out: takes place outside of class Bloom’s Taxomony – lower levels understanding/remembering take place in class Bloom’s Taxonomy – upper levels applying/analyzing/creating3/31/2013
  3. 3. Three Reasons to Flip #1 Increase comprehension #2 Increase interaction #3 Increase critical thinking © Marshall, 20133/31/2013
  4. 4. FLIP Cycle Components Instructional Videos Observation In-Class Feedback Collaboration Assessment3/31/2013 © Marshall, 2013
  5. 5. Boyle’s Law is inversely proportional to3/31/2013
  6. 6. The Problem Solve this problem using Boyle’s Law: A tank has 8 liters of gas under 14 pounds per square inch of pressure. When the pressure increases to 28 pounds per square inch, what will the volume of the gas become? ANSWER: ______________________3/31/2013
  7. 7. Chemistry Lecture Hall: A Virtual Classroom Experience Play3/31/2013
  8. 8. When ___________ goes up, ___________ goes down.3/31/2013
  9. 9. Boyles Law Animated3/31/2013
  10. 10. Screenshot of Video Lesson3/31/2013
  11. 11. “Molecules” Activity3/31/2013
  12. 12. Making Posters Together I like the way all the class activities are really interactive and hands-on and student oriented…I’m a hands-on learner.3/31/2013
  13. 13. The Problem - Revisited In class, collaborating with immediate feedback from peers based on the instructional video, solve the problem using Boyle’s Law A tank has 8 liters of gas under 14 pounds per square inch of pressure. When the pressure increases to 28 pounds per square inch, what will the volume of the gas become? ANSWER: ______________________ Academic language is scaffolded prior to presenting the problem See “Flipping the Classroom,” in Making the transition: Culturally responsive teaching for struggling language learners (Marshall & DeCapua, forthcoming)3/31/2013
  14. 14. Student Research There’s more take away with the poster-making and collaborations. In class interaction …gives us an opportunity to flesh out ideas and concepts we hear in the lecture and clarify misunderstandings.3/31/2013
  15. 15. Key Questions and Charts You’re held accountable, so you have to come [to class] ready to contribute.3/31/2013
  16. 16. Guide on the side (King 1993): Observation – Feedback - Assessment When3/31/2013 people do presentations you get another perspective other than the teacher’s.
  17. 17. The Wonder Wall I like…working with other brains in the room, using people’s strengths,3/31/2013 learning about each other and how we think.
  18. 18. Quote from Student Ive just finished reviewing lecture …for the second time. I personally like this flip classroom so far. I can spend my time study as much as I want and flip classroom makes my study livelier. Reading text book alone can be bored some time. As…English learner…, I have some difficulties catching something in class. Flip classroom helps me a lot. However, I still like to go to class and have real conversation with Dr. M and my classmates.3/31/2013
  19. 19. Applying the FLIP in Your Teaching• Self-contained class – flip it• Co-teaching/collaborative teaching – make videos for your ELs• Encourage other teachers to flip their content classes for better results with ELs• More….3/31/2013
  20. 20. Learning more about Flipped Classrooms • Videos – Katie Gimbar’s FIZZ YouTube videos • Discussion Groups, Webinars, Meetings – Flipped Learning Ning • Website with resources listed – Dan Spencer’s Google Doc • Book – Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams 3/31/2013
  21. 21. So…FLIP IT!!!