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2011 A Ction Mediakit


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Press Kit

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2011 A Ction Mediakit

  1. 1. TMCalendar ACTION Contact Options/Rates Ad Sizes Ad Specs About
  2. 2. Home ACTION Contact Options/Rates Ad Sizes Ad Specs About MACS will publish eight issues in 2011. April 2011 will be a Spanish-language issue with 10,000 distribution. Issues Insertion Order Deadline Ad Deadline January/February 12/1/10 12/6/10 Opportunities for Success March/April 2/1/11 2/7/11 2011 Convention and Trade Show Review April 3/1/11 3/7/11 Spanish Language Issue May 4/1/11 4/6/11 Refrigerants and Cabin Air Quality June 5/2/11 5/6/11 Electronics, Diagnostics and Testing July/August 6/1/11 6/7/11 Heavy Duty and Off Road September/October 8/1/11 8/5/11 Engine Cooling, Heat Exchange, Radiators November/ December 10/3/11 10/10/11 Essential Tools/Product Showcase/ 2012 Convention Preview Distribution Per Issue 13,000 * Rotating Distribution over eight issues to 90,000+ Professionals
  3. 3. TMCalendar Home Contact Options/Rates Ad Sizes Ad Specs AboutWhat is ACTION Magazine? ACTION has received 50 editorial honors and ACTION reaches 13,000 mobile A/C and has access to the design, service and repair engine cooling professionals each issue.ACTION is the journal of record for the profes- experts in automotive, heavy-duty, off-roadsional in the growing global mobile A/C industry and bus A/C, heat transfer and engine cooling ACTION delivers sales leads directly to theand the changing heat transfer and engine industries. advertiser.cooling system marketplace. ACTION covers Does ACTION Magazine Deliverautomotive, heavy-duty and off-road vehicles Decision Makers with Buying ACTION is the only mobile A/C and engineand keeps and tracks developing future tech-nology and legislation. Power? cooling system publication with an annual 72% of respondents describe their job descrip- Spanish-language issue. tion as owner of their business. What Percentage of Service Jobs are A/C? 38% of respondents are doing at least 30% of their service work in A/C service and repair and they buy an average of 60 radiators per year. We hope you find this snap shot of MACS ACTION readers helpful and will consider this information when making an informed decision on future media placement.Who Reads ACTION Magazine*Data from 2009 ACTION Reader Reply Cards and surveys.
  4. 4. Calendar ACTION Home Options/Rates Ad Sizes Ad Specs About Editorial Content Please ship all ad materials to: Advertising Representative and News Releases MACS Worldwide Marion Posen Jim Taylor Attn: Laina Casey VP Sales and Marketing Editor Design and Graphics Manager 225 South Broad Street (215) 631-7020 x 304 (215) 631-7020 x 315 Lansdale, PA 19446 (215) 631-7020 X 302
  5. 5. Calendar ACTION Contact Home Ad Sizes Ad Specs AboutACTION Outside the Page Advertising 4 ColorConsider the following creative attention-getting ideas for Outside the Page 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7Xvisibility in ACTION Magazine: 2 Page Spread $4,330 $4,277 $4,225 $4,063 $4,010 $3,957 $3,930 Full page $2,509 $2,455 $2,450 $2,388 $2,356 $2,346 $2,326ACTION Exclusive Sponsor Poster Option 2/3 vertical $2,007 $1,975 $1,943 $1,921 $1,910 $1,891 $1,885Have MACS or your creative team create an engine cooling system or mo- 1/2 Page $1,830 $1,806 $1,775 $1,764 $1,752 $1,739 $1,727bile A/C component poster to be inserted into the magazine for use by shop 1/3 Page Square $1,543 $1,520 $1,510 $1,496 $1,489 $1,481 $1,476technicians. The poster measures 17” x 22”. When the poster is folded down 1/4 page $1,410 $1,402 $1,392 $1,376 $1,366 $1,360 $1,356to 8-1/2”x11” it creates space for four full-page color ads. Posters may also 1/6 page $1,271 $1,260 $1,248 $1,244 $1,242 $1,240 $1,237be divided between advertisers. Additional posters can be printed in quan-tities for sales reps to distribute to customers for a quantity-based fee. 1/12 page Square $558 $553 $543 $533 $523 $513 $502 Page ClassifiedACTION CD Tip-inConsider putting your entire product catalog on a CD and gluing it into AC-TION magazine. If necessary, MACS can aid in the CD production process. Black and WhiteWe have a trusted and talented vendor for CD production. The production 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7Xcost will depend on the materials incorporated into the disc and number of 2 Page Spread $3352 $3273 $3,178 $3084 $3032 $2,979 $2,951discs created. Full page $1,524 $1,478 $1,449 $1,400 $1,372 $1,356 $1,341 2/3 vertical $1017 $976 $954 $923 $914 $887 $878ACTION Reader Reply Postcard 1/2 Page $840 $807 $791 $774 $763 $753 $737Do you want to build a customer lead database? Consider a tear-out post- 1/3 Page Square $550 $540 $506 $504 $500 $486 $476card with reader reply information to request a catalog or to enter a con- 1/4 page $420 $410 $390 $380 $375 $362 $358test. The postcard should be delivered to MACS print and postage ready. 1/6 page $280 $275 $260 $250 $245 $241 $238 1/12 pageACTION Product Insert Classified $136 $132 $129 $124 $122 $119 $117An 11” x 17” two-sided insert of product-specific photos can give customers 1/24 page Classifiedan instantaneous snapshot of your product line and part numbers. MACS’ Display $68 $66 $64 $62 $61 $59 $58printer can print the insert and attach it into the magazine. Spot ColorACTION Reader Response 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7XWhen your company advertises in ACTION, reader response information will 2 Page Spread $3,777 $3,712 $3,640 $3,513 $3,462 $3,399 $3,382be e-mailed directly to your designated recipient from interested readers. Full page $1,983 $1,935 $1,912 $1,863 $1,833 $1,821 $1,803Visit MACS homepage at to try out the automated elec- 2/3 vertical $1,487 $1,451 $1,425 $1,403 $1,390 $1,375 $1,367tronic reader response system. The reader reply card can be sponsored. 1/2 Page $1,314 $1,281 $1,263 $1,247 $1,237 $1,227 $1,212Please call for rates on all of the above ACTION Outside the Page creative 1/3 Page Square $1,030 $1,015 $1002 $984 $979 $975 $964options. 1/4 page $899 $891 $879 $866 $857 $851 $846 1/6 page Classified $762 $754 $741 $736 $733 $730 $723MACS Direct Mail 1/24 page Classified $381 $377 $370 $368 $366 $365 $361Many MACS member companies look to MACS to run a managed mailcampaign to distribute catalogs and product information. You determine Single insertion into January 2011 MACS Convention issue, add 25% to published rates.the number of recipients for your promotional material and MACS will work Preferred Positions:with a fulfillment house to mail the material using the MACS database. 2nd Cover: 4 - color rate plus 15%MACS database has over 100,000 qualified technician leads worldwide. 3rd Cover: 4 - color rate plus 15%The weight of the material determines the postage and fulfillment cost. 4th Cover: 4 - color rate plus 15% Covers to 7 issues contract advertisers only. Must be 4-color process (CMYK) Non-cancelable.
  6. 6. Calendar ACTION Contact Options/Rates Home Ad Specs About Standard Ad Sizes Width (inches) Depth (inches) Publication trim size 8-3/8 10-7/8 Conversion Chart: Full page (live area) 7-7/8 10-3/8 Inches Decimals Full page bleed 8-5/8 11-1/8 1/8 .125 2/3 page vertical 4-3/8 9-7/8 3/8 .375 1/2 page island 4-7/8 7-3/8 5/8 .625 1/2 page horizontal 7-3/8 4-7/8 7/8 .875 1/2 page vertical 3-5/8 9-7/8 1/2 .5 1/3 page vertical 2-1/2 9-7/8 1/4 .25 1/3 page square 4-7/8 4-7/8 3/4 .75 1/4 page 3-1/2 4-7/8 1/6 page vertical 2-3/8 4-7/8 Bleed: 1/6 page horizontal 4-7/8 2-3/8 If your ad includes a bleed, please allow at least a 1/8 inch bleed on all sides intended to 1/12 page square 2-3/8 2-3/8 bleed off the edge of the page. Two Page Spread Width (inches) Depth (inches) Trim size 16-3/4 10-7/8 Live Matter: Please keep all live matter at least 1/4 inch Bleed size 17 11-1/8 away from the trim. Live area 16-1/4 10-3/8Please provide a complete hard-copy proof of your ad. Color adsrequire a complete set of color calibrated color proofs.MACS ACTION assumes no liability and cannot guarantee a qualityprint of your ad if a match-print is not provided.Please also provide the e-mail address where Reader Replyleads may be submitted.
  7. 7. Calendar ACTION Contact Options/Rates Ad Sizes Home About NOTE: All of the following MUST be strictly followed when submitting ads.Bleeds File Types MediaBleed size is 8 5/8 by 11 1/8 inches (8 3/8” x 10 7/8” Mac files preferred. We will accept only the fol- All files should be submitted on one of the follow-plus 1/8” bleed all four sides). For ads which bleed, lowing formats: ing media:keep live matter 3/8 -inch from top, bottom and • QuarkXpress 7 • DVD-ROMboth sides of trim edge. For ads not intended to • Illustrator CS4 EPS • CD-ROMbleed, allow 1/4 inch safety margin on all sides for • Photoshop CS4, layers flattened, 300 dpi • E-mail (to matter. or higher at 100% for digital images. • Files may also be uploaded to the ACTION Save all files as CMYK. Convert all RGB or FTP site upon request.Color Pantone® colors to CMYK. Include all fonts Call for details. (215) 631-7029All logos, scans and other color elements must used, both printer and screen fonts, Adobebe CMYK (process) for 4-color output. Type 1. No TrueType fonts. Please Include: • All linked filesPrinting • Color digital proof or laser proof (forPaper stock: 50# gloss text. black and white ads)Binding: Saddle-stitched. • A print-out of the disc contentsProofing: A complete proof must be furnished for • A signed insertion orderall ads. In addition, one complete set of color • Contact name in case of missing ele-calibrated proofs or color match prints must be ments or corrupt files.furnished with 4-color material. The publisher as-sumes no liability on color reproduction if colorcalibrated proofs are not furnished with supplied Application Guidelines:material. The following formats are NOT accepted: Microsoft Publisher, Web graphics, Corel Draw, Word, GIF, Compuserve, BMP, Layered Photo-Ad Makeup and Alterations shop PSD or AOL.Art.We want to make your ad look its best. ACTIONcan create custom ads with 30 days notice inadvance of the Ad Materials deadline. Contact Adobe .PDF Filesus for estimated prep costs. Necessary ad alter- Ads supplied as .PDFs cannot be guaranteed toations will be charged. be reproduced in high quality. If you must sub- mit a full page ad in .PDF format, PDF-X-1a:2001 file format is required. Please include 1/8” bleedElectronic Media Compression in file if used.Use only .ZIP compression for PC files and .SIT(Stuffit) compression for Macintosh files.
  8. 8. Calendar ACTION Contact Options/Rates Ad Sizes Ad Specs Home The Mission of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide Founded in 1981, MACS is the leading non-profit trade association for the mobile air conditioning, heating and engine cooling system segment of the automotive aftermarket. Since 1991, MACS has assisted more than one million technicians to comply with the 1990 U.S. EPA Clean Air Act requirements for certification in refrigerant recovery and recycling to protect the environment. The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide’s mission is clear and focused--to be the recog- nized global authority on mobile air conditioning and heat transfer industry issues. It is a mission we have been fulfilling for our growing global membership and the industry since 1981 by: • Providing training, education and compliance programs for the mobile air conditioning and heat transfer industry. • Providing a forum for exchange of trade information on a regional, national and international basis. • Facilitating business between all segments of the industry. • Providing tangible value for members, such as product marketing, promotion and affinity programs. • Disseminating legislative, regulatory and trade information (including data, current developments and training materials). • Providing information on legislative and regulatory initiatives that affect the industry and advocate for the industry to legislative bodies.Check out our blog: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter: