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Integrating social media with Soccer Aid example


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A quick explanation of how we've integrated social media at UNICEF UK, using Soccer Aid as an example.

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Integrating social media with Soccer Aid example

  1. 1. Putting social media at the heartof your organisation Laila Takeh @spirals
  2. 2. Context: UNICEF UK• Fundraising individuals, corporates, gov & trusts• Advocacy policy, campaigning & programmes
  3. 3. Our Digital First Journey
  4. 4. Source: Stanford Social Innovation Review Oct 2011
  5. 5. Embed Capacity buildingSkills matrix•All•External facing•Champion•Super user
  6. 6. Embed Guidelines
  7. 7. An example
  8. 8. Integrated plans Owned media Bought media Earned media Website Mobile Email Search Adverts Affiliates Social PartnersObjective 1Objective 2Objective 3Objective 4
  9. 9. Content prep1. What do we already have?2. What worked best last time?3. Where can we get more? • Field trip planning • Celebrity requests • Other offices
  10. 10. Engagement prep
  11. 11. Some of the activity…
  12. 12. Some key lessons• Integrated from the start• Celebrities extend reach & pull• Be simple with calls to action• Have a calendar – drip feed over time• Empower dont control
  13. 13. ThanksLaila Takeh @spirals