Upgrade Your Business Skills


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This is my presentation at sharing session in Tangan Di Atas Community, March 8, 2012 at Jakarta.

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Upgrade Your Business Skills

  1. 1. Halal & Natural Body Care, 1st in Indonesia
  2. 2. About Me “Laila Asri”Twitter : @Laila_Asri Wife & Mom of 3 Founder & CEOPourvous InternationalVisit my blog :www.LailaAsri.com
  3. 3.  Wanita Wirausaha Femina 2008 Top 9 Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2010 Top 32 Global Entrepreneur Program Indonesia (GEPI) 2011 Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award 2011 - The Most Promising Entrepreneur  Penerima Beasiswa Thunderbird University dalam program 10,000 Women Entrepreneur Program by US Department of States & Goldman Sachs
  4. 4. Believe in Your Dreams. Man Jadda Wa Jadda
  5. 5. Site Visit to Henkel
  6. 6. Me at Pink Jeep Tour at Sedona
  7. 7. Commencement Day
  8. 8. Commencement Day
  9. 9. Things I Wanna Share
  10. 10. Negotiation Skills
  11. 11. Negotiation is about ...
  12. 12. Vs
  13. 13. Negotiation for Women•Apprehensive•tend to be afraid, anxious, nervous Negotiation = more stressful, less successful, and often not seen as an option – women don’t ask/negotiation
  14. 14. Negotiation for Men It’s just like a Game. Exciting & Fun
  15. 15. • Define OUR/THEIR interests, issues, objectives, limits, authority, and power• Realistic Possibilities –targets, where to start• Best Alternatives if no agreement• Select strategy and tactics• Define protocol, styles, and agenda
  16. 16. Define Win-win Needs NegotiationST Realistic Style & Possibilities AgendaEP Strategy Alternatives & tactics
  17. 17. What is ELEVATOR PITCH?a short summary used to quickly and simply define a product, service, or organization and its value proposition in 30 seconds
  18. 18. The ELEVATOR PITCH What you How is itName Company do different
  19. 19. NameHi my name Laila Asri Company Im the Founder & CEO of Pourvous International What I do Pourvous is body care brand that become a pioneer of Halal & Natural concept with six free standarts in Indonesia. How is it different With this unique concept, we deliver products that free of six harmful ingredients for the skins in halal & natural way, so it will become more safe, hygiene and comfort for the skin and environmental friendly.
  20. 20. 6 Steps to World-Class Service How Well What you How you You Listen say say itWhen you How you What you do it do it do
  21. 21. Services in Pourvous • Fast & Friendly responses. • Many channel of services for comfort (call, sms, YM, skype, Pin BB, email, fax). • Talk in customer’s language. • Response for Customer’s Complaint with no question. Listen & give solution. • Free delivery all Indonesia – No Minimum order
  22. 22. Shopping Online at :www.MyPourvous.com