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This is the Pecha Kucha talk on the history of the Universe that I presented in Kyoto in 2012. The talk is designed to last 6 min and 40 seconds. Slides are in English and Japanese. but has lost quality upon slideshare conversion You can watch a YouTube video of this talk here:

(I appear ~37 minutes in)

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  • what you see here is an image taken by the hubble telescope we see stars and galaxies yet, science now tells us, that we started with nothing...? today I will review the big bang theory I will explain how it is modified i will explain how being uncertain is a science, and that uncertainty/confusion/randomness made nothing useful
  • put it all together.. timeline of the universe, concentric circles.
  • to be uncer
  • Story of the Universe

    1. 1. Once apon a time, there was nothingThe story of the Universe and everything. 宇宙とその他諸々の物語 narrated by Laila Alabidi
    2. 2. and that nothing was bountiful ... 「無」は豊富にあった ...
    3. 3. The Universe as we knew it knew it how things have changed!宇宙は徐々に大きさを増していると考えられ ています。
    4. 4. 13.7 Billion Years 8 Billion YearsH i s to ry o f th e U n i ve rs e 1 Billion Years 300,000 Years 3 min s lium 10-6 sec Solar System formed Star ...but where did all this stuff come from? 100 Million oC en He Billion Billion Billion Big -258 oC -269 oC 3000oC Today and why did the Universe go bang? -270 oC s Galaxie Radiation Hydrog Bang o C すべてのものはどこから来たのか? なぜ宇宙は爆発したのか?
    5. 5. to answer those questions, to a man calledHeisenberg we must turn, for he had declared: “uncertainty is our guiding principle!” ハイゼンバーグ: 「わからない」ことが結果につながる
    6. 6. thing + anti thing=ENERGY 物質+反物質=エネルギー ENEGRY-anti thing=thing エネルギー−反物質=物質 th e s cie nce of u nce rtainty 不確実の科学
    7. 7. we get blips of stuff andanti-stuff, so what! we so Inflation! said a said. young man called 物質と反物 Guth.質 ... それがど だからインフレーション うしたの? だ!とグースは言った。
    8. 8. anti- particleparticle 物質反物質 n tio fla In
    9. 9. “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum mechanic has not fully understood it” Neils Bohr,the father of Quantum Mechanics 「量子力学にショックを受け ない人は、理解が足りない」 ニール・ボア 量子力学の父
    10. 10. よ よ よ is inflation magic? we wanted to know! インフレーションは魔法? no said the particle physicists, it is an exotic particle!素粒子物理学者は、魔法ではなくエキゾチック粒子だと 言いました。
    11. 11. Air is “normal” positive pressure 空気は「正常の」圧力 Exotic Exotic Inflation is “exotic” pressure pressure negative pressureインフレーションは「エ キゾチック」な陰圧
    12. 12. Inflation sucked some anti things outwe now have things and some energy 物質とエネルギーがあって and then BLAP: the whole Universe o_0 それが爆発して宇宙ができあがった ... Nice story... but how do you know it is true? それが本当だとどうしてわかる? is she lying?
    13. 13. AV 力 developGR 重 Y IT film フィルムを現像 light 光 PAST ---> PRESENT 過去→ 現在
    14. 14. E !! C E N 瞬間的な時間 VID E RadiationThe seeds of 放射 galaxies 銀河の種
    15. 15. Evidence that the Universe started off with a blip. 証拠は私たちの身の周りに存在します。
    16. 16. we used to think that something came from nothing 物事は無の状態から生まれると考えられていた but, Quantum mechanics says that nothing cannot exist だが、量子力学は、無は存在しないと説く there is always something, or the potential for something...いつどこにでも、何かが、または何かが生まれるための 可能性が存在する ... and that something could lead to everything... そして、それらはすべてにつながっている ...
    17. 17. you may be wondering ... Are these “quantum fluctuations” even real? 「量子的ゆらぎ」は本当にあるのか? or do scientists just have a great imagination? それとも、科学者たちは想像力が豊かなだけ?
    18. 18. well, that’s a story for another day ... それは、またの機会に!
    19. 19. and so our story must end, with a quote from a clever man: “Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not, as in fiction, to imagine things which are not really there, but just to comprehend those things which are there”,我々は想像力を最大限に使うことができる。ただ、それはフィクションのように存在しないものを想像するためではなく、そ こにあるものを理解するために必要なのだ。 Richard Feynman, theoretical physicist, 1918--1988 リチャード・ファインマン 物理学者 THE END
    20. 20. ありがとう! Special thanks to **Akira Sasabe**for the wonderful transalation!