Strategic Supplier to Industry Leaders               The Precision Manufacturing Experts.                                 ...
LAI Value Proposition               Strategic Supplier of Precision              Components and Subassemblies             ...
About UsHistoryLAI has more than 45 years of experience and is dedicated to RelentlessCustomer Service in aerospace, defen...
Products                                    Power Generation                                    At LAI, we produce many pr...
TechnologiesWaterjet ProcessingLAI has more than 50 waterjetmachining centers that provideadvanced cutting and drillingpro...
Technologies                                    Waterjet Drilling                                    LAI has developed a n...
Facilities ListLASERS:                                                                                   1 - Moore Jig Gri...
Nationwide Locations                                                                                    Rich Technology   ...
Strategic Supplier to Industry Leaders            T h e P r e c i s i o n M a n u f a c t u r i n g E x p e r t s | LAIco....
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LAI International | Strategic Supplier to Industry Leaders


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LAI International, Inc. is a leading contract manufacturer of make-complete precision-engineered components and assemblies for aerospace, power generation, defense, medical and other advanced technology industries. The company’s technology, engineering and manufacturing solutions are used to build components for airframes, aircraft engines, power generators, defense systems, medical devices and other industrial applications.
LAI has developed strategic relationships with leading global OEMs and operates five U.S. manufacturing facilities, with locations in Minneapolis, Phoenix, Tucson, Westminster, Md., and Scarborough, Maine — all of which are IS0 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified. The company also offers Nadcap-certified conventional and non-conventional machining processes.
LAI has developed innovative applications in advanced machining processes, including waterjet cutting and drilling, laser cutting, drilling, welding and heat-treating, EDM drilling, CNC EDM, high-speed EDM, conventional CNC machining, five-axis CNC machining and precision five-axis grinding. The company also provides gage calibration, tooling production, air-flow inspection and additional manufacturing services.
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LAI International | Strategic Supplier to Industry Leaders

  1. 1. Strategic Supplier to Industry Leaders The Precision Manufacturing Experts. L A I INTERNATIONAL Fabrication of finished assemblies. Five U.S. manufacturing facilities. Inc. 5,000 fastest-growing company. IS0 9001:2000 | AS9100 | NADCAP certified
  2. 2. LAI Value Proposition Strategic Supplier of Precision Components and Subassemblies Our Mission LAI is the go-to manufacturing solution provider of highly engineered, precision components and subassemblies for mission-critical programs of the top companies around the world. Our key value is providing Design for Manufacturability and make-complete parts to boost the ability of our customers to scale up production and bring products to market faster. By assuming responsibility for key steps in the value chain, LAI has created trusted, long-lasting partnerships with its customers.2 LAI International |
  3. 3. About UsHistoryLAI has more than 45 years of experience and is dedicated to RelentlessCustomer Service in aerospace, defense, medical, power generation andelectronics industries. We are approved for welding, EDM, high-speed EDM,laser processing including laser cutting, drilling, heat-treating and welding,conventional machining, advanced waterjet machining and drilling, high-speed machining and air-flow inspection. We offer three full shifts ofoperations, including a tool room with certified gage calibration capability.TechnologyLAI has pioneered the application of many advanced technologies used inthe development and manufacturing of aerospace and land-based powerturbine engines. With millions of dollars invested in new technology andlinked with the best latest ERP and PLM software systems, we strive toexceed our customers’ expectations.QualityLAI is approved to IS0 9001:2000, AS9100 and NADCAP standards. Usingour advanced inspection equipment (Valisys, UG and your product models),our quality technicians and black belt quality engineers are capable ofautomating inspection processes and verification of all critical featuresproduced using adaptive modular tooling methodology and Six SigmaQuality Processes.LocationLAI operates five facilities strategically located across the United States. Wemanufacture make-complete precision components and assemblies,including managing outside vendors, offering a total manufacturing solution.We have implemented integrated manufacturing cells across all facilities toensure on-time fulfillment and are committed to continuous improvementand Six Sigma practices. LAI International | 3
  4. 4. Products Power Generation At LAI, we produce many products for todays gas and steam turbine units used around the world. Products include buckets, casings, combustion liners, seals, shrouds, spacer bands and vanes. Aerospace With our AS9100 and NADCAP certifications, we have been supporting the aerospace industry for more than 40 years. We produce Six Sigma quality components such as blades, cases, combustors, liners, sectors, vanes and structural components. Oil and Gas LAI manufactures components ranging from various diameters of tube and pipe products and expandable casings to expandable flexible housings, sleeves, couplers, valves and pressure vessels. Defense LAI offers complete manufacturing solutions for mission-critical defense- related applications and handles contract manufacturing ranging from precision components to multi-tier supply chain management of assemblies. Gage Calibration and Tooling LAI is a certified calibration facility supplying functional gages and assembly fixtures. We design, build and manufacture fixtures, tooling and gages for internal and external customers.4 LAI International |
  5. 5. TechnologiesWaterjet ProcessingLAI has more than 50 waterjetmachining centers that provideadvanced cutting and drillingprocesses designed for cost-effectivesolutions. Our technology offers asurface free of re-cast layers andgenerates precision features in high-strength alloys for your applications.Laser ProcessingOur lasers offer you the latest inthree-dimensional machiningtechnology. We offer advancedmaterial processing for a variety ofhigh-temperature alloys. Our laserprocesses include clean cutting,welding, profile machining, holedrilling and heat-treating.High-Speed MachiningHigh-speed machining removesmaterial two to three times faster thanconventional machining. High-speedmachining technology combined withUnigraphics post processing ensuresthe best surface finish available foryour processing needs.High-Speed EDMElectronic Discharge Machiningcombines an electronic power supplywith high-pressure water to produce asuperior metal removal process.Processing speed, accuracy and lowre-cast provide a new solution forholes and creation of features. LAI International | 5
  6. 6. Technologies Waterjet Drilling LAI has developed a new technology called Drill-to-Flow™, which precisely drills holes with complex geometries in coated and uncoated jet engine, power system and airframe components. CNC EDM Our EDM machines offer the same dimensional tolerances available from conventional machining without the material stress and heavy holding fixtures. Using graphite dressers, we can produce three-dimensional geometry that conventional machines cannot generate. Automated Verification Our automated Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) combined with Unigraphics and Valisys software enable us to inspect three- dimensional parts and surfaces using only electronic data. This new technology allows us to map, process and inspect hardware for a cost- effective solution. Engineering and New Product Introduction We have an engineering staff trained in the application of Unigraphics CAD, Valisys Inspection and Vericut CAM software. Our talented group of engineers and process technicians can create models and dimensional prints of your products.6 LAI International |
  7. 7. Facilities ListLASERS: 1 - Moore Jig Grinder #3 10" X 18" X 15" height with I.D./O.D. capacity with Spin1 - 890 Lumonics BeamDirector 6 axes 3.5KW PRC CO2 Laser 8’ x 6’ x 36” travel Tables on Moore Jig Grinder 28" dia, with Moore Rotary Table.2 – 890 Lumonics BeamDirector 6 axes 3.5 KW PRC CO2 Laser MANUAL MILLS:2 – 780 Lumonics BeamDirector 6 axes 400W JK704 YAG Laser 3 - Bridgeports w/ D.R.O.2 – 790 Lumonics BeamDirector 6 axes 400W JK704 & JK702 YAG Lasers1 – 550 Lumonics BeamDirector 6 axes 400W JK701 YAG Laser JIG MILLS:2 – PRC Tube Cutting Lasers 1 - DAPRA Tilting Rotary Table 48" dia. max swing with HEIDENHAIN readout 31 – Photon Sources V-500 Laser ARC SEC accuracy5 – Rofin Sinar 850 – 1500W Lasers CERTIFIED GAGE CALIBRATION LAB, COORDINATE1 - Tube Cutter 4 axes 3.5KW PRC C02 Laser MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS:1 - Photon Sources 3 axis, multi head 500W C02 laser 2 - Sheffied Cordax Appollo Model RS-50 with .0001 resolution 48” (X) X 40” (Y)4 - Rofin Sinar 4 axis, multi head 700W C02 laser X 30” (Z-axis) work, full 5 axis CNC, PHC 10 Probe Head Controller RenishawGRAPHITE DRESSER MACHINES: 2 - Sheffield Cordax Appollo Model RS-50 48" X 40" X 30"2 - OKK Model G4 EDM Electrode Dressing Machine with 19.68” x 15.74” x 1 - Sheffield Cordax Appollo Model RM-50 48" X 40" X 30" 11.81” Travel Rapid Speed 709” IPM, Max. Feed Rate of 630” IPM MANUAL LATHES:WIRE EDM MACHINES: 1 - Hardinge 10" Swing - 18" Bed1 - Agie Classics 13.8” X 9.8” X 9.8” travels 1 - Mori Seiki 17" Swing X 33" Bed with gap 25"1 - Agie 250 HSS fine cut 15.5” X 9.5” 10” travels with submergible work station 1 - Monarch 24" with hyd. tracer - 36" Bed1 - Charmilles Wire EDM V.T.L.:CNC MILLS: 1 - Bullard Cutmaster 42” dia. X 37” high with D.R.O.10 - Matsuura 1000VG High Speed Vertical machining Centers 21” X 45” X 21”, SAWS: Probing with Yasnec J- 300 1 - Stone 20” abrasive cut-off, 4.50 max. height2 - Matsuura 700MAM High Speed Horizontal Machining Center 20” X 20” X 20”, 1 - Maruel 18” Vertical Bandsaw series 8 Probing with Yasnec J-300 3 - Hyd Mac Vertical 18”2 - Matsuura 2000VG High Speed Vertical Machining Centers 21” X 80” X 21”, 1 - Hyd Mac 16HA Horizontal Cut-off Probing with Yasnec J-3001 - DECKEL MAHO DMU-70V 5 axes 28.0 X 20.5 X 20.5 travels .0001, GRIT BLASTERS: repeatability, tool and part probing 1 - Trinco 24” X 24” X 30” capacity1 - Cincinnati Milacron Lancer with Rotary Table, 54" x 25" x 25" travel resolution 1 - Trinco 40” X 40” X 40” capacity 1 - Infa-Blast Model MFI-3624 .0001, repeatability.00022 - Cincinnati Milacron1000 40” X 20” X 20” travels A2100 control tool and part probing DRILLS:1 - Cincinnati Milacron 500 20” X 20” X 20” travels A2100 control 1 - 4” Swing Radial Drill X 53” app. height 2 - 12” Upright DrillsCNC LATHES: 1 - 4 Spindle Gang Drill1 - Mori Seiki SL-35, 22" dia. with .0001 resolution, repeatability .00021 - Mori Seiki SL-6 35" dia. with .0001 resolution, repeatability .0002 WATERJET MACHINES: 15 - Precision Waterjet Cutting WorkstationsELECTRICAL DISCHARGE MACHINES: 5 - Five-Axis Waterjets Machining Workstations10 - Ram Type Vertical Machines 5 - Precision Waterjet Hole-Drilling Workstations3 - EDGs (chuck up to 24" dia. elect. & 33" dia. work piece) 4 - Rotary Waterjet Machining Workstations1 - Sodick A6-R CNC EDM machine w/rotary spindle, programmable X, Y, Z, & C axis4 - Mondo Model 5 with 19.6” X 13.7” X 13.7 travel CNC PROGRAMMING:8 - CNC Mondo Model 50 with 19.6” X 13.7” X 13.7” travel UNIGRAPHICS - VERICUT - VALISYS,3 - Beaumont High Speed EDM Drillers 60.0" X 30.0" X 30.0" travel, 6 Axes SOLIDEDGE, ESPRIT, MASTERCAM machines, 60 amp power supply FURNACES:1 - ONA EDM Sinker 60.0" X 30.0" X 30.0" travel, 120 amp power supply 1 - Sentry Electric Model #ASH heat treat 5” X 8” X 16”WELDERS: 1 - Grieve Model #HA-1250 draw 14” X 20” X 20” 1 - Gruenberg Model #B45C100 coating furnace2 - Miller Syncrowave 3001 - Miller Intellitig 40 w/Reiner auto rotary table CLEANERS: 1 - Talley 36” Parts WasherGRINDERS: 1 - Hotsy 48” Parts Washer2 - 818 B/S 8" X 18" Surface Grinder, max height: 14.50, 1.2501 - Rotary Grinder 13" dia. X 6" DESIGN CAPABILITES:1 - Myford Cylindrical Grinder up to 5" dia. X 14" long 2 - Seats CADKEY1 - Centerless Grinder .015 to .750 dia. X 12" long up to 1.50 dia. X 3" long 14 - Seats Unigraphics1 - Blanchard Grinder 36" dia. X 16.50" new wheel, 18" used 3" - 2.75" of wheel 2 - Seats Valisys Software LAI International | 7
  8. 8. Nationwide Locations Rich Technology International Scarborough, ME LAI Midwest Minneapolis, MN LAI East Westminster, MD LAI Southwest Phoenix, AZ LAI Southwestern Laser Tucson, AZL A I INTERNATIONALThe Precision Manufacturing Experts.LAI East LAI Midwest LAI Southwestern Laser1110 Business Parkway S. 7645 Baker St. N.E. 975 W. Grant Road, Suite 151Westminster, MD 21157 Minneapolis, MN 55432 Tucson, AZ 85705410-857-0770 763-780-0060 520-807-0433410-857-0774 Fax 763-784-4740 Fax 520-807-0437 FaxRich Technology International LAI Southwest LAI HeadquartersAn LAI International company 4814 S. 33rd St. LAI International Corporate Headquarters28 Pond View Drive Phoenix, AZ 85040 8147 E. Evans Road, Suite 9Scarborough, Maine 04074 602-304-1160 Scottsdale, AZ 85260207-883-7424 602-304-1612 Fax 480-348-5942207-883-3898 Fax 480-368-2830 Fax Contact the LAI Customer Service Team | 800-840-1126 | | Follow us on | Read Lockheed Martin Corporation STAR Supplier Northrop Grumman Platinum Source Supplier Award An Inc. 5,000 Fastest-Growing Company ACCREDITED Electrical Discharge Machining Laser Cutting and Welding Printed on paper Conventional Welding using recycled content
  9. 9. Strategic Supplier to Industry Leaders T h e P r e c i s i o n M a n u f a c t u r i n g E x p e r t s |