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Power Point Collserola.!222


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Power Point Collserola.!222

  1. 1. Trees Project
  3. 3. It's the beginning of spring when we visit Collcerola's Natural Park.
  4. 4. Family : FAGACEAE Genus : Quercus Characteristics :A deciduous tree, reaching up to 15-20 m in height, with a more or less irregular crown. EVERGREEN OAK
  5. 5. Deciduous oak Family : FAGACEAE Genus : Quercus Characteristics:This ilex, or holm oak, has an elongated leaf, dark green on the obverse, greatly enervated on the reverse.
  6. 6. Pines are coniferous trees in the genus Pinus. In the family Pinaceae. This pine is the principal species all of the pineries of the islands Pinus halepensis
  7. 7. ,m ´ Family : RHAMNACEAE Genus : Rhamnus Characteristics : This bush can eventually grow into a small tree; shiny oval leaves with small teeth along the margin. Rhamnus alaternus L.
  8. 8. Arbutus is as flowering plant in the family Ericaceae. It lives in Mediterranean regions. ARBUTUS
  9. 9. Family : ERICACEAE Genus : Erica Characteristics : Tree heath is a bush which can grow up to three metres. HULL
  10. 10. Leaves in Europe in some Mediterranean areas. STEPPE
  11. 11. This is the whole group of the trees project and the students in the Bottanic class.
  12. 12. PRODUCTION BY: Noemí Haro Massó Silvia Estefania. Laia García Barquier. Marcela Domínguez Albieri. Group of TREES PROJECT. IES BARCELONA-CONGRÉS. BARCELONA,SPAIN.