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Cloud Camp L1VPN


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My presentation at CloudCamp Beijing of my Customer Management solution for L1VPN services, as part of a cloud computing solution.

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Cloud Camp L1VPN

  1. 1. Optical WAN Virtualization Integrated Customer Management of Optical VPN trough Virtualization
  2. 2. How did I get here? Ericsson IP@Service™
  3. 3. Current Network Management Operator NMSCustomer Enterprise Data Centers Cloud Data Center Leased lines
  4. 4. Integrated Cloud Management Operator NMSCustomer Open- Flow Server Enterprise Data Centers Cloud Data Center L1VPN L1VPN: IETF RFC 4847
  5. 5. “VPN CONTROLLER” Quantum REST API• OpenStack – Cloud management platform• OpenStack Quantum Network Orchestration – Network Services for OpenStack• Optical OpenFlow plug-in for Open- Flow Quantum Server OpenFlow API – “South-bound” API – Based on ER development• Orchestration of Optical Network Services – “North-bound” API – Support for e.g. “Cloud Bursting” – Topology DB
  6. 6. Unique Selling Points• Opex reduction through Integrated Cloud Orchestration – Automate the process of network orchestration through predefined workflows, integrated with the orchestration of other resources, computing and storage, into a complete solution.• Value-add services through direct customer control – Offer cloud orchestration services, including the WAN resources, directly to an end-user.• CapEx reduction through L1VPN – L1VPN provides efficient resource utilization of a public infrastructure through virtualization, and service differentiation through QoS/bandwidth on demand.• Efficiency through Optical Communication – Ethernet and DWDM are data center technologies-of-choice for Data Center Interconnect. Ethernet is preferred due to its familiarity and inter-operability with the data center LAN, while DWDM optimizes fiber utilization and provides latency and distance advantages.• Flexibility though SDN/OpenFlow – Added flexibility of computing power through the virtualization provided by hypervisors, requires increased flexibility of the supporting network, beyond GMPLS. Recent developments in Software Defined Networks (SDN), have allowed for more fine grained programmatic interfaces, such as e.g. the OpenFlow API.
  7. 7. Want to discuss further?Please contact me for Consulting opportunities.