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  2. 2. INTRODUCTION “Odel is synonymous with fashion . It is defined by a unique identity and is a destination in itself. It is a brand loved, followed and enjoyed by MANY”The concept of ODEL began to take shape in 1989. It was when Otara Gunewardene startedselling clothes to her family and friends, from the boot of her own car. Although shestumbled across the fashion retail industry quite by chance, Otara saw something only a fewcould see – the immense potential for retailing a range of stylish clothing to the fashion-conscious Sri Lankan.And then it happened in 1990. The launch of Sri Lanka’s mostinnovative brand – ODEL.Housing the latest and most fashionable trends in the country, ODEL is the most premiershopping destination especially when it comes to clothing. ODEL is Sri Lanka’s first and onlydepartment store that blends the best of sophisticated and style. ODEL offers and unrivalledfashion and lifestyle products which is elegant, cosy, casual and definitely stylish. ODEL servesthe customer with the best needs and with rich quality. This has become the reason for mostof the local & foreign customers to buy want they desire to a considerable price. Odel is one of the largest company is sellingladieswear, menswear, kids wear, home ware, delight - sweet indulgences from chocolates to exoticnuts, perfume&cosmetics, books &music, shoes&handbags, jewellery&accessories, luggage, food, stationery, gift wrap & souvenirsin Sri Lanka. Their main product is They have branches in Colombo, Kohuwala, Nugegoda, Kandy, Panadura, Baththaramulla, Kadawatha,Kiribathgoda, Waththala as well Maharagama. During the last year under review ODEL PLC posted a turnover of Rs3.8 billion which is a growth of 15 per cent compared to Rs. 3.3 billionin the previous year. The turnover growth is attributable both to thegrowth in comparable stores as well to the expansion of the networkwhich took place during the past two years. 1
  3. 3. A fashion heart……… Housing the latest and most fashionable trends in the country, ODEL is the most premier shopping destination especially when it comes to clothing. ODEL is Sri Lanka’s first and only department store that blends the best of sophisticated and style. ODEL offers and unrivalled fashion and lifestyle products which is elegant, cosy, casual and definitely stylish.ODEL serves the customer with the best needs and with rich quality. This has become the reason for most of the local & foreign customers to buy want they desire to a considerable price.ODEL is equipped with cloths, accessories, bags, perfumes, cosmetics and shoes forthe ladies. The Gens too have a variety of selection of brand name clothing of shirts,shoes, sportswear, watches. In addition to these sections there is a section for winterclothing as well as swimwear for children ,Gens and women. Clothing is not theonly thing which could be bought. A diversity of different handicrafts, and a rangeof dining options, candy and chocolates stores , pet corner, sushi bar, florists, toyshops, and Italian ice-cream parlour can also be seen at ODEL.ODEL was founded in 1990, at Dickmans Rd, Colombo 7. The owner of thisfabulous shopping venue is MsOtaraGunawardana, who is kown to be the very firstlady entrepreneur in Sri Lanka.Open hours9am-10pmSome of the ODEL brands are:2
  4. 4. LEADERSHIPAt ODEL management is done by mainly the Board of Directors and the Senior Managementteam. The Board of Directors consists with 5 members, and the Senior Management teamconsists with 9 members. 3
  5. 5. Any customer who goes for shopping at ODEL is always fulfilled with satisfaction of theirMIND, BODY and SOUL. And the Management of ODEL also tries to upgrade thissatisfaction, with tremendous offerings, quality products with diversity, and memorizingdecors which attracts more and more and creating a ‘WOW’ attitude in the customersmind. By all these steps followed , it is more clear that the management is more and moreconcerned about their customers, and this could conclude telling that ODEL is a trulycustomer oriented company. STRUCTURE OF ODEL A structure depends on the organizations objectives and strategy. A company such as ODEL that sells multiple products may organize their structure so that groups are divided according to each product and depending on geographical area as well an organizational chart illustrates the organizational structure The company likes to believe that there are endless possibilities for their business to grow. One of their goals is to create business opportunities that set ODEL apart from the competition and provide value for their shareholders. ODEL origination has organized their employees into layers. Employees with the most authority (power) will be in the top layers and those with the least will be in the bottom layers. Organization Structure of ODEL • MR RUCHI GUNEWARDENE - (Chairman) • MS OTARA GUNEWARDENE - (Executive Director / CEO) Otara is a first lady entrepreneur in Sri Lanka who combined her appreciation for fashion and desire to make a marked difference in whatever she set out to do, created ODEL a fashion brand that has since inception set the benchmark for Sri Lanka’s retail fashion industry. • MR PAUL TOPPING - (Non-Executive Independent Director) • MR EARDLEY PERERA - (Non-Executive Independent Director) ODEL structure has a flat structure. Unlike the tall structures common to many businesses, flat structures have a short chain of command and a wide span of managerial control. ODEL communication structure facilitates a greater level of communication between employees and management. They tend to be more democratic and offer a greater level of innovation. Communication is usually faster, more reliable and more effective. In decision making ODEL is more flexible and adaptable and takes the right decision through correct research. The level of flexibility means decisions are made on an “as needed” basis, which makes it easier to serve the clients. 4
  6. 6. CULTURE Of the Organization…. At ODEL… A culture of openness prevails at the work It is clearly seen that the customers who come place. Open dialog and open door policy is for shopping at ODEL belongs to a “HAVE- being followed at ODEL where any GOT” society. And also ODEL has also been customer, employee can discuss their a very popular fashion destination to the concerns and issues with the management at foreigners. More over people who are able to any time. Odel targets the high & middle spend a mint of money will never miss ODEL level customers of the country. ODEL is especially during seasonal festivals. very much concern about their customer Considering all the factors we could decide satisfaction & value of the product. that ODEL’s culture seems to be more popular specially among the middle level and high class level people in Sri Lanka. BRANDS  Luv SLLove for Sri Lanka is a brand which ODEL launched and it includes a range of home grown products inthe fashion, accessories, souvenirs and household. The products which are being produced under thisbrand are made using colorful, distinctly tropical materials and motifs with traditional Sri Lankanresources. Mugs, stationery, picture frames, casual clothing, toys are few of the products.  Sweet- budsSweet-bud chocolate bouquets were first introduced by ODEL . It consist of sweets and chocolates ofSwiss and Ferrero Roche blended in unique shapes and sizes which are arranged in a bouquet just likea flower bouquets. Sweet buds are unique and thay last longer than the flower bouquet. Rather thangetting a bunch of flowers , this innovatine chocolate bouquets could bring more pleasure and would bea grand way to break in to a chat while enjoying the syrupy flavors of CHOCOLATE!!.  InsomniaInsomnia is an edgy collection of sophisticated and trendy t-shirts. This is more popular among theyoung generation in Sri Lanka, and it is more in style among boys. “It is available in a monochromewhites and blacks and it is undoubtedly for fashion lovers seeking something truly local and hip”. 5
  7. 7.  Yoland Collection Designer Yoland Alluwihare, shows off her fashion trend with a collection which highlights the beauty of nature ,art and culture with the use of silks, chiffons and cottons. Her collection is more brought to light with the textures, colours and designs she use to form a dress, Sari or a shawl. This brand has become one of the most fashionable designer collection, and Yolanda’s collection is more popular in Sri Lanka as well as abroad especially in Europe ,Japan, India and Middle east. “Her Sri Lankan clientele include past Presidents, socialites and the glitterati of the local film fraternity”.  Backstage Backstage is known to be Sri Lanka’s unique homegrown women’s fashion accessory brand which glitters in a variety of different accessories that catches the women’s eye easily. It is available with the most fashionable trends, and to the exact need of design of jewelry products such as earrings, rings, necklaces,bangles,brooches, as well as with different stylish sunglasses, belts, bags, watches, anklets, cosmetic bags and cosmetics. Which one expects. MARKETING ODELPromotions , social media interactions and advertising are the main ways they strengthen their customers mindto shop at ODEL. Throughout all these interactions and communication processors ODEL’s only aim is toinspire their customer and enhance purchasing form ODEL with amazing variety of selections and priceswhich service with the best quality and brand. In 2011 they introduced the ODEL loyalty card and is expectedto play a focal role in propagating repeat purchases.This loyalty card helps the customer to accumulate loyaltypoints when purchasing at ODEL stores. Using thiscard the customer is able to earn 1 loyalty pointfor a purchase of Rs100. At the point ofredemption one loyalty point equals toRs 1. So this loyalty card scheme is highlyconsiderable when comparing to the otherloyalty card schemes. In addition to this points,loyalty card also gain access to numerousseasonal promotions and discountoffers. 6
  8. 8. Annual ODEL fashion show is another way the promote. Through this they promote the latest trend aswell as new collections of the local and international brands. This has not only been a method tointroduce their new collection, but also has become an opportunity to grab more customer attractiontowards ODEL.In addition to the above promotion methods they also do special campaigns at Facebook, Twitter, andBlogger to promote Animals Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Avurudu promotions, Christmaspromotions and Halloween, Easter and T20 world cup . Their decorations and lights during theseseasons mesmerizes the customer and the onlookers and made ODEL a admired place in Colombo.They have a marketing division which offers a number of seasonal promotions, offers, and etc. Physical Layout Sri Lankas premier fashion & lifestyle store, Odel, has benchmarked the retail world in the region with its world-class quality and audacious expansion plans. Today, the fashion brand that took Sri Lanka by storm offers designer and high street fashion men, women and children,homeware, jewellery& accessories, luggage, perfumes & cosmetics, books & music, confectionery and food. More significantly, it offers an unparalleled sensorial shopping experience that keeps shoppers coming back for more. ODEL has given more priority for the physical layout.ODEL change their physical layout time to time specially during seasons .They select different themes to decorate their premises with diiferentcolours and decorations. New year,T20, Christmas,Hallowin season, Avuru season, Easter and Vesak. The decorations are very imaginative and it’s unique thing. It will also helps them to attract more customers as well as we can say it’s a marketing trick of them. Employees are given a special dress code during the season time. And they dress in anplesant way, and serves the customer in a friendly manner.7
  9. 9. ODEL CUSTOMER Customer Communication Waiting time for the Customer Customers are able to communicate with Historically, business interested in obtaining high ODEL through telephone or else they could level of customer satisfaction has focused on using drop an email. Further inquiries on Buying knowledgeable, pleasant servers to deliver high and merchandising , Bridal registry, Online quality product and services to their target markets. selling can be done by calling the relevant Today’s consumer not only demands quality, but also personnel though telephone numbers available demands that product and services be delivered on their official website. quickly. This thesis will examine customer perceptions of waiting in line, and will focus on Customers can also connect with ODEL methods for making waiting time more tolerable. though social networks such as Facebook, Rather than taking an operational approach, such as YouTube, Google +, Flickr and Twitter. looking at the effects of reducing actual waiting times on customer satisfaction, ODEL focuses primarily in Complain Management System the area known as “queue psychology”. Their premise manipulates customers perceptions of the waiting ODEL always welcomes their customers experience can be as effective as reducing the actual views, and opinions and feedback of their length of the wait. service. Customer feedback can be sent just by visiting their website. And in addition to ODEL implemented good method to manage and this a comment book is also made available eliminated the customer waiting time. As mention for the comments of the customers at the ODEL has various segment base on product types and ODEL outlets. they put into practice cashier for each store segment, because of this customer waiting time. Customers are more satisfied with this, because their time wasCustomer Touch Points saving due to this method.They advertise about their offers to the Other than the customer waiting time management,customers through advertising in different ODEL has created special waiting areas for childrenMagazines , papers, and they frequently to play. And this has become easy for the parents ofupdate the websites on Social media. them to do the shopping around ODEL. By implementing waiting areas and avoiding customer waiting time , ODEL got the advantage to satisfied customer significantly. So ultimately Customer waiting time management is another part of customer oriented organization. 8
  10. 10. Customer SatisfactionODEL strives to offer its customers more than just a shopping experience. It aims to offer both its localand international clients a hassle free, sophisticated and memorable shopping experience. When visitingSri Lanka, ODEL provides the ideal shopping venue for those who seek clothes that reflect the trendiestfashions.Recently ODEL deployed iPads with a specially developed iPad application to conduct customersatisfaction efficiently, and this service is available at the flagship store at, Alexadra Place. There areplanning to expand this service to the other service stores as well. This special application poses a seriesof questions to be answered by the customer regarding about their shopping at ODEL and could becompleted in less than two minutes. Customer Service At ODEL they offer a host of in-store and online service to the customer to make sure that they walk out of the store with more than just a buy. Maintaining a good customer survice is the priority , and to excel in that they conducts monthly store Mangers meetings, Regular store visits, Monthly visual Merchandiser meetings. Gift vouchers with a choice of different prices are also available from Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2500, Rs 5000, Rs 10000, Rs 15000 Online Delivery and Shopping ODEL provides the service to the international market to deliver their online available item goods to their foreign customers as well. With the help of some of the professional courier services they deliver their goods to 70 countries and make sure that the goods are delivered on time. And their will charge a delivery cost which would depend on the weigh and destination. The lists of the countries are shown at their web site and the number of days that takes to be delivered is shown at their website. 9
  11. 11. In-store service• Sari- Draping service -A fully trained and friendly staff members are on hand all the timeto adhere to the customers any kind of sari needs.• Concierge -ODEL customers are able to drop off their bags at their friendly and secureconcierge and shop freely without any baggage.• Gift wrapping -The customers are able to wrap their gifts in a variety of interesting ways togive those gifts an extra delight, with the help of their trained gift wrappers.• Tailoring services• Currency exchange• Shop and ship“You shop. We ship”. ODEL says that transporting gifts internationally is not a problem for them.• Bridal and gift registry• Children’s play area• Other services- Dialog services, American express banking centre 10
  12. 12. ODEL EMPLOYEEEmpowermentODEL is a highly customer oriented organization aimed to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as itstheir ultimate goal. In order to achieve this goal they management train their employees often to deliverquality service and adopt the kind of customer oriented mindset that lead to customer loyalty.The interaction between employee and customer has a positive influence on performance. Furtherinteraction between employee and customers, are based on their employees attitudes and behavior ofservice. Dedicated employees are more likely to engage in activities that result in customer satisfaction andprofitability.Empowerment is best way to satisfy customer and it leads the company to make more marketing/ customeroriented. ODEL is mastered in this job, and they are able to attract more and more customers each and everyday.Empowerment is defined as a motivational construct manifested in cognitions reflecting an employee’sorientation and to his or her work roles. They are allowed to use their own judgments when performing theirjobs. Employees are given the discretion in the process of providing the services, which are crucial in theinteraction between the service provider and the guest. They are motivated to exercise, initiate and imaginecater to the supreme when they meet the customer’s request and they are evaluated at the end of the year.ODEL has given the power to the staff to take quick decisions at any time. Because of this ODEL canrespond to the customer requirements quickly and provide ideas for new services. This is especiallyimportant in situations adhere they expected to exercise and judge and discretion, so that the service andcustomer satisfaction are enhanced. So we can say that empowerment plays a major role in ODEL to be agood customer oriented company. Employee Satisfaction Through deferent training sessions and performance indicators individuals are evaluated and there are awarded at their award ceremonies. Other than this the management conducts different programs throughout the year to identify the talents and reward them with special prices which is a way of motivation them to work with more dedication and courage. 11
  13. 13. Training and DevelopmentIn 1990 ODEL had two employees. Bur now ODEL’s passionate team consisting with 850 employees.Training and development of the employees is a constant and consistent of the Human ResourceDevelopment process. The company carries out a number of training programs for the Non-Executivestaff. Training programs for interpersonal and communication skill development is a must activity intheir programme scheduled for each and every year. In addition to the above programmes , aprogramme named “Fast Tracking” which is known to be a talent management tool is also carried outto find out talented individuals and to fast track their talents throughout different interpersonal skillsand core areas of the company operations.For the executive level employees training is given mainly to develop more on business continuity andleadership development. Open channels are the main conduit for innovation and creativity at ODEL.WORK LIFE balance is known to be the key aspect at ODEL. And different staff bonding activitieswhich are tagged as WORK HARD.PLAY HARD are conducted to give a chance for the employees toget to know each other and relax. 12
  14. 14. R ecommendations In the point of our view…It is hardly possible to find any failure points ofODEL. As they are rich in quality and style, wefound out that customers at least go around andadmire the beauty of the variety of clothes andthe other products at ODEL which show offs themost up-to-date fashion available in the industry.Though the prices are considerably higher than theother shops around, ODEL has become so specialwith the local and international customers for thetremendous unique styles of its products.Ultimately the final conclusion of our mini researchis that ODEL IS A HIGLY CUSTOMER ORIENTEDCOMPANY. 13
  15. 15. ContentsIntroduction 1ODEL a fashion heart 2ODEL Management 3ODEL Structure 4Culture 5Brands 5Marketing ODEL 6Physical layout 7ODEL Customers 8ODEL Employees 11Recommendations 13