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Biodiversity presentation2

  1. 1. TOPIC:BIODIVERSITYEssential Question: Explainbiodiversity and why it is important tohave a diverse ecosystems.
  2. 2. INSTRUCTIONS:1. Take Cornell Notes2. Stop & Answer slides ~ on a plain sheet of notebook paper3. Write the question & your answer. (Your answer MUST be in complete sentence.)4. You MUST have a minimum of five (5) sentences for each question.
  3. 3. Biodiversityiodiversity refers to the number and variety of species on Earth.he number of known species on Earth is about 1.6 million, most of which are insects. his is different from the actual number of species on Earth, which may be closer to 13
  4. 4. Importance of Biodiversityiodiversity provides:  a variety of products and resources  a livable planet for us and for all other species.iodiversity helps:  maintain the atmosphere  keep the soil fertile
  5. 5. Loss of Biodiversity e share the environment with other organisms in a complex network. ach species has a role or niche to play in its ecosystem. f one species disappears from an ecosystem, the ecosystem changes. eystone species are species that are so important to the functioning of an ecosystem that if they disappear, the ecosystem falls apart.
  6. 6. An Example in Texas:Black-tailed Prairie lack-tailed prairie dogs onceDogs roamed the western mid-west. Now cover less than 1% of their original territory. Digging aerates and promotes soil formation. Clip back brush maintaining the short grass prairie. Provide food and shelter for as many as 170 different animals.
  7. 7. Main Threats toBiodiversity• Habitat loss• Introduced species• Population growth• Pollution
  8. 8. he destruction of habitats is the numberHabitat Loss one cause of species extinction.
  9. 9. Stop & Answer ow does habitat loss affect biodiversity in an ecosystem?
  10. 10. Introduced Species onnative or Exotic species that are not native to a particular region. ire ants from South America entered the U.S. through Mobile, Alabama, probably in soil used for ships ballasts. They were accidentally introduced around the 1930s and have been spreading ever since.
  11. 11. Stop & Answer: ow do introduced species affect biodiversity in an ecosystem?
  12. 12. Population Growth here are 6 billion humans living on Earth. arth’s population of human beings is increasing at a rate of about 222,000 people each day. umans take up more space and deplete more resources than any other species.
  13. 13. an be an oil spill, acid rain, trash orPollution insecticides that can cause reproductive failure in fish, birds, and mammals (like DDT).
  14. 14. Stop & Answer: ow does pollution affect biodiversity in an ecosystem?
  15. 15. ExtinctionExtinction occurs when the last individual of a species dies. an Marcos Gambusia, Texas, 1983 exas red wolf, Oklahoma, Texas, 1970
  16. 16. Mass Extinction• the extinction of many species during a relatively short period of time.• often caused by a change in climate.• Many scientists believe that we are living in a mass extinction, and that by the year 2100, 25% or more of all species of plants and animals that were on Earth in 1900 will have become extinct.
  17. 17. Stop & Answer:ow will this mass extinction affect Earth?