Anwar Ahmad Al-lahdan
Professional Experience


     Head of Assessment Center, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait2008 - Present
     The Kuwait...
• Present technical advice in the field of human resources, prepares suggestions that shares in
increasing the rate of emp...
also capital assets budget for the bureau including preparing purchasing orders according to available
• c)       ...
SYSTEM PROGRAMMER - COMPUTER DEPARTMENT, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait1993 - 1994
Directs and participates in the evaluation, dev...
• Supervises the activities of assigned personnel in the Computer Operations and Technical Library Sub-
    Section. Perfo...
• Recruitment and Employment Management

     • Performance Management

     • TQM

     • Business Development

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Anwar Al Lahdan New Cv

  1. 1. Anwar Ahmad Al-lahdan P.O.Box:394 Safat 13004, Kuwait Mobile 00965-9-9678858 Business 00965-2-4736422 Head of Assessment Center - Kuwait Airways Qualification Highlights Delivered complete products to include thorough documentation and training materials. Managed multiple projects and successfully achieved milestones, ensuring projects complied with all cost and scope specifications. Built and managed successful client relationships with CSC and KUWAIT AIRWAYS, ensuring all business needs were met. Trained office staff to operate and maintain database system, including data entry, report generation, queries, and data archives. Led the life cycle planning of a variety of large-scale and small-scale projects, facilitating all HR, budget allocation, publicity, delivery, and assessment functions. Assessed and restructured administrative, personnel, and marketing procedures employing standardized, computer systems to achieve greater efficiency. Monitored quality of service by acting as QA to customers. Implemented a service and support program that reduced customer complaints by 50%. Managed staff training program to ensure workforce skills aligned to corporate goals. Manage administrative functions within department to include assisting HR Manager with recruitment, hiring, and completion of new-hire administration processes. Developed Employee Assimilation Program to improve new employee orientation to company policies and procedures. Summary of Experience Over 25 years of management, administration, and training with Kuwait Airways, in more than 6 positions, Know I am the Head of assessment center leading the staff assessment team, Recognized for developing the staff and processes that provide the highest best quality candidates to the organization Skills include the use of computer systems to track, schedule, and manage staff record and training needs.
  2. 2. Professional Experience Experience Head of Assessment Center, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait2008 - Present The Kuwait Airways Assessment Center is a set of tools that will be used to assist Kuwait Airways managers in making decisions regarding: 1. Promotions, training and development for Supervisor level and above 2. Selection of the new hires 3. Leadership Development Based on the strategic competencies and skills, required to move the airline towards strategic objectives and profitability, the Assessment Center tools use behavior based tests and interview techniques to assess candidates for selections, promotions, and development. Kuwait Airways Assessment Center is working to align staff development with the corporate strategy by providing the following services for hiring new candidates,promote the Kuwait airways staff, and developed the leadership to the. • To align Kuwait Airways managers with the strategy, the Assessment Center is assisting all Departments in making promotion decisions for the supervisor level positions and above. The Center utilizes the competency framework as well as the Targeted Selection tool for this purpose. So far, working as a team with the departments, the Center has conducted over 175 promotions related assessments for various departments. • Assessment Center is assisting all departments in finding the right person for the right job. The Center identifies the best candidates for the job by assessing their behavior against the strategic competencies required by the job. The strategic competency framework, AMS, and Targeted Selection are the key tools used in this regard. So far, Assessment Center has evaluated over 200 candidates for various open positions at Kuwait Airways. • This is a new service that the Assessment Center is ready to perform. Identifying and developing "high potential staff" is also one the initiatives under the LCG (Lufthansa Consulting Group) strategy implementation plan developed under the UNDP program at KAC. To develop a pipeline of future leaders, and to establish a succession planning program at KAC, Assessment Center teams will reach out and proactively assess the "high potential staff" that will be identified by all the departments. EXPERT QUALITY CONTROL -TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait2005 - 2008 Provides technical and managerial advice to develop human resources in the field of developing manpower, administrative and automatic systems like: human resources system, and preparing studies and suggestions in the fields of manpower in order to economize expenses and increasing productivity. Sharing in framing annual plans for the department, following targeted results; to prepare suggestions, special studies related to developing training sector and training aids to update it and coordinate with experience houses in order to update trainers' skills with identifying recent means in training to provide best training service with what suits establishment policy.
  3. 3. • Present technical advice in the field of human resources, prepares suggestions that shares in increasing the rate of employing manpower, increasing productivity for the department and establishment's departments to cope with changes may appear on aviation industry and specifying the need to update manpower and benefiting from human resources experiences then directing it. To shares in stating annual objectives for the department with following what had been achieved with what suits establishment • Prepares studies and statistics related to developing human resources to economize spending and decreasing expenses, increasing beneficiary indicator with what gets highest economic and productive efficiency for the department. Suggests ideas which the establishment make use of it like training for travel agencies according to costs and upon procedures. • Provides help and technical and administrative support for subsidiary companies in the field of developing work procedures and systems. Developing and training employee and transferring experts to increase their productive efficiency to face changes may happen in travel industry. EXPERT QUALITY CONTROL - QUALITY MANAGEMENT CENTER, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait2003 - 2005 Studying marketing and strategic objectives for the establishments and determining suitable technical procedures to be applied. Meeting departments' and offices' head presented in central reservation to determine possibility of applying procedures and modifying it if necessary. Identifying effects that may caused by applying these procedures on rest departments in the establishments. • Meeting different departments' representatives to show them the procedures about to be applied with discussing them its effects on work going and it may be changed if necessary. • Writing procedures with its final formula and presenting it to be authorized by vice manager and department manager. • Making sure of generalizing new procedures on all users of keeping systems and who has a relationship with the procedure in the department. EXPERT ADMIN AND FININCE AFFAIRS - CONSULATNT AND FOLLOW UP OFFICE, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait2000 - 2003 To applies all general and private policies in managerial procedures authorized from the establishment for upper administration like: assigning, renewing contracts, promotions, transfer, secondment, delegating, bonus and what relates to salaries, vacations, working-hours, finishing duty, evaluating the performance, managerial and financial due for formal tasks in addition to budget matters, accounting payments like end-task payments. • a) To applies all general and private policies in managerial and financial procedures authorized in the establishment like: assigning, and renewing contracts for leaders and upper administration in addition to promotions. To also gives and stops transfers for this slide of people according to the change of their work nature like transferring, secondment or delegating. • b) Prepares the estimated budget for consultation and following office's expenses. Following the declines which may came on the budget with coordination with financial department. To prepares
  4. 4. also capital assets budget for the bureau including preparing purchasing orders according to available budget. • c) Gather and fill performance forms for the concerned people in the scheduled times and notifying upper administration and departments' managers with evaluation results to obtain final acceptance. To makes sure of applying obeyed procedures to expense periodical bonus through payroll. EXPERT AUTOMATION SYSTEMS - PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT , Kuwait Airways, Kuwait1999 - 2000 Plans, directs and supervises the automation Systems in Personnel Department such as payroll system, outstation systems, leave systems, Time & attendance systems, and all other systems in the department. Studies, valuates the introduction of new automated systems and projects to enhance related services, as appropriate. Directs the specialized activities of the operation, developments and functionality of payroll systems and other related systems. Directs day-to-day performance of payroll systems. • Supervises the activities of assigned personnel under the automation systems expert performs supervisory duties and exercises financial authority at the level established by management of the position. • Studies, recommends and implements procedures and plans of appropriate technology for personnel department systems projects. Prepares progress reports on projects to management as appropriate. DATA SYSTEM MANAGER - PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait1994 - 1999 Supervises and carries out system analysis, development and maintenance for a variety of software packages for Kuwait airways corp. personnel department and is responsible for the integrity of Kuwait airways corp. human resource data. Includes planning and organizing work flow of the data system to ensure effective direction of projects, and auditing of project personnel output. Also gathering and analysis of information's, the direction of design, platform use and system specifications and high level problem solving. Allocates human resources as required to ensure project are implemented in accordance with target dates. • a. supervises the activities of assigned personnel in the data system section. Performs supervisory duties and exercises financial authority at the level established by management for the position. • b. Plans with the section team the requirements of relevant project. Includes utilization of manpower and machinery, set target dates for completion of project in stages and as a whole project, determining user requirements and expectations and coordinating information gathering process. Utilizes automated planning tools to discharge duties and achieve targets • c. Reviews and audits project output on an ongoing basic to ensure user, department and Kuwait airways corp. requirements are adhered to at all times. Includes comparing output against project requirements, redirecting project to ensure requirements are met if unhappy with current direction and liaising with users on a continual basis for clarification of project requirements.
  5. 5. SYSTEM PROGRAMMER - COMPUTER DEPARTMENT, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait1993 - 1994 Directs and participates in the evaluation, development, implementation and maintenance of all non- reservation systems software packages, such as computer operating systems, communication packages, program development aids and utility programmers. Responds to "system crashes" finds faults, restarts program, and liaises / refers to technical maintenance personnel as required. Ensures efficient maintenance and updating is carries out to all related documentation, manuals and files. • Directs and overseas the activities of assigned programmers as required. Includes advising, allocating priorities, resolving problems encountered by them and ensuring accuracy of work done by them. • Overseas and/or participates in the installation and maintenance of system software, communication packages, data bases and other utility programs developed by System Development Division or supplied by manufacturers and software houses. Includes ensuring completion and updating of all related lists, documents and operating manuals. • Participates in resolving problems encountered in such areas as the interface between operating systems and application, file design, memory allocation and partition assignments. COMPUTER PROGRAMMER - COMPUTER DEPARTMENT, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait1992 - 1993 Designs computer program logic for a system or components, or modifies existing system, and codes in applicable languages. Includes preparing flow charts, editing, testing, debugging, assembling and test running the programmer and programmer documentation. Ensures that development is in accordance with system specifications, programming standards and departmental policies and procedures. Undertakes programming maintenance of existing programmer to meet the changing requirements of the business. As a member of the Programming Pool the incumbent will work on various projects and environments and is therefore required to develop broad knowledge of Kuwait airways corp., operations to complete tasks efficiently. • Studies system design concept and specifications as provided by Systems Analyst and raises any queries with Supervisor. Prepares programmer logic for allocated system, system component or modification to existing system, using programmer development aids such as detailed flow charts in accordance with methodology, standards and procedures contained in the computer standards manual. • Codes a segment or a module of the program in a language applicable to computer system specifications. • Prepares test data and temporary operating instructions, tests a segment of the programmer and compares test results with expected results, making any necessary amendments/modifications in liaison with project Systems Analyst. Also tests program in linkage with associated program for compatibility SHIFT LEADER COMPUTER OPERATION - computer department, Kuwait Airways, Kuwait1985 - 1992 Supervises the overall computer operations' activities which include receipt of input data, input of data into the computer according to programmer requirements, processing, storing and printing, and ensuring that facilities are used to maximum efficiency. Participates in the review of proposed systems and applications and prepares new operating standards and procedures as required. Also allocates systems time for system's testing and development and hardware maintenance, upgrading or replacement. Participates in studies of new hardware and software requirements as well as formulating and passing specifications to vendors.
  6. 6. • Supervises the activities of assigned personnel in the Computer Operations and Technical Library Sub- Section. Performs supervisory duties and exercises financial authority at the level established by Management for the position • Coordinates and supervises the daily work flow processed by in-house system, in liaison with user departments, and ensures the provision of a smooth and efficient service to users of over 500 peripheral devices. • Directs computer room operations/activities. Includes allocating work and priorities to on-duty computer operations shifts, ensuring that specific requirements are explained, and that work is prepared in accordance with established procedures and computer programmers. Ensures that computer output is in required format and periodically checks to ensure that systems' checks are satisfactory, and that completed output is dispatched to users according to schedule and procedures. Education Postgraduate Certificate 2008 University of HULL, UK B.S., Science of Systems and Computers 1990 Technical University of Lasi, Romania Computer Science Diploma 1985 College of Business Studies, Kuwait H.S., Science 1982 Al-Asmaie, Kuwait Skills • Cost and Benefit Analysis • Developing Strategic Partnerships • Human Resources and Corporate Benefits • Entrepreneurial Leadership • Management Training and Development • Needs Assessment and Analysis • Leadership in the Workplace • HR Measurement and Analysis • HR Policy and Procedure
  7. 7. • Recruitment and Employment Management • Performance Management • TQM • Business Development Provided receptionist and office support services to maintain quality customer service and timely response to requests. Utilized technology solutions to streamline management tasks and reporting functions. Ensured quality service by frequently monitoring volunteer performance and identifying improvements. Maintained database of volunteer participation and skills to assist future planning. Training Management of Training & training needs analysis 2007 - 2007 Arab Air Carriers organization leadership Skills 1992 - 1992 Kuwait Airways, Kuwait Airways Training Center Volunteer Head of Computer office, Prisoners of War in Kuwait, Kuwait 1999 - Present follow up in release of all Kuwaiti POWs being held in Iraq against their will and take necessary actions to ensure the safety & human rights of all the POWs based on International laws in accordance with the Ministry of foreign affairs and other International organizations and provide support and aid to the families of the POWs by fulfilling most of their needs and requirements. Conferences High Performance Employee Making 2008 Arabian Gulf Career Development Forum, Kuwait Brian Tracy's Focal Point Seminar 2006 Leaders Enterprises, Kuwait