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Edu 2.0 Collaboration Potential


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Edu 2.0 Collaboration Potential

  1. 1. A Learning Management System Laura Hadley ECOMP 6203
  2. 2. CollaborationFeaturesGroupsForumsChat RoomsWikisBlogsVideo Conferencing
  3. 3. Collaboration Each of these options is linked to the home page.“Our support for groups are particularly strong, with news and activity feeds for each group as well as its own set of collaboration tools.”Edu 2.0
  4. 4. Collaboration Provides Private messaging system that does not require an email address. Can request copies of messages to be sent to the teacher‟s email and or SMS address. Messages can be copied immediately or combined into a single „digest‟ message and sent daily. Can enable auto-translation which translates messages between users who speak different languages.
  5. 5. CollaborationIntegrates with Skype Video conferencing between users
  6. 6. Upcoming Integration They integrate with a wide variety of external systems via an open API and data import/export capabilities. Their Open API is web-friendly and can be accessed from Javascript or any other popular programming language. They will also soon have Moodle import, Common Cartridge support, and integration with popular SIS.
  7. 7. Communication Allows the teacher to monitor all communications between members. Allows teachers to browse all communications in real- time. Allows parents to view their child‟s communication and work
  8. 8. What About the Parents?Every parent can have their own account which provides:  news/activity feeds email integration  easy access to their childrens classes lessons, assignments, and grades You can configure which data a parent can access, as well as communicate directly with parents via email and SMS.
  9. 9. Support The community support forum can be accessed by anyone and allows members to help each other with issues. Any kind of question, suggestion, or bug report: visit the help area by clicking the icon in the side bar or the Help/support links in the footer of every page. You can access their technical support staff by clicking on the premium support icon. They typically respond to questions within a few hours during US business hours. (Not for free plan users)
  10. 10. Additional Notes Positive teacher reviews, even for the free version Notcluttered, so easy to navigate. Communication and ease of use is worth considering. Customized portals, classes, lessons, resources, quizzes, libraries, rubrics, and more. This site was viewed from the perspective of an elementary school teacher.