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Social Media Group - Slides - May 2013


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Slides used to prompt discussion at local UWS Social Media Group meeting. Focus on personal learning networks using Yammer as as case study.

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Social Media Group - Slides - May 2013

  1. 1. Yammer?Personal Learning Networks“This session will look at the use of Yammer andother similar social media applications .”@lahamilton32 #yam #uwssmg
  2. 2. ActivityWrite down as many social media / web 2.0 tools that you usein 1 minute!Online stop watch (
  3. 3. In1 minute, I cameup with…
  4. 4. MyPersonalLearningNetwork
  5. 5. Joinin…addyourtools of choice
  6. 6. An aside! Hart
  7. 7. Myroutine…before9:30 am
  8. 8. Groups- Team Working• Private/Public• Conversations threaded and collatedin the one place• Email posts directly to Yammer
  9. 9. Yammer
  10. 10. I woulduseYammer to…