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Project 4


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Project 4

  1. 1. How Many Days to America? A thanksgiving story Author: Eve Bunting         Genesis Mejia Alex Sanchez Luis Molina Denisse Cardona
  2. 2. Authors Information Eve Bunting was born December 19, 1928 in Maghera, County Derry, Ireland, her father was a well-to-do merchant and her family was held in high regard by the rest of the townspeople. When she was nine, Bunting was sent to boarding school, where she often entertained the other girls by telling stories and tall tales in the evenings. Bunting began writing after moving to California, where she enrolled in a community college creative writing course. Her first published story, The Two Giants , was a retelling of a folktale she knew from her childhood. But when this busy author isn't working she is enjoying reading and playing golf. She lives in Pasadena, California, with her husband.
  3. 3. Thanksgiving is a very special day that we all celebrate with our family, but what if back then thanksgiving didn't really exist until you came to American in the story how many days to America. The narrator, a child from an unnamed Caribbean island, escapes the soldiers and the island with his family and takes a dangerous boat trip back to the US. At the end they celebrate with a meal and give thanks. Summary
  4. 4. Foreshadowing Chart Foreshadowing form novel: What is it hinting: Because we do not think the way they think, my son What is being foreshadowed is that something is going to happen if they don't leave their village immediately His words "American" was not new to me. I'd heard it whispered between my parents in the restless hours of the night Their parents have always been thinking of going to American but never really did until now after they realize that they were not safe Others moved silently down the secret streets They didn't want the soldiers to catch them My father said we would leave while it was still dark His father wants his family to be safe
  5. 5. Village: a community of people smaller than a town Peered: another work for looking Bobbed: a type of motion with the body or an object Quay: a landing place Garnet: a type of jewelry Chugged : a short explosive sound Barnacles: tiny sea creatures Vocabulary
  6. 6. Movie Clip
  7. 7. Discussion Questions? Before 1. What do you think the story illustrates? 2. What do you think the story is going to be about? Why do you think this? 3. Why do you think the story is called “how many days to American? Why does it was a thanks giving story?     During 1. “ I peered out I could see my mother’s feet in her slippers and the great muddy boots of the soldiers” what do you think is happening to the mother? 2. Why do you think the people getting on the boat have to take out their jewelry? 3. How do you think the narrator is feeling during the journey? After 1. What was your favorite part of the story? 2. What would be another happy ending to this story? 3. What do you think was the most important event?
  8. 8. Quiz 1.What caused the main character parents to flee their village? A. They wanted to go on vacation B. They wanted to find freedom C. They wanted to go visit their grandmother D. They want to immigrate 2. What words or phrases create the tone of the character when she was under the bed? A. excited B. scared C. hyper D. foolish 3. Which word best characterizes the main character attitude towards the soldiers? A. anger B. depression C. scared D. pleased
  9. 9. Vocabulary Activities Activity 1. We will make flashcards for the kids with a picture of the vocabulary words and the kids will try to guess what the word is and try to spell it out if possible, the kids while doing this will also rewrite the sentence that consist of the vocabulary words as a clue to finding out the vocabulary words.  
  10. 10. Fun Activity Materials Use: Index card’s , Colors, and Markers Activity : We will have 5 scenario for the kids, we will read out the scenario and pick 2 to 3 kids to act it out, and the kids will have to guess what is being foreshowed
  11. 11. <ul><li>The skill I worked on today was foreshadowing . One thing we understood better was the different aspect that foreshadow is being used in. this skill will help me a better reader because I can learn to start grabbing the aspect and focus more on the text that is being given. I am going to remember how to use this skill be every time I read a novel or book am going to analyze if anything is being foreshadowed. One piece of advice I would give to someone working with this skill is try to focus on the way the text is being written and try to understand if there is any clues or hints. In order to Improve I will need to be stronger in vocabulary and comprehension and start to expand my knowledge one more thing I want to know is foreshadowing is a complex technique and one technique that is masters you can master any other literary term. </li></ul>Skill Frame
  12. 12. 1. How do you teach foreshadowing? Theirs many different ways to teach foreshadowing but the way I teach is very easy. I first give the kids the definition of foreshadowing from their I find an easy story that shows foreshowing when that scene of foreshadowing appears I ask what do think is being foreshadowed from their after they get it I give them a story a little harder and for them to fin it on their own.   2. What is the most difficult thing about teaching foreshadowing? The must difficult thing about foreshadowing I think it is the fact about you don’t want to give it way, you want them to figure it out on their own.   3. What are some tips you can give us about teaching this skill? Use a lot of examples and something that the kids love, like movies who doesn’t like movies now days especially 3 rd graders. Ms.Piago
  13. 13. Credits Google Books And Ms.Piago