Leadership technology ppt


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Leadership technology ppt

  1. 1. T echnolo S tandards gy forS choo A dministrator l s Start
  2. 2. Technology Standards forSchool Administrators Leadership and Vision Learning and Teaching Productivity and Professional Practice Support, Management and Operations Assessment and Evaluation Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues
  3. 3. Leadership and Vision Educational leaders inspire a shared vision for comprehensive integration of technology and foster an environment and culture conducive to the realization of that vision.Performance Leaderships Scenarios Resources Indicators Tasks
  4. 4. Learning and Teaching Educational leaders ensure that curricular design, instructional strategies, and learning environments integrate appropriate technologies to maximize learning and teaching.Performance Leaderships Scenarios Resources Indicators Tasks
  5. 5. Learning and Teaching Principal Assist teachers in using technology to access, analyze, and interpret studentPrincipals who performance data, and in using results toeffectively lead appropriately design, assess, and modifyintegration of student instructiontechnology typicallyperform the Collaboratively design, implement,following tasks: support, and participate in professional development for all instructional staff that institutionalizes effective integrationProgram Director of technology for improved student learning. Superintendent
  6. 6. Productivity & ProfessionalPractice Educational leaders apply technology to enhance their professional practice and to increase their own productivity and that of others.Performance Leaderships Scenarios Resources Indicators Tasks
  7. 7. Support, Management &Operations Educational leaders ensure the integration of technology to support productive systems for learning and administration.Performance Leaderships Scenarios Resources Indicators Tasks
  8. 8. Assessment and Evaluation Educational leaders use technology to plan and implement comprehensive systems of effective assessment and evaluation.Performance Leaderships Scenarios Resources Indicators Tasks
  9. 9. Social, Legal and EthicalIssues Educational leaders understand the social, legal, and ethical issues related to technology and model responsible decision-making related to these issues.Performance Leaderships Scenarios Resources Indicators Tasks
  10. 10. About TSSA Interactive A training module developed for use by Virginia’s Initiative for Technology and Administrative Leadership. http://www.virginiaedleaders.org/Virginias Initiative for Technology and Administrative Leadership is funded in part by a grant from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. VITAL also receives funding from the VirginiaDepartment of Education, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia and the College of William and Mary.