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What 'Milkshakes' and 'Jobs-To-Be-Done' can teach UX (UX New Zealand 2013)


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The marketers and product managers have caught up. Suddenly they’re interested in embedding customer needs into their products and services through the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) approach. Good news: JTBD aligns really well with UCD philosophy and can actually enhance our UX practice and effectiveness. Bad news: there’s a lot being written about it, but very little from a UX perspective. In this presentation we’ll try and fix this. We’ll explain how we’re applying it at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, share our our war stories and (hopefully) accelerate your learning.

This talk is for people who want to move their UX practice upstream to ensure that product and service decisions are guided by customer insight. In it we’ll show how JTBD’s rigorous qualitative and quantitative approach can embed customer empathy in product and service roadmaps. And, how framing UX practice through a JTBD lens can make marketing and product managers our strongest allies.

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What 'Milkshakes' and 'Jobs-To-Be-Done' can teach UX (UX New Zealand 2013)

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  10. 10. Timeline interview - The ReWired Group
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  13. 13. Value Proposition Canvas – Alex Osterwalder
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