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Paris Coworking Tour


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Carte et parcours de la visite des espaces de coworking parisiens organisée par Deskmag à l'occasion de la Conférence Européenne sur le Coworking

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Paris Coworking Tour

  1. 1. STUDIOS SINGULIERS 110, rue des Poissonniers MEDIA VILLAGE 8, rue Myrha MUTINERIE 29, rue de Meaux LE LAPTOP 6, rue Arthur Rozier CAFÉ CRAFT LAWOMATIC 24, rue des Vinaigriers 20, rue Jean et Marie MoinonLA POUSSINADE 10, rue Chauchat LA RUCHE LA CANTINE 84, quai de Jemmapes 151, rue Montmartre LE COMPTOIR GÉNÉRAL 80, quai de Jemmapes SOLEILLES COWORK 13, rue Vivienne DOJO RÉPUBLIQUE 24, rue Béranger PÉPINÈRE 27L E .T OU R . DU 27, rue du Chemin Vert DOJO VOLTAIRE 4, rue la VacquerieCOWORKINGDÉPART 13.30 DÉPART 13.30 ~ Mutinerie ~ ~ La Cantine ~ LE TANK 50, rue de MontreuilTOUR A TOUR DLawomatic SoleillesDojo République La PoussinadeLa Ruche Le LaptopComptoir Général Café CraftTOUR B TOUR ELe Laptop Studios SinguliersLawomatic Media VillageComptoir Général MutinerieLa Ruche TOUR FTOUR C SoleillesDojo Voltaire Le TankPépinière 27 MutinerieLe Tank LawomaticLa Cantine et/ou Soleilles WWW.DESKWANTED.COM
  2. 2. MUTINERIE LA CANTINE CAFÉ CRAFT29, RUE DE MEAUX 151, RUE MONTMARTRE 24, RUE DES VINAIGRIERSA 400m² coworking space located in the groovy La Cantine by Silicon Sentier is a network of collab- This Coworking space combines all the appeal19e district, between the canal Saint-Martin and the orative workspaces and functions as a local opera- of a cool café – great coffee, international mags,Parc des Buttes Chaumont. tor for IT communities. designer interior – with everything you need in aMutinerie has various goals and no limits. ‘Free Our space is shared by independent workers and temporary office space: desk, ethernet & electricalTogether’ is the motto that adorns the banners of small companies for coworking, workshops, bar- connections, Post-Its, pens, and a meeting area.Mutinerie and offers independent entrepreneurs a camps, meetings, and conferences. We increase There’s also a growing selection of tasty snacksstimulating work environment and effective ecosys- the ability of any formal or informal collectivity and fresh juices to keep you going.tem to enable them to remain independent without affiliated with new technologies to work, meet, Bring your laptop and spend the day.being isolated, so that we can benefit from the clout share and cooperate, from the very early stage ofof a company without having the burden or stress. the innovation process to its most corporate and elaborate phases. A B C E F C D E F DDOJO RÉPUBLIQUE DOJO VOLTAIRE LA POUSSINADE24, RUE BÉRANGER 4, RUE LA VACQUERIE 10, RUE CHAUCHATDojoCréa’s 1st of 4 coworking spaces allows flexibil- DojoCréa’s 2nd of 4 coworking spaces welcomes La Poussinade was formed by 5 entrepreneurs whoity, welcoming freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and small busi- decided to share space, ideas, and networking op-and small businesses in various industries. nesses in various work fields. portunities for successful business ventures!The multicolor cinephile style space, next to the A former Christian Dior foundry is now a 2 story The space is dedicated to early stage startups orPlace de la République, could hardly be more work space with amenities associated with incuba- entrepreneurs developing their business, and wel-central. You will find much more than a cheap of- tors. You will find entrepreneurs like you, who came comes “chicks” (poussins) and CEOs in an energeticfice, and benefit from the advice, equipment, and for the cheap office and stayed for Dojo’s philoso- and benevolent work atmosphere. Conviviality andnetwork every entrepreneur is looking for in a col- phy and collaborative work spirit. A lot of space and experience sharing bring entrepreneurs togetherlaborative workspace. light, the best conditions an entrepreneur needs to and allow them grow their companies. blossom. A C DLE LAPTOP LA RUCHE LAWOMATIC6, RUE ARTHUR ROZIER 84, QUAI DE JEMMAPES 20, RUE JEAN ET MARIE MOINONWe warmly welcome all passionate specialists of La Ruche is a coworking space for social entrepre- Is a coworking space in a converted former indus-ideas, images, texts, sounds, interactive objects neurs. Find other people with the same values and trial laundry with a very diverse community.(the list is endless…) who feel a need to leave home work with them. Coworkers have various occupations such as archi-and work in a setting that is calm, stimulating and We offer full infrastructure for development and ani- tecture, IT, strategy consulting, web development,different, on either an occasional or an ongoing ba- mate the community to help them grow. We work to marketing and design, fashion design, 3D design,sis. Laptop is not an ‘office’, but a dynamic working source projects that will have strong impact, build journalism, media... They work as freelancers or areenvironment that will encourage your own profes- an experience that helps entrepreneurs, and have a tiny companies (max. 3 employees). We also con-sional fulfillment. Join a creative and participative community that is focused and powerful. It is a com- tribute to upgrading the Paris coworking communitycommunity where we discuss our work, share our munity of more than 40 different organizations, with with other Parisian coworking spaces.experiences and create synergies. teams from 1 to 15 people. B D A B A B FLE COMPTOIR GÉNÉRAL LE TANK MEDIA VILLAGE80, QUAI DE JEMMAPES 50, RUE DE MONTREUIL 8, RUE MYRHAAn exhibition venue, a bar, a movie theater, a Le tank is a coworking space for innovative people Be charmed by an atypical work space in a living,restaurant, a studio, or a cooperative commercial that aims to change digital communication. animated, and dynamic neighborhood with newcenter – a completely flexible space. We currently offer 11 desks, and plan to extend to businesses.Both a social business that transfers all profits into 30 by the end of 2012.We want to create the best To inspire companies, we offer well equipped andfunding for social artistic projects, and cultural community of innovative professionals in Paris, unique work spaces. Eiffel Ateliers architecturecenter open to all. While not a coworking space, mixing freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs and combines a sizeable area with a professional andwhen planning the basic elements of a collabora- creative minds. Le tank is operated by spintank, an friendly environment to develop, offering gymtive multi-purpose environment there is a lot to be innovative digital communications agency. sessions for the healthier ones, monthly sharedlearned from a venue which is easily manipulated to lunches, & opportunities to establish the needs of the day. Invite your clients to a meeting, or even a gourmet moment! A B C F EPÉPINÈRE 27 SOLEILLES COWORK STUDIOS SINGULIERS27, RUE DU CHEMIN VERT 13, RUE VIVIENNE 110, RUE DES POISSONNIERSThe collaborative workspace is a business incuba- Soleilles is a multi-sector coworking space in the Created by 3 designers, Studios Singuliers istor created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. heart of Paris, created by 5 female entrepreneurs located in the heart of the business service centrePépinière 27 is located in the heart of Paris, and is with international experience. ‘Paris Région Innovation Nord Express’.one of France’s biggest business incubators. It is a luminous 232m² open space at the back of a The studio provides 150m² of fully equipped officeIts theme is to be “sustainable growth’s engine”, but pretty cobble-stoned courtyard, and the first multi- space with desks and a kitchen at the garden level.this theme is not exclusive. It welcomes all sorts of sector coworking space in the heart of Paris. You The coworking facilities include 11 meeting rooms, aprojects to its 3 800 m², 2000 of which is rentable can also expect a collaborative community, events, 60-seat auditorium, a carpark, a public roof terraceand divided in two spaces facing each other. regular members, presentations, networking oppor- that provides a panoramic view and even showers. tunities and a highly connected managing team. Resident or nomad, freelancer or telecommuter you are welcome. C D F E