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Directemail securex howabusinessgamecanboost_frederik_g


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Directemail securex howabusinessgamecanboost_frederik_g

  1. 1. Direct (e) Mail
  2. 2. Frederik GosseleMarketing & Communication Specialist at Securex My favourite song: Diana Krall
  3. 3. How a Business Game can boostyour awareness and brand image ? 25/10/2012
  4. 4. Securex en Europe• 1.600 employés/spécialistes en Belgique, France et au Luxembourg• 28 points de contact clients dont • 25 en Belgique • 2 en France • 1 au Luxembourg• Nos clients • Plus de 150.000 particuliers et entreprises • Plus de 110.000 indépendants • Plus de 6.500 courtiers, comptables et experts- comptables
  5. 5. Securex Mailings and campaigns
  6. 6. Source: Elias Veris
  7. 7. Everybody plays Source: Elias Veris
  8. 8. Average age: 34 26% over 50Women: 40% 46% of gamers play with other gamers in person Source:
  9. 9. Gamificati onThe process of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage users
  10. 10. Objectives • Boost our awareness • Innovative image • 500 players • Explain what Human Resources really means • Involve our customers and interact12 with them
  11. 11. Multiple long- and short-term aims Reward every effort Rapid & frequent feedback A tiny bit of uncertainty Source: Elias Veris
  12. 12. 14
  13. 13. HR Business Game 1.015
  14. 14. Taking a closer look @the game16
  15. 15. Taking a closer look @the game17
  16. 16. Taking a closer look @the game18
  17. 17. 19
  18. 18. Purpose of the game•During 3 weeks, gather all people interested in HR in an online game•Making it a contest between 5 different categories•Confront them with real situations in a virtual company•Let them discuss the answers in the forum•Connect them through social media20
  19. 19. HR Business Game 1.0• The game started on 8th of November until 29th November• Every working day• 3 -4 challenges• Each problem/question is visualised by a graphic• With multiple choice answers• Great and quick response!• Points could also be delayed, this means a decision you make today can produce a result in 1 year or during several months• Discussion forum to discuss about the questions and answers• A prize per category21
  20. 20. Points and a leaderboard
  21. 21. Business game on Facebook for fans23
  22. 22. 24 FACEBO OK
  23. 23. Closing the game• The game stopped on the 29th November at midnight.• We invited all players to our closing event in Securex Brussels (8th of December).• We announced the winners of the different categories on the event and handed them over the prize. 5 categories = 5 prizes25
  24. 24. Closing event26
  25. 25. Players500450400350300250 Start200150 End100 50 0 Large HR Non HR Students Securex companies Professionals Professionals27
  26. 26. Average points TOP 5 55000 60000 65000 70000 75000 Large Companies HR ProfessionalsNon-HR Professionals Students Securex28
  27. 27. IT has decided that Facebook will be prohibited for all personnel. What’s your opinion?1. You think it’s a wise decision. Use Facebook at home!!2. You think it is a bad decision. Facebook must be OPEN3. You dont care, you yourself are using a Smartphone anyway.4. Counter-proposal : Facebook is open from 12-13 hours. 29
  28. 28. You have your final candidate. You begin calling a few references and searchon the Internet. You discover your top candidate:1. was accused but not convicted of murder.2. was kicked out of school for cheating.3. Only got jobs because of his family.4. Has been seen partying often on his Facebook page. 30The question is: Do you hire him?
  29. 29. Great games provoke cheating hmmm… Source: Elias Veris
  30. 30. Didn’t you ever try to beat the system? Source: Elias Veris
  31. 31. Why is the HR Business Game a real success story ?• A new, alternative, non existing way to promote HR activities, stimulate open discussion about HR topics and of course, have some challenge• More than 75% of the players went until the end of the game• We created a real addiction to the game• Interesting discussions in the forum with the players• Employer Branding towards (HR) professionals, students and young graduates• Created contacts and reasons to contact for our Sales Dpt. Within the categories “HR Departments of Large Companies” and “HR Professionals”• Press Coverage• Top of mind during more than 3 weeks• We learned a lot about the perception of the players• Real involvement of the players• Satisfaction rate above 95%• Second place “Pioneer in HR Communication Award”
  32. 32. Impact on Awareness34
  33. 33. TRENDS 2 februari 201235
  34. 34. HR Business Game 2.036
  35. 35. 0494/39.44.14 37