Flextracker hackers and founders


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Flextracker hackers and founders

  1. 1. Flextracker SolutionRemoteSupporttoPatientsDataMarketPlaceProcessMedicalDatamai-13  Platform to Preventive MedicineLaercioSimoesCEO &Founder
  2. 2. Laercio Simoes Serial Entrepreneur Multi-award winning Microsoft, IBM, NASA, Autodesk, Brazil, Chile PhD Candidate University of Sao Paulo Singularity University GSP 11http://www.hpcbrasil.com
  3. 3. Singularity Singularity is a future period which technologychange will be so rapid and it’s impact soprofound in every aspect of Human life will beirreversible transformed It’s a time when we will be a hibrid between ahuman and a machine.
  4. 4. Singularity Ray Kurzweil set the date for the Singularity –representing a profund and disruptivetransformation in Human Capability – as 2045 The nonbiological intelligence created in thatyear will be one billion times more powerfulthan all human intelligence today
  5. 5. Exponential Growth Technical Innovation is doubling every decade The power of information technology isdoubling every year We will have the requisite hardware to emulatehuman intelligence with SuperComputer in2020 and with PC in 2030 We will have software to model humanintelligence in 2025 About 2030 computers can pass the TuringTest
  6. 6. Bridge to 3D Molecular Computing Nanotube Molecular Computing Self Assembly in Nano Tube Circuits Biological Systems emulating Circuit Assembly Computing with DNA Computing with Light Quantum Computing
  7. 7. Human Memory Capacity World class Chess master 100,000 board positions Shakespeare used 29,000 words but close to100,000 meanings of these words Humans can master about 100,000 conceptsin a domain
  8. 8. Human Memory Capacity 107 estimate chunks of memory in humanBrain 106 Bits per chunck Total capacity 1013 (10 trillion) bits for ahuman’s functional memory According ITRS road map In 2018 this memory will cost about 1 thousanddollars
  9. 9. Future Medicine Internet Sensors Genomic Electronic Medical Records Human Software
  10. 10. Medicine Today Failed Procedures Expensive Us$ 3.2 Trillion only USA Regulatory System Lack Innovation
  11. 11.  Movie 02:04
  12. 12. What We Can do Now? Stem Cells 3D Printing Nanorobots Age Reverting Blood Changing Brain Backup
  13. 13. Stem Cells
  14. 14. 3D Printing
  15. 15. Nanorobots
  16. 16. Age Reverting
  17. 17.  Movie 19:19
  18. 18. Implicationes Will live 200 years? Can we live more? Can we live forever? Retirement Family Religion Couples Childrens Overpopulation Food, Natural Resources Money