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Sodimac & exito proyecto final corregido


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comparacion de sodamic y exito

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Sodimac & exito proyecto final corregido

  2. 2. Sodimac Corona originate in colombia with a shop of 1900 meters in bogota located in the avenue the americas it has precencia in bogota, cali, barranquilla, bucaramanga, pereira, ibague, cartagena, cucuta, hunt, villa vicencio, neiva, manizales this between 40 principal companies of colombia is an international company is a great chain dedicated to the improvement of the home Extracted of
  3. 3. Vission and vision the mission of the company " to be the principal company of projects for the house and the construction Latin America ". Vision of the company " to develop lainnovación and sustainability in the company, offering the best products,
  4. 4. Partner of corona with 51 % and falabella with 49 % .It has plants in conditions joined and offices in small stone being big mas crown one of the economic groups in colombia In 2003 they fuse homestore property of falabella with sodamic. Extracted of
  5. 5. 116 More shops 27 thousand workers Ventas: USD 4.238 million SODIMAC is the brand Not. 14 of major valuation in Latin America Extracted of:
  6. 6. Economic information of sodimac Extracted of:
  7. 7. These are the goals proposed by the company sodimac planned until the year 2016 rounding 4.000.000 overcoming last years 2011 with 12.7 %
  8. 8. Market of sodimac Extracted of
  9. 9. We can see in the countries where it has branches sodimac in america in the year 2010 showing us 110 shops, 3.909 million sales with 6.500 suppliers and 21.709 workers being a chili the country where there are mas branches
  10. 10. Investment of $ 1,3 trillions(2012/2016) Extracted of:
  11. 11. EXITO In 1949 Stores exito S.A. had his first place located in Medellin in a place of 4 square meters and with the capital of fifteen thousand weight. They were offering, remnants, balances and ridge-tiles, with the motto: " To buy well, to sell well and to pay well ". Little by little it was growing are ta that in the decade of 60 already were occupying an entire apple. Extracted of:
  12. 12. Vission and vision The MISSION Is the satisfaction of the needs, tastes and preferences of the clients, with the selection of products, quality and price. The VISION the vision of success is for the year 2015 to captivate on the competition, consolidated like unaempresa internationally
  13. 13. They possess more than 700 commercial partners and it has presence in 54 municipalities in big, medium and small cities, with his malls. Extracted of:
  14. 14. Branches Sure éxito Trips éxito International drafts Mobile éxito Extracted of:
  15. 15. Acontinuacion show the financial results divided in two periods of 2 semesters of the year 2014 and 2015 in colombia and uruguay showing the operational income, brute unit, operational usefulness appellant, clear usefulness and ebitda appellant trimestrales/2T15/Notas_Exito_Consolidado_Junio_2015_In pdf
  16. 16. Extracted of rs-trimestrales/ Extracted of
  17. 17. Economic actionsName of the Shareholder Ordinary actions % Part. Geant International B.V. 185,315,711 41.40% Geant Fonciere B.V. 47,725,428 10.66% Fondo de Pensiones Obligatorias Porvenir Moderado 36,091,777 8.06% Fondo de Pensiones Obligatorias Protección 24,528,833 5.480% Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund 15,445,685 3.45% EXITO 13,415,299 3.00% Bergsaar B.V. 12,130,244 2.71% Fondo de Pensiones Obligatorias Colfondos Moderado 10,204,475 2.28% Alianza Fiduciaria S.A. Fideicomiso ADM Sonnenblume 7,558,552 1.69% Colombiana de Comercio S.A. 7,076,200 1.58% Inversiones Pinamar S.A. 5,126,735 1.15% Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund 4,171,693 0.93% Fondo Bursatil Ishares COLCAP 3,562,272 0.80% Fondo de Pensiones Obligatorias Skandia S.A. 3,483,760 0.78% Abu Dhabi Investment Authority 1,853,179 0.41% Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund 1,776,699 0.40% SF BARCLAYS Global Investors Services NA 1,547,570 0.35% ISHARES MSCI Emerging Markets Index Fund 1,507,463 0.34% Platinu7m International Brands Fund 1,222,959 0.27% Cubides Olarte Henry 1,114,626 0.25% Extracted of
  18. 18. Extracted of
  19. 19. sales Extracted of http://w ww.bvc.
  20. 20. exito,the 1 occupies luga in retail trade of South America invertio US$ 1.826 millions in Bread of Sugar (Brazil) and Liberate (Argentina). Extracted of ://www.