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Teaching Speaking " Responding Hesitation "

How to Respond hesitation for students 9 grade junior high school studetns. Teaching Speaking

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Teaching Speaking " Responding Hesitation "

  1. 1. Responding To Hesitation Miss Laelatul Nurliah
  2. 2. Responding to Hesitation • I’m a hundred precent ... • You can be sure about... • I’ve no doubt about ... Informal • ...absolutely positive/certain...
  3. 3. Responding to Hesitation • Informal  ...(surely) that’s obvious, (isn’t it ?), (say with a smile, and only to friends, it can sound rude)  It’s quite certain...  I’m (quite) convinced/that... • Formal (to older people or stranger)  I don’t think there can be any doubt about that  I don’t think there can be any doubt...  I’m fairly sure...  There cannot be any doubt...
  4. 4. Examples A: There’s some doubt in my mind that Britney Spears can really sing well without lip-sync B: I don’t think there can be any doubt about that. She can really sings beautifully without lip-sync • A : what do you think of the dancer, son ? • B : I’m not all conviced that they had good preparation before, dad
  5. 5. Thank You  