Decorate a small nursery with the right baby


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Decorate a small nursery with the right baby

  1. 1. Decorate a small nursery with the right Baby Nursery Furniture
  2. 2. Decorating the perfect haven to welcome your newborn into the world is meant to be ajoyful and fun experience. Don’t let the lack of space cramp your style. Here are a few tips tomake the most of your small space.Quick tips for decorating a small baby’s room:• Invest in two-in-one baby nursery furniture or compact furniture as large furniture can be overwhelming in a small room. Trying using:• Cots /Cotbed with storage drawer• A dresser that doubles as a changing table• Benches that offer seating and storage• A cotbed with dresser and bookcase• Paint the walls in your nursery in light colours, to make a room appear larger.• Keep clutter at bay.• Hang mirrors in the room this will add light and space to an otherwise cramped space.• Consider putting up shelves in the nursery where possible.• Purchasing Mini Cot/Cotbed• Avoid the use of patterned flooring as it only draws attention to the lack of available floor space.
  3. 3. Optical Illusions - Visually enhance the size of a room• Chose light colours on the wall to make the nursery appear larger (darker colours make a space look closed in).• Bare walls: Busy displays of pictures and heavily patterned wall paper will dominate a small nursery. Simplicity is best try using a neutral colour on the wall and a couple of well chosen pictures.
  4. 4. Keep Clutter at Bay - Storage, Storage, Storage• The key is to reduce clutter by neatly storing toys away or storing them out of sight in the closets.• The regular reshuffle of clothes and toys will help. Don’t forget to get rid of anything that is unnecessary.
  5. 5. Invest in the right Cot/Cotbed• Before purchasing any nursery furniture it is advisable to mark out the dimensions on the floor with masking tape to get sense of how furniture will fit in the room.• Convertible Cot with Storage – This kind of cot are true space savers. They double up as a cot bed, storage unit, changing station and bookcase.• Portable Cot - These are foldable cots, lightweight, portable, some double up as playpen and are excellent for trips away.• Mini Cot – This can be the perfect fit for smaller spaces, the mini cot offers all the same comforts of a standard-size cot on a smaller scale. An example is STOKKE® SLEEPI™ Mini It is only 67.2cm wide, making it very easy to move from room to room.• Standard Full Size Crib - Many standard-size cribs will still fit small room but it is important to have a streamlined style so the eyes travel easily across the room’s surfaces.
  6. 6. Compact Nursery Furniture• Cot Top Changer – Cot top changer is easy to use. It fits safely to the top of babys cot or cotbed and can be used with a changing mat.• Changer/Dresser – This has two essential pieces baby of room furniture in one space- saving design. It has plenty of space for all of your babys essentials, plus a convenient spot for diaper changes. Best of all, when your diapering days are over, the changer can be easily removed from the dresser.
  7. 7. Bookcases and Shelves• Bookcases – Bookcases comes in array of different sizes and design. They provide all sorts of storage solutions, from the obvious (books) to the not so obvious (toys organized in baskets).• Remember that taller units take up less floor space than those that are wider.• Wall Shelves – Be creative with nursery decorating while having fun with unused wall space. You can use a few shelves for displaying photos and keepsakes. Or, pair multiple shelves together to create a library of treasured books. The possibilities are endless...• Corner Shelving - Take advantage of this unused space by filling it with a corner shelf. These can be used for everything from keepsakes to essentials like pacifiers and teething toys.• Closet Shelving or Dresser – Make the best use of your closet space by the addition of organisational components and shelving. If there is room, why not consider adding a dresser inside.
  8. 8. RecommendedBaby Nursery Furniture for Small Nursery:• Wooden Cot Top Changer in Antique Pine• Galipette Generation Convertible Cot in Beech Hauck Starlight Bassinette Travel Cot - Pooh Doodle Brown• Dresser in Cream