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Get Some Sense: The 5 Senses of a Christian


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Published in: Spiritual
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Get Some Sense: The 5 Senses of a Christian

  1. 1. GET SOME SENSE: The 5 Senses of a Christian
  2. 2. Overseer Erica S. JacksonChasingHisGloryMinistriesThe sense of TOUCH.
  3. 3. Pastor Gary RobertsPastorGMinistriesThe sense of SMELL
  4. 4. Minister S. Omar GriffinS.OmarGriffinMinistriesThe sense of HEARING
  5. 5. Pastor Valorie D. HornTaylor’sMemorialCOGICThe sense of TASTE
  6. 6. Pastor Corey F. JacksonC.F.JacksonMinistriesThe sense of SIGHT.
  7. 7. Join UsFriday, June7, 20137:30 P.M.G.L.O.W.W. and It’sYour Time MinistriesPresentsA Night of InformativeEducation through theWordYou DO NOT Want ToMiss“GET SOMESENSE”Taste It. Touch It. Smell It.See It. Hear It.
  8. 8. WHEN? WHERE? WHAT TIME?Friday, June 7, 2013Oak Hill Baptist Church4440 Malcolm X Blvd.Dallas, TX (The Southern Sector of Dallas)7:30 P.M. SharpSEE YOU THERE!!!!!