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  1. 1. The Olympic Games
  2. 2. INDEX:The Olympic Games.Summer and Winter Olympics.Olympic year.Olympic cities.IOC.Gold, Silver and Bronzemedals.
  3. 3. INDEX:Olympic sports.Origins of The Olympic Games.Ancient Olympic Games.Modern Olympic Games: BaronPierre de Coubertin.Motto of The Olympic Games.Highlights.Mascots.
  4. 4. What is it?The Olympic Games orOlympics are multidisciplinarysporting events involvingathletes from around the world
  5. 5. How many kinds of OlympicGames are there?There are two types ofOlympics: Summer Olympicsand Winter Olympics.
  6. 6. When is an Olympic year?It’s an Olympic year every fouryears.This year is anOlympic year.
  7. 7. Where are The Olympic Games2012?The Olympic Games 2012 arein London (United Kingdom).
  8. 8. Do you know others olympiccities?Yes. Pekin, Atenas Athens(twice), Sidney, Atlanta, BARCELONA, Seul, Los Angeles(twice),… atiin summer.And Vancouver, Turin,Salt Lake City,…at in winter.
  9. 9. Who choosesthe olympic cities?Many cities wishto have The Olympic Games.But, it’s chosen only one city ischosenThe International OlympicCommittee (IOC) choses it.
  10. 10. What kind of prizes do thewinning athletes have?There are only three medals:GOLD (1st),SILVER (2nd),BRONZE (3rd).
  11. 11. Which are olympic sports?There aremany olympicsports.Cycling, swimming,athletics,…
  12. 12. Which are the origins of theOlympic Games?In the AncientGreece, athletes of thedifferent Greekcities playedas an honor ofZeus.
  13. 13. Do you know any words aboutthe Ancient Olympic Games?Yes, I know the word “stadion”.It was a straight line for 200steps.
  14. 14. When were the first AncientOlympic Games? And where?The first Ancient Olympic Gameswere in 776 BC at Olympia(Greece).For this reason, the Games arecalled Olympics.
  15. 15. When were the last AncientOlympic Games? And why?The Roman emperorTheodosius I declared theOlympic Games as a pagan cultand he decided they had to beeliminated about 400 AC.
  16. 16. Which were the first Olympicsports?The Ancient Games have thesecompetitions: pentathlon(jumping, discus and javelinthrows, a foot race andwrestling), boxing, wrestling, pankration, and equestrian events.
  17. 17. When were the first ModernOlympic Games? And where?The first Modern Olympic Gameswere in 1896 at Athens(Greece).
  18. 18. Who promoted the ModernOlympic Games?It was Baron Pierre de Coubertinwho promoted the ModernOlympic Games.
  19. 19. Which is the motto of theOlympic movement?The motto of the Olympicmovement is“Citius, Altius, Fortius”. It wascoined by the Rev. HenryDidon, a friend of Baron Pierrede Coubertin."Faster, Higher, Stronger".
  20. 20. And Takeichi Nishi?1932 Los AngelesTakeichi Nishi was thegold medalist with hishorse Uranus in the equestrianshow jumping individual event.Nishi would later die in 1945 inthe defense of the island of IwoJima.
  21. 21. And Jesse Owens?1936 BerlinJesse Owens wonfour gold medals in the sprintand long jump events.
  22. 22. And Bob Beamon?1968 MexicoBob Beamon of theU.S. leapt 8.90 min the long jump.It remains the Olympic recordand stood as the world recordfor 23 years, until 1991.
  23. 23. And Mark Spitz?1972 MunichMark Spitz, a swimmer from theUnited States, set a world recordwhen he won seven gold medalsin a single Olympics.
  24. 24. And Nadia Comaneci?1976 MontrealAt age 14, gymnast NadiaComăneci of Romania scoredseven perfect 10.0 and wonthree gold medals.
  25. 25. And Miguel Indurain?1996 AtlantaMiguel Indurain won the goldmedal in mens individual roadtime trial.
  26. 26. And Gervasio Deferr?2000 SidneySpanish gymnastic GervasioDeferr won the gold medalmens long horse vault.
  27. 27. And Michael Phelps?2004 AthensAmerican swimmer MichaelPhelps wins 8 medals (6 goldand 2 bronze), becoming thefirst athlete to win 8 medals innon boycotted Olympics.
  28. 28. And Rafael Nadal?2008 BeijingSpanish tennis player RafaelNadal won the gold medal in themen’s singles.
  29. 29. Do you knowany mascots?I know Cobi.