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  1. 1. Lions in general In general lions are the biggest wild cat inAfrica. They are carnivores and so they eat meat Ichose to do my subject on lions because Ifound them cool. The most a lion family can have is 2 adults and4 baby’s .
  2. 2. Male lions Male lions can weight up to 150 - 250 KG They eatbuffalo, zebra, wildebeest, waterbuck birds, young rhinos, hippos, deer and elephant. Here is a photo of aRole model lion.
  3. 3. The female lion Female lions weigh 150kg - 250 kg They eat zebras deer buffalo rhino hippo andmore. Here is a photo of a female lion and a photo ofa cub
  4. 4. Lion cubs Lion Clubs like to play as hard as anyyoungsters. Their playground is the back ofa lioness, perhaps their mother. They eat the same as mothers and fathersdo. Lion cubs like toPlay tag and loveTo play rough.
  5. 5. Lions prey Species killed by lions would be everymammal in its path. they also eat buffalo, zebra ,wildebeest andmore. They mostly eat buffalo and zebras. The reason they go for such big animals isbecause they are big cats and they love eatingmeat.
  6. 6. Lions habitat For a suitable habitat for lions consists ofsemi-arid plains and savannah grasslands. This habitat is exhibited almost extensivelythroughout sub-Saharan Africa with theexception of the Congo region. The savannah grasslands are spotted withAcacia trees which provide shade and restinglocations for lions.
  7. 7. Leopards prey Leopards are the most successfulhunters of the cat family. Theirprey includeImpala, Bushbuck, Warthog andalso the young ofWildebeest, Kudu and Waterbuck.Rodents, groundbirds, monkeys, baboons, frogsand fish, also make part of itsdiet.
  8. 8. Leopards habitat• Leopards are more commonly foundalong reverie forests and bushes.Although less common, they alsocan be found along open plains andsavannah, mainly in hills and rockyoutcrops.
  9. 9. Male leopards Male leopards weigh 66-155 lb Leopards are carnivores so they eat a variety ofFoods like for example they eatMonkeys, baboons and many mammals.
  10. 10. Female leopards Female leopards weigh 66-155 lb They eat the same as any leopards would likemonkeys deer antelopes and many mammals Here is a photo of a female leopard and a cub.
  11. 11. Leopard cubs Leopard cubs eatbaboons, monkeys, deer, antelope ,andother mammals. Cubs weigh up to 66-155 lb Leopards love to play rough and they like torun in the sun.