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  1. 1. bem e o tee PUPIL ACTIVITY SHEETS © National Schools Partnership 2010
  2. 2. A day HANDOUT 1A in the Hazel is 14, smart, funny and fed up. Hazels tormentor, the gorgeous, all-achieving Lauren Stevenson, class bully, is about to life of fall apart under the pressure to stay pencil-thin. When the conflict between the two girls comes to a head, the outcome takes ME! everyone by surprise, especially Hazel. Excerpt from ‘Hazel, Not a Nut’ by Gill Lobel. CHAPTER ONE Hazel Anne Mooney. H.A.M. Ham – Fat ham Mooney – Bum The pig. You’d think parents would give some thought when they name their children, wouldn’t you? I mean, they have this baby, this precious baby. They’ve waited nine whole long months for it. It’s supposed to be the most wonderful thing in the world, so they give it a name that tells all the world how much they love it. If I ever have a baby of my own, which seems very unlikely at the moment, I would give it a beautiful name like Alyssa, or Jasmine, or Jessica. And I’d spend a bit of time checking out initials as well. So why did my parents, whose surname is Mooney, christen their first child Hazel Anne I hear you ask? Perhaps they knew their only daughter was going to be the fattest girl in Alderman Newbold High School. Lauren. Now, there’s a name! It sounds like sunlight sparkling on cool water. You’d just have to grow up beautiful with a name like that. Lauren Stevenson is beautiful all right. Long, slim, brown legs, naturally blonde hair that looks as if she’s just walked out of the hairdressers, not a single spot on her peaches and cream complexion. And her clothes, well, it’s labels all the way; you name it, she’s got it. Even her school shoes are Italian designer. She’s also in the top set for everything, and won the Marvin Grey award for most promising young dancer in the Midlands. Oh yes and she’s a cow. If there was a Bovine of the Year Award, for the Most Promising Cow in the Midlands, Lauren would win that too. ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  3. 3. A day HANDOUT 1B in the What was life like for you when you were younger? What’s changed since then? life of Have a think, then write a timeline of your life, detailing all the physical, emotional, mental, and social changes you have experienced between the ages of 5 and 13. ME! Ages 5-7 Ages 7-11 Ages 11-13 ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  4. 4. a Design HANDOUT 2 y Celebrit Shoe! ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  5. 5. HANDOUT 3 Is your body telling you something?! Lady Glamma’s Diary, 18th Febru 009 ary 2 I mean, come on It has come to m ,d obviously don’t th y a ention that some people grooming habits on’t th know that good ink clean is a go reduce the bacter th thinking? F od look . What a our bodies? Yeah ia that live on , ok the personal hyg irst up, taking ca re busine in re and even benefici ay,some bacteria are harmle a iene d can harm a pers l, but a build-up bacteria om catching and epartment helps prevent you ons health! spreading disease you feel good abo s. ut yourself and yo Two, it helps You’re thinking Who wouldn’t w ur body. ant that? I sound like a geek , right? I’m ma ive on cl Well, all eanline . ere you’re rolling ou is absolutely no w t with me if you ay right then, Sweat may well ’re n esh to d be on be part being eath. is part being ci human, but soap Nathan and vilised! Shell ’s side. Unlike Nathen a nd Shell ,I beli ys includes washin g your body, hair eve good hygiene e gra is defo gree ner ese giundly! e regularly, brushin and hands on the cleaner si de, people. Laters aren’t Ew! Lady Glamma xx g and flo ing yo ! ur teeth. x 1st Febru ar y 2009 m a’s Diar y, 2 Lady Glam er la ugh or be si ck when, urge to eith ng with me wa Last nig ht I felt the LLEY tried to ha me ! sh me names, SHE more to being fly or, to wash ! men tioning no re is ng that the having the wit hout realisi and st ylish, than resentable sp ell it out, p trainers, ye ah? latest cl hes and ell, we wer en’t u believe sh e r iends. W went… da y. Would yo ? e no longe ere’s how it mine the n e tracksuit R esult is we’r wha t I mean! H wear ing the sam t you know aring a t ally turned up anyways, bu orm day we to change -unif my so you need hool on non fit in with dir ty, Sh e came to sc suit and I knew she’d er round to Cl hes get ain’t hard! crisp Ad idas track ctly. So I invited h them en . It crew per fe lked ond she wa do. Hone stly, the sec didn’t know what to y door, I eone through m n’t just go telling som ca I mean, you ’s insulting. – it th stink ger! What a min ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes. PAGE 1
  6. 6. HANDOUT 3 Is your body telling you something?! It’s like she hasn and nobody ever ’t realised she’s reached puberty our sweat gland told her that, at our age, body odour (BO) s go crazy and we get smelly a ention to our if we don’t wash and pay So, basically, her personal grooming regime. something and if body is tr ying to tell her we just can’t be she doesn’t sort it out, iends. End . Anyways g to w go and have a SH rap this up, coz I’ve g to OWER! Lady Glamma xx x USE ME! , 27th Feb ruar y 2009 ma’s Diar y Lady Glam why me an d real reason Shell the and she said Today I told been swerving her… ’t ve mm… can my girls ha eak to me again. Um k it’s a sp thin she’d never ed about that, but I r the basics h er taught he say I’m b no one has ’s n my job, is it? that real shame giene. I mean, it personal hy ! y, stay esh ntil m y n entr Anyways, u ma x xx Lady Glam ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes. PAGE 2
  7. 7. HANDOUT 4A Problem-page professionals! Dear Aunt Meg, Dear Uncle Des I’ve really liked this boy in my school for a long I’m worried! Im 13 and having lots of sexual time and every time I see him I just want to go and thoughts and feelings. Is this normal? tell him but I haven’t got the guts. Jack, Liverpool What should I do? Jane, London Aunt Meg says... Uncle Des says... You dont need to rush in and tell him Don’t worry, Jack, it’s completely you like him, Jane. Just be casual and normal to have sexual thoughts and talk to him. All you need to do to start feelings – especially during puberty off with is just smile and say hello. when your body is changing. It can be Then, in time, you can get to know confusing and strange at first, but your him and, fingers crossed, it’ll turn feelings should calm down once your into something great! body adjusts to the changes. Dear Aunt Meg, I’m 13 and there’s a white kind of fluid coming from down below that sometimes sticks to my underwear. Is there something wrong with me? Sarah, Dorset Aunt Meg says... Hi Sarah, you don’t need to worry! The fluid is known as discharge and it’s perfectly normal. All girls experience it – it’s just another part of puberty. If it’s making you feel a bit icky in the knickers department, I suggest you buy some panty liners to protect your underwear and help you stay feeling fresh all day. ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  8. 8. HANDOUT 4B Your address (can be fictional): A letter to the Problem-page professionals! Date: Dear Opening sentence-(could be subject of problem) Main body of the letter Sign off Signature (first name) ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  9. 9. HANDOUT 6A Looking Get together in groups of three and imagine you’re the expert team on a TV makeover show for teenagers. good, One of you will be the fashion specialist, one will be the expert on personal hygiene and one will be the feeling life coach and it’s your job to travel up and down the country giving your advice on fashion, freshness and feeling good. Here’s your makeover candidate fab for this week’s episode… 24 : FAB :E PISODE G D, FEELIN G GOO LOOKIN RU DE: T GE EK Y GERT HOO L AND HAS NO IGH SC MEET YEA R OF H ’S SHY. ERY LO W ER S ECOND CAUSE SHE D; SHE HAS V OUT ’S IN H RIENDS BE IORAT E IOUS A B • SHE A NY F S DETER SELF-CONSC MADE M NFIDENCE HA ’S VERY O SHE HE C • HER STEEM AND PE. R ON T EA DING O LK SELF-E KS AND SHA TIME R TA R LO O TO F HER DIFFICULT TO HE OS NDS M NDS IT . • S HE SPE R, AS SHE FI D ACNE LY TE ND HAS BA ICULAR COMPU LE. GHT A S, PART AKES. P ERWEI OVERE AT ND C TO PEO RIOUSLY OV ACTIVITY. R, SHE RIED CHIPS A E SE AL TTE HE SAM • SHE IS S NO PHYSIC ELF FEEL BE SWEETS, F W EARS T DOE ERS ES, . E AND • SHE Y TO MAKE H E CHOCOLAT E OF SPACE ONAL HYGIEN R IK ST S UR. • TO T RT FOODS L LY AND A WA NCE AND PER Y ODO COMF O U G A BA D BOD SHE IS APPEAR E HAS FEELS N UP ON HER HAT SH EAM! • SHE S GIVE HOOL T AGIC, T HA AY. • SHE ES EVERY D ADING AROUN D SC YOUR M CLOTH S ARE SPRE HELP. WORK UR D S YOUR LY NEE O • RUM SPER ATE UDE DE GERTR ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  10. 10. HANDOUT6B Looking Fashion specialist: good, As the fashion specialist, you’ll work with Gertrude to educate her about general fashion and feeling accessories. You’ll evaluate her physical attributes, fab lifestyle, and fashion style in order to make recommendations on which clothes will help Gertrude achieve and maintain her desired image. You’ll also take Gertrude on a personal shopping trip with a view to doing a ‘before and after’ photo shoot. Makeover expert If finance is an issue, why not help Gertrude to roles explained! achieve her ‘dream’ look, and guide her to make her ideal fashion choices that make her feel good about herself. Life coach: You’ll be responsible for leading Gertrude on all aspects of her personal development. You’ll support Gertrude by Personal hygiene specialist: You’ll teach Gertrude the basics and helping her to set personal importance of personal hygiene goals, giving her advice on and skincare. eating healthily, monitoring her daily activities and giving You’ll discuss Gertrude’s own her feedback on her progress. personal hygiene with her and the need for women to be clean externally and internally. You’ll set personal hygiene goals for Gertrude and monitor her progress ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  11. 11. HANDOUT 7 Get body confident! 1. Not including school PE, on how many 7. On a typical WEEK DAY, how many days in the last week were you physically hours do you usually watch TV or play active for at least an hour in total? video games? 3 More than 3 days 3 Not at all 2 1 to 2 days 2 1 - 3 hours 1 Not at all 1 4 - 6 hours or more 2. During a typical week, on how many 8. How many hours per day do you usually days are you physically active for at least watch TV or play video games on a typical an hour in total? Do not include PE. WEEKEND? 3 3 to 5 days 3 0 - 3 hours 2 1 to 2 days 2 4 – 7 hours 1 Not at all 1 More than 8 hours 3. Do you take PE at school? 9. In the past 30 days, did you go to a park, 3 Yes playground or open space? 2 No 3 More than 6 times 1 Occasionally 2 1 – 5 times 1 Not at all 4. Have you been a member of any school sports teams in the past year? 10. The last time you went to a park, 3 Yes playground or open space, were you 1 Occasionally physically active while you were there? 2 No 3 Yes 2 No 5. Outside school hours, do you regularly 1 Not sure take part in exercise that lasts more than 60 minutes 11. Do you take part in any sports or 3 Very often physical activity with your family? 2 Sometimes 3 Yes 1 Not at all 2 Sometimes 1 Never 6. How many days in the past week did you walk, cycle, or skateboard to school? 12. How would you rate your physical 3 3 to 5 days activity level? 2 1 to 2 days 3 Excellent 1 Not at all 2 Good 1 Poor Your Score: 28 to 36: Body confident; you have a healthy body and a healthy mind. 15 to 24: You need a body boost – increase your ee to be me physical activity. 12 to 14: Your health is at risk, couch potato! Get exercising now!© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  12. 12. HANDOUT 8 A balanced diet contains the correct amount of You are all the nutrients your body needs. You need to know what makes up a balanced diet so you can choose healthy meals. There are seven food groups which make up a balanced diet: • Carbohydrates • Proteins • Fats • Vitamins • Minerals • Water what you eat! • Fibre COVER YOUR CARBS! FIND YOUR FATS! Carbohydrates provide fast-release Fats provide slow-release energy. Good sources of carbs are: energy. Good sources of fats are: • Bread • Rice • Eggs • Butter • Potatoes • Pasta • Nuts • Cheese • Cereal • Oily fish PICK YOUR PROTEINS! WISE UP TO WATER! Protein builds and repairs Water prevents dehydration, your body’s tissues. Good which can lead to headaches sources of protein are: and, in severe cases, death! • Meat Make sure you get plenty. • Fish Good sources are: • Eggs • Your kitchen tap • Pulses TEA • Fruit drinks • Fruit • Nuts Potassium • Tea AC E • Seeds • Milk m ciu cal D VERIFY YOUR VITAMINS! Vitamins help the body grow MAXIMISE YOUR MINERALS! and function properly and Minerals help your body carry out its increase its resistance to diseases. normal functions. • Vitamin A – milk, cheese, red meat, • Iron – meat, fish, beans, spinach, carrots broccoli and seeds • Vitamin B – bread, potatoes, nuts FILL UP ON FIBRE! • Calcium – dairy products, salmon, Fibre is indigestible plant material • Vitamin C – broccoli, citrus fruit, greens, spinach, broccoli, oranges that’s great for keeping our bowels apples, tomatoes • Zinc - Meats, fish, beans, whole regular. Good sources of fibre are: • Vitamin D - milk, eggs, cheese, fish grains, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms • Wholemeal bread • Vitamin E – nuts, cereals, carrots • Magnesium - seeds, unrefined grains, • Wholemeal cereals beans and other vegetables • Vegetables • Potassium – bananas, citrus fruit, • Fruit grains, vegetables, meat and fish • Brown rice YOUR 5-A-DAY SUMMARY • Pulses We’re always being told that we should eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Hardly anyone ever tells you why! Here are the top 5 reasons: • Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals • They’re an excellent source of fibre • They help reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers • They help you to maintain a healthy weight • They taste delicious! Can you think of any more reasons? ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  13. 13. HANDOUT 9A Keep your nails Brush clean and neat your teeth Nails should always be kept clean There are many important reasons to brush your teeth every day, and neatly trimmed or filed. Dirt and in the morning and before going to bed. Brushing bacteria can get trapped in nails that removes plaque - a sticky film of bacteria that grows arent clean and can be passed from person on our teeth and causes tooth decay, or cavities. Brushing also helps keep gums healthy and breath fresh. to person. Preventing the spread of bacteria prevents the spread To make the most of brushing, use a pea-sized squeeze of toothpaste on a soft-bristled toothbrush with a shape of illness and infection. that suits your mouth and allows you to reach all of the Nails that are excessively long teeth easily. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle hold more dirt than shorter nails. against the gums and brush back and forth in short movements. Make certain to brush the outer, inner, and Those with longer nails need to be chewing surfaces (or flat surfaces) of the teeth. more diligent about keeping Brushing the tongue will help remove bacteria that their nails clean. can cause bad breath, and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash will help get rid of the bacteria that brushing does not reach. Wash down below, girls! It’s important to wash your genitals regularly, including your anus, to help Whatever your hair type (thick, fine, curly, straight, ward off infections and bad odours. Since a girls’ intimate area is moist dry or oily), it’s important to keep it clean and and warm, bacteria can grow easily. washed at least weekly. This will help it look and Vaginal discharge, perspiration, and smell good and prevent the development of scalp urine can build up, making it even problems. Those with dry hair easier for the bacteria to grow. These bacteria can cause urinary tract often have chemically treated infections or vaginal infections. (coloured, permed, or Cleaning yourself with a mild, straightened) or coarse hair. unscented soap and water on a regular basis will help control the While people of all ages can bacteria growth and limit infections. have oily hair, teenagers often During the day or when it is not have oily hair because of the convenient to wash with water and increase in sebum soap you can use intimate wipes to keep you feeling clean and fresh. during puberty. ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  14. 14. HANDOUT 9B Take extra care when you have your period When you have your period your body is shedding Everyday freshness You could use pantyliners every day to protect your the lining of the uterus and menstrual blood knickers from vaginal discharge and to stay fresh comes out of the vagina. While having and clean down below. Discharge is the creamy- your period can be messy, it is easily controlled coloured stuff that you can sometimes see on your with a tampon or pad. However, knickers. All women have vaginal discharge and once the blood is exposed to the the amount varies through the menstrual cycle. air, it can become a bit smelly. To You may find that this moistness and stickiness minimise odour and staining of leaves you feeling uncomfortable, which is why your clothes, washing your wearing a pantyliner really helps. Pantyliners are intimate area at least twice a similar to sanitary towels, but they’re lighter and day is recommended. It’s also thinner and are not designed to absorb heavy recommended to change menstrual flow. They are small enough to fit into a a tampon every four to six wallet and therefore good to keep handy if youre hours (a pad every two to going through puberty, as spotting and irregular four hours), which will help periods are common. control the smell and the collection of blood. Be sure to wipe properly Control your Besides washing your intimate area, it’s important to wipe with toilet paper after going to the toilet. body odour Your bowel waste (or poo, as everyone calls it!) When boys and girls hit puberty, their bodies produce contains bacteria that can cause vaginal and urinary more perspiration because sweat glands, especially tract infections, so always remember to wipe your those in their underarms, become more active. More bottom from front to back. That way, the bacteria from perspiration means a different type of body smell, one your anal area don’t make their way to your vaginal that is stronger and similar to an adults. Daily bathing and urethral area. can be enough to control that odour, but most people use deodorants and antiperspirants to help keep the nasty niffs at bay! Basic skincare Deodorants cover the smell of our sweat, while antiperspirants try to control our perspiration. Many Dermatologists normally recommend that we wash our products now contain both a deodorant and an faces twice a day with a mild soap or gentle antiperspirant. People use sprays, roll-ons or sticks cleanser. But we have to be careful; if too much of our depending on their individual preference. skins natural oil is washed away, it may become very dry and begin to itch and flake. Too much washing can interrupt the skins natural process too, and so it may start to produce more oil than usual, which can cause even more breakouts. It’s also important to take off your make up before you go to bed so that your skin ee to be me has a chance to breathe.© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  15. 15. HANDOUT 10A S TO BE A NT TE A EN W E O AG AG WH EE BRAINBOX SCORES Underwear should be changed 1 a) Weekly b) Daily c) Monthly d) When you feel sweaty Deodorant should be worn 2 a) Weekly b) Daily c) When you feel sweaty d) In July and August Showers or baths should be taken at least 3 a) Weekly b) Monthly c) Once a day d) After puberty On average, girls get their first period at age... 4 a) 11 b) 12 c) 13 d) 14 A Pantyliner is... 5 a) A feminine product c) An eye makeup pencil b) A kind of cruise ship d) Flowery paper to decorate the inside of your underwear drawer The first sign of puberty for girls is usually... 6 a) A growth spurt b) Breast budding c) The first period d) Growth of pubic hair Genetics plays an important factor in the timing of puberty, 7 so if a parent started puberty at an early age, their children probably will too. a) FALSE b) TRUE In boys, the first sign of puberty is... 8 a) Growth of pubic hair b) Growth of underarm hair c) A voice change d ) Growth of the testes ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.
  16. 16. HANDOUT 10B S TO BE A T NT E A EN W O AG WH GE BRAINBOX WH E AG O EN W A E NT AT S TO BE A T S SCORES Puberty would be late in a boy if it had not started by age... 9 a) 11 b) 12 c) 13 d) 14 Teens get acne because... 10 a) They dont wash their faces well b) they eat too much chocolate c) Of the hormonal changes d) all of the above associated with puberty Pantyliners offer 11 a) Every day protection against vaginal discharge b) All-day freshness c) Protection from heavy menstrual flow d) a and b Before having your period, it can be normal to have some 12 clear or whitish vaginal secretions a) TRUE b) FALSE Hormones responsible for the changes in puberty include... 13 a) testosterone b) estrogen c) luteinising hormone d) a, b and c Gynaecomastia refers to breast development in boys 14 during puberty a) TRUE b) FALSE When a girl first starts having periods, she may have... 15 a) One period every 28 days b) Two periods in a month c) One period every other month d) a, b or c If puberty begins before age 8 in a girl, it is referred to as.... 16 a) early puberty b) puberty c) precocious puberty d) both a and c ee to be me© National Schools Partnership 2010. All readers are bound by the terms and disclaimer on page 26 of the Teachers Notes.