Fairy Tales Project


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Fairy Tales Project

  1. 1. Fairy Tales and Fantasy<br />writing project-first term<br />
  2. 2. Information about completing<br /> the project<br />TIME:6 weeks – 30minutes per week.<br />PRESENTATION: For most tasks you are given freedom to present the tasks in the way you think they will work best. However, all work should be neat and clear.<br />ASSESSMENT: You will get a NC level, Effort level and an award for completion. <br />ICT: You are encouraged to use ICT to complete your tasks<br />.EXTENSION: Some activities have recommended extension tasks. However, if you are inspired to do something different to add to your project then go ahead!<br />
  3. 3. Fractured Fairytales<br />Take a fairytale and change certain bits…<br />You can change the character, the setting or some elements of the plot. <br />Don’t change it too much though, it still needs to be similar to the original.<br />EXTENSION: Turn your story into a book, illustrate it and create the front cover and the blurb on the back.<br />
  4. 4. Lots of fairy tales have Magical elements such as Magic Potions.<br />Magic Potions are used to turn pumpkins into carriages and frogs into princes!<br />You are going to create your own magic potion, you should include:<br /><ul><li> A list of ingredients.
  5. 5. Directions for how to make it.
  6. 6. Design the bottle, label and packaging.
  7. 7. Explain how it is used and what the effect is.</li></ul>MAGIC<br />
  8. 8. CINDERELLA<br />Cinderella is a story about a young girl who is treated badly by her wicked step mother and step sisters. They make her cook, wash and clean all day long.<br />TASK 1 – Write a diary for a day in the life of Cinderella.<br />Task 2 – Imagine she decided to write her problems and send them to an agony aunt. Write the letter and then write up the advice she would receive. <br />
  9. 9. Fairycastleforsale<br /><ul><li> Firstly, design a fairy castle – create the floor plans of the inside and a picture of the outside.
  10. 10. Secondly, you are going to write up an estate agent listing for your property. You should include:
  11. 11. Positive descriptions
  12. 12. Price
  13. 13. Number of rooms
  14. 14. Any special features.
  15. 15. Location</li></li></ul><li>You have 3 wishes…<br />If you were granted three wishes what would you ask for?<br />What are you reasons?<br />How would it change your life?<br />This activity asks you to think about what you value most in life. <br />Write down you ideas, explain them in as much detail as possible.<br />
  16. 16. Fairy Tale characters<br />Fairy Tales have common types of character. <br />How many fairytales can you think of with:<br /><ul><li>A Princess
  17. 17. An Evil Character
  18. 18. A Magical Character
  19. 19. Handsome Prince
  20. 20. Animal Characters? </li></ul>Now create your own versions <br />of each of these characters<br />
  21. 21. Direct a fairytale<br />Choose a scene from your favourite fairytale.<br />Now decide how you would direct this scene on the stage. You need to think about:<br /><ul><li>Costumes
  22. 22. Set design
  23. 23. Lighting
  24. 24. Music</li></ul>Remember to explain why you have made these decisions<br />
  25. 25. TASK FOR first term-2011/2012<br />You have completed the project!!<br />Think about how you are going to put your project together. In a folder, bound together as a book, as a poster...??<br />Once you’re ready hand it in to me next December<br />