Eva Estévez pictures


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Eva Estévez pictures

  2. 2. A WALK IN THE BEACH1.- Where are these women? These women are walking in a beach, near the sea-shore.2.- Do you think they are friends? I think they can be family or friends, maybe they are sisters.3.- What are they doing? They are doing a walk on the wet sand, near the shore.4.- What season of the year is it? I think it’s summer or spring, because the sun is shining brightly. One of the women is in short sleeves.5.- What is the weather like? Why do you know? It is a sunny but windy day, because the women’s dresses are blazing and one of the women is holding her hat with a hand. Also, I think it’s sunny because we can perfectly see their shadows on the wet sand.6.- What are they wearing? Is that strange for you? They are wearing long white dresses and big hats. One of them is taking an umbrella. T hey are also
  3. 3. A WALK IN THE BEACH7.-When was this piece of art painted? In 1.909.8.-Why is one of them carrying an umbrella? One of them is carrying an umbrella to project herself fro the sun.9.-Does the girl with dark hair look happy? Why do you think? The girl with dark hair doesn’t look happy because she is very serious; maybe she is worry about something because she is not talking to the other woman.
  4. 4. THE KISS (R.LICHTENSTEIN)1.-What are these people doing? They are embracing each other because they are saying goodbye. Also the man is kissing the woman.2.-What’s the man’s job? How do you know? I think the man is a Marine officer. We know this because he’s wearing a cup that this kind of sailors usesto wear.3.-Has he just come back or is he leaving now? Where from / to? I think he’s leaving now, to war or to a peace mission. I say this because the man and the woman look very sad; If the man has just arrived, they will be happier.4.-Where is the man kissing the woman? What do you think about that? The man is kissing the woman on
  5. 5. THE KISS (G.KLIMT) COMPARE THIS KISS TO THEPREVIOUS ONE. WHICH ONE WOULDYOU PREFER? WHY? The kiss in the previous painting isnot an passionate one. The woman andthe man are in love but in that momentthey are showing each other onlyaffection, because they are sad and itis a farewell kiss. They are notthinking in love, they are just feelingdesolation because the man is going faraway, maybe for long time. In this other kiss, the feeling ofthe couple of lovers looks verydifferent. They are relaxed andhappy. We don’t know if they are inlove, but we can appreciate that theyare kissing because they like eachother. Also, in this kiss there ispassion and intensity. I prefer the kiss of Lichtensteinbecause is like watching a movie scene;it’s more real, more sensitive and themessage is clear. I don’t like the kiss by Klimtbecause I don’t understand it.
  6. 6. THE SINGING BUTLER1.-What is the couple in the middle doing? The couple in the middle is dancing on the beach near the seashore.2.-What are they wearing? The are well-dressed: the woman is wearing a long red dress, without sleeves. The dress has a low neck at the back. She is also wearing long red gloves, which are the same colour as the dress. The man is wearing a black smoking with a white shirt. He has black shoes but the woman is shoeless.3.- Where are they? They are on a beach, on the seashore, on wet sand.4.- What’s the weather like? The weather is cloudy and it’s raining, because the servants are taking umbrellas to protect them from the rain.
  7. 7. THE SINGING BUTLER5.- What’s the relation ship among these four people? The couple dancing in the middle seems to be a lady and a sir because they are very well-dressed and the other two persons are their servants; the man is the butler and perhaps, he’s singing because the title of the painting says so. Both of the servants are wearing uniforms and are protecting the other couple with umbrellas because it’s raining.6.- Use two adjectives to describe each couple. The couple of servants: helpful and obliging. The couple dancing: rich and smart.
  8. 8. AUTOMAT1.- Where is the woman? The woman is sitting in a coffee- bar, at a round table.2.- What is she doing? She is having a coffee or an tea.3.- What is she wearing? She is wearing a dress under a long green coat. This coat has a fur collar and cuffs. She is without stockings and her skin looks very pale . She is also wearing a beige hat and she has only one glove on her left hand.4.- What time is it, more and less? I think it’s seven or eight in the evening because it is very dark outside. We can appreciate this fact because at her back there is a wide window and we can see that it’s late because of the darkness.
  9. 9. AUTOMAT5.- Is the weather nice? I think it’s dry but cold because there is a radiator inside the bar and the woman is wearing the coat inside of the place.6.- In your opinion, how does the woman feel? In my opinion she is worry and tired; she is alone, perhaps because she doesn’t want to talk to anybody in that moment. Maybe she want to a party and now she has a headache or she is thinking in something that happened in that party.
  10. 10. FISHING IN SPRING1.- What is the man doing? The man is fishing or preparing himself to fish.2.- Where is he? He is inside a rowing boat, in a river; I think the river is the Seine, in Paris.3.- What else can you see in the picture? I can see a beautiful bridge behind the fisherman. Some people are walking on the bridge; beside the boat where the fisherman is, there is another rowing boat, but this one is empty: there is nobody inside. Far away I think we can see some houses or buildings. Also there are a lot of trees and bushes.4.- What month is it? As it is spring, it can be April, May or June. I think it is May because the fisherman is wearing a jacket so it must be a little cold.
  11. 11. FISHING IN SPRING5.- What colours can you see? There is a mixture of colours because the painting represents a scene which occurs in nature: we can see a quiet river surrounded by trees and grass. That is why we can appreciate a clear blue in the river with bright highlights of the sun that give a purple tonality to the water. Another colour is green, a light green in all the trees and bushes that are placed on the river bank.6.- Do you like this painting? Yes, I like it very much because it is very relaxing. Also I can understand it very well because of its realism.
  12. 12. BATHERS AT ASNIERES1.- Where are these people? These people are having a bath in a river or in a lake. All of them are men, some are on the river bank, others on the grass and two are inside the water.2.- What is there at the back? At the back we can see something like an industrial zone. There is smoke going out from tall chimneys that give a dirty impression on the sky.3.- How is that related to the people in the painting? Those factories that we can see in the distance show as that this painting is about industry and the working class. That’s why I think that the bathers in the river are workers that are having a peasant moment before going back to work in
  13. 13. BATHERS AT ASNIERES4.- What are they doing? Some of the men are laying on the grass, sunbathing; one of them is sitting in the river bank, with his legs inside the water. Another two are bathing in the water without swimming. The figures seem solitary although they are in group.5.- Is it a weekend? How do you know? Is it winter? No, not is not a weekend because there are only men in the scene. I think that at the weekend the whole family goes to have a nice day in the river. There would be women and lots of children. So, it must be a working day. It seems that it is hot, so it isn’t winter; I think it’s summer or spring.
  14. 14. BATHERS AT ASNIERES6.- How old do you think they are? All of them are middle-age, perhaps they can be twenty or thirty. The person that is inside the water with his hands in the mouth can be the youngest, maybe sixteen or seventeen. He is not as old as the other men.7-. Use adjectives two to describe them. Tired and thoughtful.
  15. 15. THE ACCOLADE1.- Who is that woman? And the man? She is the Grail Queen bestowing a knight. He is the man that is going to be ordered as a knight.2.- What is she doing with that sword? Why? In the Middle Ages, the accolade was the central act in the ceremonies conferring knighthood. The knight kneels in front of the Queen and she lays the flat side of the sword blade onto the accolade’s right shoulder. After this kind of ceremony, the new knight stands up after being promoted and the Queen presents him with the insignia of his new order.
  16. 16. THE ACCOLADE3.- What are the people at the background thinking? The people of the background perhaps have just been ordered knights, because some of them look older than the man that stands in front of the Queen. But among the group there is a young man that sure is yearning for the day when he too will be knighted.4.- When did this happen? I think that this happened in the Middle Ages, in the feudal society.5.- Would you like to be that man or that woman? Why? I wouldn’t like to be the Queen because everybody hopes that you always will act correctly, and that your obligation is being just. It is too much responsibility for me. So I prefer to be the man, because those soldiers and knights are very brave and their lives should be very active and exciting.
  17. 17. THE THREE AGES OF WOMEN1.- What can you see in the picture? The painting presents three women at different times of their lives. The three female figures are surrounded by a sea of bubbles representative of life: the youngest is the baby; she is being held by the mother that is still young but she is an adult. Last, it is the old woman, standing next to them and looking down.2.- What does the mother look like? The mother looks young, she can be twenty or twenty-five. She is beautiful and she is nude. She is blonde and white skinned. She is also slim and seems fragile.3.- How do mother and child feel? Mother and child are embraced and she is protecting the baby. She has her head over the baby’s one, expressing her maternal love
  18. 18. THE THREE AGES OF WOMEN4.- Why is this painting called “the three ages of women”? The painting is called “The three ages of women” because it presents the three women at three different moments of their lives. The three representations of the women are as three symbols: born, live and the old age.
  19. 19. THE HORSE’S BATHLast year my grandmother went to Malaga and when she came back she brought a present for me. This was a copy paper of a painting called “El baño del caballo” by Joaquín Soroya.I don’t know much about painters, but this picture was special for me because there is a horse in it and I love horses. It is a beautiful white horse and his face shows goodness and fidelity. A boy is taking him out of the sea and I think that they have just have a a bath together.It must be something very pleasant going to a beach and have a nice day with your horse and also have the possibility of swimming with him. Nowadays we can’t do that because it is forbidden. To imagine the whole scene of the boy
  20. 20. THE HORSE’S BATH