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Aaaa australia

  1. 1. Our virtual holidaysin...By: Nerea Fernández andAndrea González 1ºAAustralia
  2. 2. nSydneyCanberraBrisbaneMelbourneAdelaide
  3. 3. Australia is a zone of sand stormsand tornadoes.Australia has amoderate climatethroughout theyear,with somevariations due tothe large size ofthe continent.Climate
  4. 4. FloraAustralias flora ischaracterized bynumerousspecies uniquesin the world. InAustralia due toit´s variations inclimate, there is avaried flora: fromthe rare cactusuntil the mostdelicate flowers.
  5. 5. aIn Australia there are few placentals mammals, however there are manymarsupial mammals. Also in australia venomous snakes are verycommon.In Australia many species have gone extinct, animals suchas various kinds of spiders, octopuses, jellyfish...Platypus also became extinct .
  6. 6. Kangaroo andKoalaTwo of the symbols of Australia are the kangaroo and the koala.Kangaroo KoalaIts soft ears, big nose and friendlynature remind us of a teddy bear.This is the reason why together withthe kangaroo, it has been worldwiderecognized as the symbol ofAustralia, been previouslyconsidered, by local people, only asthe bearer of skin.An adult male kangaroo canmeasure 1.5 m tall and weigh 85kg.But the females are less than onemeter and weigh 35 kg.There are different kinds ofkangaroos: red kangaroos, easterngrey kangaroos and western greykangaroos.
  7. 7. Data·Population: In 2008 thepopulation was of20.600.856inhabitants.·Currency: The currencyused in Australias theaustralian dollar.·Main industries: Themain industries aremining andAgricultureAustralian dollar
  8. 8. GastronomyThe Australian gastronomy is characterizedby autochthonous gastronomyrepresent the Australian aborigines callit Bush tucker. In Australia the peopleeat various exotic animals likecrocodile, kangaroo, buffalo ... Theyalso eat vegetables like potatoes,beans, peas or carrots. The typical foodis meatloaf.
  9. 9. Australian traditional dressThe style ofdress is theresult of lifestyle. TheAustralian way of dressing isclosely related to theactivities performed. Forexample, people living near thebeach have adapted to swimmingand surfing.In Australiathere isntnationaltypicaldress.
  10. 10. Places of touristinterest-The opera of Sydney-Brisbane-Australian War Memorial-Harbor at dusk (Sydney)-Yarra river-Town of Coober Pedy-Sydney Anzac-Victoria square´s fountain(Adelaide)
  11. 11. The Sydney Opera House is located inthe city of Sydney, State of NewSouth Wales, and is one of themost famous and distinctivebuildings of the XX century. In2007, it was declared a WorldHeritage Site and it was designedby the danish architect Jorn Utzonin 1957 but it was not opened until1973. The building is used eitherfor plays, ballet, opera or musicalThe opera ofSydney
  12. 12. Brisbane, the thirdbiggest city inAustralia, is theCapital of thestate ofQueensland,northeast ofAustralia. By2009, it had,approximately, aBrisbane
  13. 13. Australian War MemorialAustralian War Memorial, placed inCanberra, commemorates the death of allAustralians who have died in war.
  14. 14. Harborat dusk(Sydney)The Sydney Harbour bridgecrosses Sydney Harbour andconnects the center of the citywith the north coast. Aftermore than eight years ofconstruction it was opened in1932. The total length of thebridge is of 1149 m. Its thefifth longest bridge of its kind.From the bridge you can seespectacular views of theharbour and of the city. Thebridge has eight lanes, 2 raillines and a bike path.
  15. 15. YarrariverThe Yarra River is a river in southern Victoria, Australia. Its in margins where thecity of Melbourne was established in 1835. From its source in the YarraRanges, it flows about 242 km to the west across the Yarra Valley to weavethrough Melbourne and finally leads to Hobsons Bay of Port Phillip Bay. Theriver and its sandbanks and neighboring hills were a source of gold and inmany areas, the course was modified by mining activities. The river is used topractice kayaking, rowing and swimming.
  16. 16. Town ofCooberPedyA town called Coober Pedy,in the South Australia,has two peculiarcharacteristics: -Itrepresents the 95% ofthe supply of opal (amineral with therapeuticaluses) in the earth -Thisvillage has houses,shops, hotels ... which arebuilt underground. The
  17. 17. Victoria square´s fountain,AdelaideThis gorgeus fountain can only be place in the city of Adelaide, wherewe can also find several other cultural institutions like the SouthAustralian Museums, the Botanic Garden or the Art Gallery of SouthAustralia. The city of Adelaide is famous because of the anualcelebration of adelaide Christmas Pageant.
  18. 18. SydneyAnzacIt is celebrated every 25th ofApril to commemoral the firstmilitary action of theAustralian and New Zealand´sarmy, begin the mostimportant day in bothcountries. the day begins withthe reveille.There are differentparades throughoutthe day but themost important oneis the Anzac DayMarch and Parade.
  19. 19. State Libraryof New SouthWalesThe state library ofnew south walesharbours a greatrange of maps,manuscripts andother items relatedto the first sok placein settlements that toAustralia.
  20. 20. Saint Mary´s metropolitancathedralThis cathedral located on College Street and whichhas the honour of being the biggest cathedral ofcall Australia, is dedicated to "Mary, help of theChristians", patron of Australia.
  21. 21. IslandsSome of the importantislands of Australia are:-Torres Strait Islands-Aerial of Heron Island-Macquarie Island-Treasure Island
  22. 22. Torres Strait Islands are a group of more than 270small islands located right in the middle of thewaterway that separates Cape York PeninsulaTorres StraitIslands
  23. 23. Aerial of HeronIslandHeron Island is a coral cay ofabout 800 meters long and 300meters wide, which is situatedon a strip of reef of significantdiversity supporting 70% ofthe species found in thiswonder of the south ofAustralia.
  24. 24. It is an Australian uninhabitedisland located in the SouthernOcean halfway betweenAustralia and Antarctica. It ishome for the entire populationof Royal Penguins during theirnesting season. In politicalterms, it is part of the state ofTasmania since 1900Island
  25. 25. Nationals ParksFor the great beauty of Australia, in it thereare various national parks. Some of themare:- Great barrier reef- Purnululu National Park- Kakadu National Park-Hopetoun Falls
  26. 26. Great BarrierReefThe great barrier reef, whichruns for 2.600 kilometers, isthe largest reef of the worldlocated in the Coral Sea. Itwas selected as a WorldHeritage Site in 1981.
  27. 27. This waterfall is located in the Great Otway NationalPark, in the state of Victoria. These falls arecharacterized by clear water, its high altitude and for itsincomparable beauty. They are a much visited touristHopetoun Falls, OutwayRanges
  28. 28. The park is located inWestern Australia. Itwas declared a WorldHeritage in 2003.Which makes it specialis its landscape withcones rising for morethan 578 meters abovethe sea and which arecomposed by sandstoneand conglome- rates.Its here where thePiccaninny crater,with seven kilometersof diameter can befound, a crater thatis clearly visiblePurnululuNationalPark
  29. 29. The park is located in the north of thecountry and it has been added tothe UNESCO World Heritage list.The name of “Kakadu” comesfrom a indigenous language(Gagudju).It only counts with the rainyseason, time when it is practicallyimpossible to gain access to someparts of the park and the droughtseason, time where you can visitthe whole park.The main attractions of the park,which make it a respected andimportant source both in Australiaas in the rest of the world include,the opportunity to be in contactwith the local people, the geology,KakaduNational Park
  30. 30. Transhumance is the movement of people with their livestock between summer and winter. Thisactivity together with the nomadic pastoralism is practiced by 100 – 200 millions of people throughoutthe world. The territories dedicated to this practice double the lands dedicated to agriculture. TheAustralian Alps have a great transhumant tradition because both of the economic importance ofpasture and because of the propitious conditions to develop this activity.Great AustralianTranshumance