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Joseph Rao Kony


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Published in: News & Politics, Travel
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Joseph Rao Kony

  1. “ Where you live should not determine if you live” ~Invisible Children~
  2. n: patio eligion Ra Occu ary, RAfrican ce: ilit Americ i nal, M an Crim lity: Na tiona da Ugan Executive Summary: Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda
  3. Wants ChristiaUganda to b n Natio ea n. n of G od e sperso a s pokSay s he is dium. pirit meand a s C ons befor ults his s e any elf action-styled ho s ar e ly carrie spirit d out . Betty Bigombe stated the first time she met Kony, his followers used oil to ward off bullets and evil spirits.
  4. Takes trips to Ato Hills in Uganda to ascend He believes in literal protectionto the highest hills and lies in the hot sun for provided by a cross symbol .days. Most of his child soldiers wear crosses on their chests drawn in oil.
  5. ived not perce NRA. e UH SA. Was at by the ally th t hr e Origin as a 1987 1988 Kony formed a LRA became a major player in resistance group called the Ugandan affairs: Lord’s Resistance Army. (an agreement between the NRA and UPDA.)UPDA left some members unsatisfied and LRA has been at civil war against themany joined the UHSA as a form of rebellion. Ugandan government.
  6. Claims to be establishing a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments and local Acholi tradition. Group is a mix of Mysticism Acholi nationalism Christian fundamentalism
  7. Ordered the abduction of children to become child-sex slaves and child soldiers. Estimated 66,000 children became soldiers and 2 million people have been internally displaced since 1986. Indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity by the ICC in the Hague, Netherlands in 2005. He has evaded capture.Commander Raska Lukwiya Commander Okot Odhiambo Commander Dominic Ongwen Warrants Out for Kony’s Officials: Deputy Vincent Ongwen 2 of these 5 involved with the LRA have been killed.
  8. •Accused of 33 different charges including:•murder•enslavement•sexual enslavement•pillaging•attacks against civilians•multiple counts for some charges Night Commuters Children sleep in town where they are protected, otherwise they could be kidnapped by the LRA.
  9. Africa has been unstable due todecolonization. Prts of A a fricaThe Lord’s Resistance Army currently operatesin: Uganda Democratic Republic in CongoParts of Sudan Central African Republic Warlords have been vying for power.
  10. Over 74 million v t iews in s br ough Receweeks . ived some This video ha s to light. criticism fro ction m experts Kony’s a ounder . c o- f People from arou Russe ll is the gathering to make nd the world areJason a campaign style message to make Kony known. ny. out Ko s s ab e aw arene al i s to rais go Main
  11. Topped the charts of some of the biggest videos.
  12. children rce are fig hting fo nc e. f Kony’s e of viole ortion o into a lif Lar ge p d an d f or c ed killed. K idnappe kill or be Taught to iding fo rces. Girls are r s and r a put into be soldie a life of trained to prostitut ioB oy s ar e n 104,000 How many children have been abducted since 1986. Must kill their own family. With this done, they have no where else to go.
  13.“It becomes our duty as humans to spread awareness of inhumane conditions inthe world, anywhere.” -Unknown-
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