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The UX Driven Startup (Or The Vision Driven Startup) - Updated October 2011


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What kind of experience do you want to create? A revolutionary technology, a well executed product and a profitable business should not be ends in themselves. Focus on the ultimate experience and let everything else fall in line.

Having an answer to this question -- a concrete representation of where your product is headed -- can help you validate your ideas, impress investors, build a team and keep everyone in alignment.

Drawing from my experience applying methods learned at Adaptive Path to my own startup, Foodspotting, I'll share concrete tools you can use to create a big vision, communicate it to others and validate it, even before you start developing anything.

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The UX Driven Startup (Or The Vision Driven Startup) - Updated October 2011

  1. The Vision-Driven Startup How & why you should share your ideas iA lexa Andrzejewsk odspottingFoun der & CEO, Fo @foodspottingFollow @ladylexy and
  2. Woke up one morning with a great idea...
  3. I help companies imagine great products!
  4. The only problem is...*I can’t actually build things*
  5. I needed to find a Cofounder. Team. Investors. Users. Where to start?
  6. How did I do it?I shared my idea with everyone who would listen!
  7. By sharing this vision,I found an awesome cofounder...
  8. And when I did find a cofounder,we could hit the ground running.
  9. Behind each of ourgreatest successes was a shared vision.
  10. “What if you could see the nearest places Anthony Bourdain has eaten wherever you go?”
  11. “We’re looking for a Tristan”
  12. “It will be likePandora for Food”
  13. If I can picture something, it will happen.
  14. If I don’t bother, it won’t.
  15. Sharing your vision is the most importantthing a founder can do.
  16. A shared vision canhelp you avoid commonmistakes startups make
  17. Mistake 1:Building something people don’t really want or need
  18. Sharing your vision helps you:Validate your ideas
  19. Mistake 2:Thinking too small
  20. Sharing your vision helps you:Impress investors
  21. Mistake 3:Moving too slowly
  22. Sharing your vision helps you: Make decisions and align your team
  23. So how can you shareyour vision effectively?
  24. There are many ways you can share your vision!
  25. Your shared vision should: 1. Capture the imagination 2. Be easy to share 3. Get people excited
  26. Simple, unexpected, credible:“Put a man on the moon and returnhim safely by the end of the decade.” (From the book “Ideas That Stick”)
  27. “A star to sail your ship by.” -Jesse James Garrett
  28. You have an idea. What next?
  29. Expanding your vision
  30. Communicating your vision
  31. Validating your vision
  32. Visualize your ideas.Share them with everyone who will listen. Refine & repeat!
  33. P.S. We’re hiring UX-Minded Rails & iPhone Developers!Alexa Andrzejewski , FoodspottingFounder & CEO and @foodspottingFo llow @ladylexy