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Foodspotting @ iPhoneDevCamp3


Published on - 3-minute presentation (prepared in 30 minutes) of Foodspotting for iPhoneDevCamp3.

Foodspotting @ iPhoneDevCamp3

  1. 1. foodspotting Alexa Andrzejewski Seth Andrzejewski Peter Lee Warren Stringer Aaron Bannert ...and lots of help from others! Thanks!
  2. 2. Have you wondered... Where can I find Tteokbokki sounds What’s good at this the best ___ around? good... but I can’t restaurant? quite picture it.
  3. 3. Foodspotting is a visual food guide that lets you find dishes, not just restaurants. Foodspotters take pictures of foods they love, enabling Foodseekers to find whatever they’re craving and see what’s good at any restaurant.
  4. 4. Unlike existing dining guides... Focused food spotting Verbal Visual Broad
  5. 5. It’s powered by Foodspotters who can.... Take pictures of Participate in food Earn badges, titles foods they love. scavenger hunts. and credibility
  6. 6. It benefits restaurants by drawing attention to dishes, not detractors 55 noms Sweet (72) Sticky (53 ) Citrusy (45) Buttery (36) Chewy (22) Morning Buns @ Ta rtine Bakery Summary of 123 sig htings
  7. 7. But at its essence... it’s about taking and finding food photos. This is what our team focused on this weekend.
  8. 8. Thank you! @foodspotting