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Written report logo station id channel 1

  1. 1. For Logo/Station Name/Station IDULTIMATE TV (UTV) Channel 1VISIONA great, historical city like Malolos is worthy of an equally great public television station… onethat is capable and competent in delivering community-building television programs and servicesas the voice and the platform for its community.UTV aims to be the voice of broadcasting freedom in Malolos. It will emphasize the issuesof concern and the cultural richness of its people, the Malolenos through information,discussion and entertainment. We aspire to be the ultimate, the superior in bringing aboutchange in local broadcasting hence the channel choice – number 1.MISSIONUltimate TV endeavors to educate and enrich our community with quality programmingand services that not only entertains but also challenges minds and contributes to a life oflearning. We will dedicate our hardwork and passion in being the top unifying force inMalolos, a lens through which we can better understand our culture not only as Malolenos,but as Bulakenyos and as Filipinos.LOGO COLOR SCHEMERED - symbolizes the networks power to lead, to strengthen ones pride and the motive toenlighten its people and masses in all life aspects.BLUE - symbolizes the networks loyalty, intelligence and trust and also to share its intention inimparting knowledge and wisdom.WHITE - symbolizes networks respect and devotion in showing what is true and not to bebiased.
  2. 2. 5 steps in Broadcast Planning: 1. Objectives (list down „yung mga ibo-bold ko dun sa mission and vision) 2. Determine priority („yung huli sentence sa mission) 3. Identify resources Our group was given ample time to brainstorm and pool in our ideas and suggestions for our station name, channel and logo. All of us greatly contributed to the outcome, to the end-products. Our collaborative efforts are the resources we relied on for these tasks: Human resources. As they say, “Two heads are better than one.” We are consisting of 11 members so more heads worked together to brainstorm ideas for our station name and logo. There were various suggestions but we finally settled for the word ULTIMATE because as our group number suggests, we aim to be number 1. Drawing skills. When it came to designing logo, most of our members stepped up and displayed their drawing prowess. We actually came up with almost 10 suggestions for our prospective logo. We had a hard time choosing just one so we decided to combine two. Technical skills. Drawing the logo in Photoshop required these skills. Also for the shooting of our station id, two of our members served as cameramen and director while the other one as the editor for post- processing. Writing skills. We drafted a script for our station ID, a sort of shot list for the scenes and kinds of shots we would like to see. Music and composing skills. Since we had to provide original music and lyrics for our station ID, we turned to our members to come up with words that are catchy and tune that has a recall – which will reflect our objectives as a local station. People skills. Naturally in any group dynamics, it is a must to be confident and establish rapport with each and every now. Before doing the tasks, we first assigned a leader and a co-leader to be facilitators in all of our undertakings. We are all very vocal and assertive in voicing out our opinions which helped in molding a bond between and among our members. Listening skills. We also learned to be keen listeners when it came to acknowledging and respecting each and every one take and opinion on matters regarding our station name and logo.
  3. 3. 4. Executing of action programs We gave each member a specific task. There were others who are assigned to focus on the logo, the others on the Powerpoint presentation and written report. For our station id, there are assigned to be the props men, cameramen, director, editor etc. Because it is easier that way and it entails responsibility to carry out one‟s task for the whole group. We had a votation among us which logo to use and the meaning behind the color scheme of that particular logo. We were basically united in choosing the word Ultimate for our channel name. We focused on infusing the objectives of our station in our script for our station ID. We scheduled a two-day shoot focusing on the different places here in Malolos because we are situated as a local station here. The shooting days went well even though there were minor issues like the weather, monetary, conflicting ideas, availability of time etc. Still we managed to past those concerns and proceeded in making a quality station ID. After the compilation of our raw materials, we ensued in the post- production/processing. We recorded for the jingle in the cheapest way possible but ensuring that its quality is acceptable.5. Maintaining control All of our tasks and actions are first consulted with the group before finalizing each and every one of them. We do not stop editing and rehashing and polishing until we get to say that that product is worthy of a compliment. We even had an extra half-day shoot for more raw materials for our station ID and we edited our logo, keeping in mind the various suggestions and comments we received during the first presentation. The group would meet and discuss every now and then, if our free time permits to discuss and update each other about our different tasks and assignments.