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Utv national anthem


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Utv national anthem

  1. 1. 5 Steps in Program Planning 1. Objectives  To demonstrate that we are one with the Filipinos  To showcase the beauty and pride of Philippines through Bulacan and its wondrous landmarks  To establish the station’s love and appreciation for nationalism and freedom 2. Determine Priority  To showcase the beauty and pride of Philippines through Bulacan and its wondrous landmarks 3. Identify Resources  Human resources. With the departure of two our members, we recruited a new one. So even though for quite some time, we were quite deficient with manpower, so to speak, we still managed to come up with a concept that we are all satisfied with. We again brainstormed and contributed our ideas that are in line with the objectives of our station.  Technical skills. We greatly relied again on the videography and photography prowess and editing skills of some of our members.  People skills. Since we had a two-day shoot, we were exposed to various kinds of people that we encountered during different situations. These skills came in handy when dealing with them and also with each other within our group.  Listening skills. These skills are always a must for our group because we make it a point that each of us respects the opinion and suggestion of everyone in the group.  Physical Resources. A monetary contribution worth 20 pesos for the props which is a handmade Philippine flag. It also includes the camera and tripod 4. Execute action programs  Just like with our station ID, we also had to two-day shoot. We divided the tasks among ourselves (cameramen, director, props men etc.) There was no problem regarding the concept because we all agreed that the objectives of our national anthem were still in accordance with our station’s objectives.
  2. 2.  We trooped around Bulacan and shot scenes that we believe will contribute to our objectives. We split up into two teams to lessen the time consumption and also for cheaper expenses.  Our free time and schedules were in sync as to avoid complications during the production and post-production.  We keep in touch and updated about the status of our production and designated tasks through electronic means (Facebook, texting and calling etc.5. Maintaining Control  Just like our past productions, we make it a point to check and re- check our work to make sure that we are indeed already contented with the outcome.  We get the group consensus in all of our undertaking because we like being united in our decisions.
  3. 3. DISTRIBUTION OF TASK  Alcantara, Diane Agatha Organizing written report Camera provider Props  Avila, Maricon Cameraman Computer Provider for Post- Production  Cunanan, Patricia Maureen Cameraman Organizing written report Props  Fajardo, Ana Ruth Organizing Power point presentation  Inocencio, Roanne Written report / Power point presentation content Director/producer Leader Camera/tripod provider Paperworks (e.g. securing of TFO request)  Laru-an, Jessie Props men  Lee, Lady Props men Compilation of all production works  Palad, Cherrie Anne Organizing Power point presentation Props men  Ramos, Aldrin editing/post-production Cameraman  Rona, Reyes Reporter/ presenter Co-leader  Saraza, Benedict Props men
  4. 4. Ultimate TV Channel 1 Alcantara, Diane Agatha Avila, Maricon Cunanan, Patricia Maureen Fajardo, Ana Ruth Inocencio, Roanne Laru-an, Jessie Lee, Lady Palad, Cherrie Ramos, Aldrin Reyes, Rona Saraza, Benedict Ms. Nina T. VIllarete 25 July 2012