Questionnaire station manager


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Questionnaire station manager

  1. 1. BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ARTS AND LETTERS Department of Mass Communication and Performing Arts City of Malolos, Bulacan (QUESTIONAIRES) “Radio Indecency: The Assessment of Selected KBP FM Radio Station Members and Their (Non) Compliance with KBP’s Broadcast Code of 2007”`1. STATION MANAGER 1.1 Are your FM radio station members aware of the KBP’s Broadcast Code of 2007? 1.2 How do you orient station members regarding the Broadcast Code of the Philippines 2007? 1.3 How do you monitor your radio announcers or hosts when they are on air? 1.4 Have you encountered case where one of your radio hosts was accused of violating the BCP 2007? 1.5 What was the case filed against the host or announcers? Validated by: MS. VIRGINIA T. VELASCO Performance Officer, KBP- SA January 18, 2013