Yakko's World - The End


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Yakko's World - The End

  1. 1. “What‟s wrong, honey.”
  2. 2. “It‟s this story. I‟m just not feeling inspired to write it anymore.”
  3. 3. “Why‟s that? You‟ve got lots of intermingled plots going on. A psychotic villainess who is set to become one of the most hatedcharacters of all time. You have loads of people telling you how much the love this story. What‟s not to be inspired about?”
  4. 4. “Everything! You know what, I‟ve had it. I‟ve had it with the worry. I‟ve had it with the paranoia. I‟ve had it with working fordays, weeks and months on an update and getting maybe only one or two responses when I know people are reading and whenthey‟re saying „I‟ll comment on you later‟ and then never do. I‟ve had it with the constant worry that I‟m going to piss off the sim‟screator because I don‟t write the same way they do. I‟ve had it with the nasty secrets. I‟ve had it with the heartbreak andheartache. I‟ve had it with trying to make sure that everything works well together and that my plot and dialogue are strong. Butyou want to know what I had it with the most?”
  5. 5. “What?”“I‟ve had it with the fucking poseboxes!”
  6. 6. “Uh okay,” Scott said taking a step back. “So what are you going to do.”
  7. 7. “Rocks fall everyone dies.”
  8. 8. “What?”
  9. 9. “What?”
  10. 10. “What?”
  11. 11. “Rocks fall everyone dies.”
  12. 12. “But you can‟t do that! I was winning!”
  13. 13. “Doesn‟t matter. Rocks fall everyone dies.”
  14. 14. “But Director-person, I thought you loved us! That you would let us make mistakes to let us grow. Narf!”
  15. 15. “I do love you. Which is why I‟m going give you a nice mostly painless death instead of torturing you and your family for the nextfew generations like I had planned. Aren‟t I nice?”
  16. 16. “No!” everyone chorused.
  17. 17. “Oh well. Rocks fall everyone dies.”
  18. 18. “Uh, um… That‟s certainly one way to do it,” Scott said slowly started backing toward the door. “Are you done?”
  19. 19. Lark smiled, looking pleased with herself. “Oh gods does that feel good. I feel like this giant weight has been lifted from myshoulders. I totally should have done that ages ago.”
  20. 20. “Are you going to kill me too? Again?” Scott asked nervously.
  21. 21. Lark shook her head a stupid grin on her face. “Nope! So want to go woohoo? Mass destruction always leaves me horny.”
  22. 22. Scott let out a sigh of relief. “Lead the way!”
  23. 23. “Good night everybody!”
  24. 24. So that‟s it.That‟s the end.Spork.Oh and in case the date published wasn‟t a big enough clue:April Fools!