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Yakko's World OWBC - Mokuna Iwakalua Kumakahi


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College Part One

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Yakko's World OWBC - Mokuna Iwakalua Kumakahi

  1. 1. Welcome back, I think. I’m annoyed since this is the second time I’ve written this. So really, I just want to get this done so I cango back to beating my head against my desk.Serious swearing in this and pretty much every chapter moving forward. Joss, Palau and Archie all swear like sailors. Andconsidering one’s my heir, well, it’s going to be a very swear filled generation.So let’s just get moving, shall we?
  2. 2. ~*~
  3. 3. Palau, Joss, Kor, and Lily settled into college life pretty easily. The four went to classes, studied, and in general did college typeof stuff. Before they knew it a semester had passed.However, things were nowhere near as hunky-dory as the young adults liked to pretend. They barely talked to each other,claiming to be focusing on school. And they definitely didn’t talk about the Prom, Lily’s mom, or Palau’s memories. In all, tensionswere pretty strained between the group.
  4. 4. “Can I talk to you, Lil?” Kor asked.Lily shrugged. “Yeah. Let me put away my pool cue. Is there something bothering you?”“You could say that. We’re not talking.”“What’s there to talk about?”“Can we do this somewhere less public?”“Yeah.”
  5. 5. “Why are you avoiding me?” Kor asked once they got into the hall.“I’m not avoiding you,” she said, stepping closer and placing her hand on his shoulder. “You’re the one who’s been avoiding me.”“But I haven’t!” Kor protested. “Have I?”Lily nodded sadly. “You have. I figured you didn’t want to see me anymore because of my mother.”“Not see you? Oh my gods, why would you think that!”Lily just looked at him.
  6. 6. “Look at us! We’re dancing on eggshells around each other. That’s not us! That’s not us,” he repeated. “I love you, Lily. I havesince I was seven years old. I’m never going to stop loving you no matter who your parents are or who mine were. We’re not ourparents. We’re Kor and Lil. That’s all that matters. You’ve got to believe me, that’s all that matters to me. Is that all thatmatters to you?”Lily looked into Kor’s eyes. “It’s all that ever mattered to me.”“Then let’s just put all of our family baggage behind us and move on"
  7. 7. They moved on. ~*~
  8. 8. The ringing of the phone distracted Rhys Fitzhugh from his cleaning. Unceremoniously dropping the load he was carrying on theoutlawn, he dashed inside to grab the phone.“Stop calling already! I’ve told you no a dozen times. The answer hasn’t changed, what’s it going to take to get through to youpeople? I’ve got half a mind to-”
  9. 9. “Um, Daddy? It’s Lily,” his daughter interrupting his tirade mid-sentence. “You did you think was calling?”“Um, telemarketer. You know how annoying they are,” Rhys answered.Lily rolled her eyes at her father’s obvious lie. “If you say so, Daddy.”“I do. So what’s up with you, Pumpkin?”“Oh, not much. Studying, class, you know the usual college stuff.”
  10. 10. “Yeah, I know,” Rhys answered.“So what’s up at home, when you’re not getting ‘telemarketing’ calls?” Lily asked in return.“You know, cleaning, work, school. The usual.”“You’re cleaning her stuff out, aren’t you?” Lily’s voice made it clear it wasn’t really a question.“You mean, that woman’s? Yeah. I don’t want see it, smell it, or think about it. I’m done with her.” Rhys’ voice was hard.“You don’t have to explain yourself to me. I get it. I don’t want to see anything of hers either.”“I knew you’d get it,” Rhys paused. “So why the call?”
  11. 11. “Well, I’m not really calling for me. My boyfriend wanted to know when would be a good time to come visit.”There was silence on the phone as Rhys thought about it for a moment. “Is this what I think it is, Lil?”Lily made a noise in the positive.“Has he asked you yet?”Lily made a negative sound.“He’s sitting right there, isn’t he? Can I threaten him? I’ve got a pitchfork lying around here that was a wedding present fromsomeone. I was going to throw it out but I can wave it around wildly.”“I don’t think that would be a good idea, Daddy. Exams, you know.”
  12. 12. Kor looked up from his paper. “What’d he say?”“He wanted us to come this week,” Lily lied. “But I don’t think that’s a good idea. I was thinking of waiting until he’s finishedgetting promoted so that we know what kind of work schedule he’ll have.”“Oh that’s a good idea! Why don’t we wait until the end of Freshman year? It’s not that far off.”“Did you hear that, Daddy? We’ll wait until summer.”
  13. 13. “Sounds good. So I’ll still get to threaten him, right?”“Uh-huh.”Rhys chuckled. “Excellent.”
  14. 14. “So how’s the job going?” Lily changed the subject, while Kor went back to his paper.“It’s good,” Rhys answered. “I think they’re going to promote me soon and I hear that another position’s opening up. Sounds likethere’s a slew of people wanting to talk to the dead lately.”“I don’t know why,” Lily said drily. “It’s not like anything catastrophic happened.”
  15. 15. “Good one, Lil. I’ve got to run. The nanny’s here which means my carpool isn’t far behind.”“Good luck, Daddy.”“I don’t need luck. I’m Rhys Fitzhugh, they’re going to promote me because of my sheer awesomeness.”Lily just shook her head. “Goodbye, Daddy.” ~*~
  16. 16. Eden was feeling a bit dejected. So far there’d been no openings in the Paranormal career that she could take. They all requiredeither physics or psychology degrees and her art major didn’t qualify. Not to mention her agent was practically screaming at herfor giving up a lucrative television show – children were a dime a dozen and she could follow the trend of adopting overseas if shemissed having a son so much, Simmy award winning shows on the other hand were a one in a million chance. She’d promptly firedthe woman.As she sat down at the computer, she hoped that this time there’d be a job she could apply for. Politics, Law Enforcement,Entertainment, Show Business, then the last job on the board came up: Medium. That was Paranormal. She scanned the postingand saw that previous acting experience was a preferred qualification, well she definitely had that. She quickly emailed off herresume and sat back.Almost immediately, she got a reply. They were interested in her. In fact, they were more than interested in her they wantedher. The company hiring was looking to do a reality tv show and with her fame and face she was a much better pick than theother person they were looking at. Shrugging her shoulders, Eden replied so long as the career was legitimate and she had theopportunity for promotion she was in.
  17. 17. The person on the other end of the computer, Kimberly Cordial, emailed back the contract. Eden scanned it and found that shewould get what she was looking for, a bone phone, while they tracked her Paranormal Adventures. She smiled to herself, it wasironic that she seemed unable to escape the spotlight, but at least this role would allow her to resurrect her son.She logged out of her email and sat back. “Erin!” She paused listening for her daughter’s response. She heard the showerrunning in the other room and sighed, Erin was in the shower again. She’d been showering four or more times a day ever since thenight of Prom. Eden understood the need, but was worried about it going too far. She was considering limiting Erin to twoshowers a day if this compulsion continued.
  18. 18. “Erin, finish up in there! I want someone to celebrate with me! I’ve got a job?”Erin paused from washing her face for the eleventh time. “What’s that, Mom?”“I’ve got a job!”“I’m coming out!”
  19. 19. After a celebratory glass of sparkling juice, Eden went to bed in order to be up in time to meet with the producers and go over allof the contracts. Meanwhile, Erin had someone she wanted to call. She tried the number hidden under Quinn’s mousepad but gota message saying the number had been disconnected.On a hunch, she called up the La Fiesta Tech switchboard. “Do you have a Spica Walton attending school there?”“We do,” a bored female voice answered.“Can you connect me to her?”“One moment please.”
  20. 20. “Hello?” Spica answered after a few rings.“Spica?” Erin asked.“Yeah. Who wants to know?” Spica asked suspiciously.“I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Erin. Quinn’s sister.”Spica got a little misty eyed at Quinn’s name. “I remember. He said you were his best friend.”“Funny. Cause he said the same thing about you.”“So why are you calling?”
  21. 21. “I just thought you’d like to know Mom’s in Paranormal. She’s gonna get a bone phone and bring Quinn back. Then we’re bothgonna go to college. I just thought you’d like to know. So you wouldn’t worry and stuff.”“That’s nice of you.”“I know!”“Do you know when Quinn will be brought back. I’d like to be there when he is, if that’s okay.”Erin looked thoughtful. “I don’t know. I’ll have to talk to mom about it.”“Will you?” Spica pressed.
  22. 22. “Sure thing!” Erin chirped.“You really don’t know how much this means to me. Thank you.”“No prob! Keep thinking good thoughts and everything will turn out okay. I know it will! Talk to you later. I’ve got your numbernow!”“Talk to you later,” Spica echoed then hung up the phone.
  23. 23. The next morning, Eden set out for her first day on the set. For the first time in a long time, there was a spring in her step. ~*~
  24. 24. ~*~
  25. 25. Back at the dorm, when not at class Palau spent most of her time at the pool table. She claimed it was because she had to mastera trick shot by the time she graduated.
  26. 26. But not everyone believed her.
  27. 27. “Mind if I join you?” Joss asked.Palau started. “Fuck, Joss. Way to sneak up on someone.”“It’s your own fault for not paying attention. What’s up with you?”“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”“That’s bullshit. So spill.”“Just what am I supposed to spill?”“I don’t know, maybe why you’re avoiding Robert Penguino.”
  28. 28. “You noticed that, huh?” Palau said looking away.“I did. Kor did. I think the whole dorm did. I know sure as fuck Robert’s noticed.”“I’m sorry.”“I’m not the one you’re avoiding like they’ve got a fucking plague. So what’s up with that?”“I remember him.”“But you just met him.”“I know. And that’s the weird thing. I remember how he laughs. And what it feels like to have his lips on mine. I remember all ofthat.”
  29. 29. “So what’s the problem with that?”“He didn’t choose me. It was a bachelor challenge and it was down to me and another girl. Everything was going well untilbreakfast on the last day and I don’t know what happened. But he ended up picking the other girl over me.”“That sucks.”“But that’s not the real reason I’m avoiding him.”“Then what is?”“He doesn’t remember me.”
  30. 30. “That makes no sense.”“I know. But I can tell that he doesn’t remember me. Or the other girl. Or other parts of his life. It’s like he’s an incompletenovel or person. And it’s that part that bothers me. I still love him, which I don’t even know how that works. But he’s not theman I loved and he is. It’s just one more fucked up thing on top of everything else fucked up in my life.”“So what else is fucked up?”“Other than the fact I have to marry some guy I barely even know and find disgusting? Or that I remember dying, being dead,and am now older than my three older sisters? What isn’t fucked up?”
  31. 31. Joss rolled his eyes. “Way to feel sorry for yourself, cousin. Grow some fucking sense. Yeah, Robert’s not the same sim youknew. You’re not the same sim knew either. So you have to marry someone you don’t know? Doesn’t mean you have to fuck them.Doesn’t mean you have to love them. So you were dead, my brother’s still dead. Think about him.”Palau looked away. “I do think about him. Every day. That’s why I’m here. If I could have skipped college, I would have. If Icould drop out without fucking the challenge over, I would. If I could have had a kid while still a teen, I would have. If I couldpump a kid out now I would. That way either your mom or dad would have been able to start getting into Paranormal and Wil couldbe brought back faster. But I can’t, all I can do is play fucking pool and go to class and be taunted by sims from a past I shouldn’tfucking remember but do and be bothered by cousins who don’t know how to leave well enough alone.”
  32. 32. “I’m sorry.”“You should be.”“But that doesn’t mean you should be moping around and it definitely doesn’t mean you should be pushing people away and being afucking ice queen. Get your head out of your ass and move on.”“Are you done?”“Pretty much.”
  33. 33. “Then fucking go,” Palau said, setting up the xylophone for a trick shot.“Fine. But do yourself a favor, start to live a little.”
  34. 34. “Fuck!”
  35. 35. Palau went to rack up the balls for another game, when a voice from behind her stopped her.“Joss said you wanted to talk to me?”Grumbling under her breath about stupid meddling cousins, Palau answered, “Yeah, I did. Why don’t you join me?”“Okay. So what did you want to talk about?”
  36. 36. “Look, I’m sorry,” Palau started.“Sorry about what?”“Sorry, you got the impression that I hated you. I don’t.”“Uh. Okay. But you’ve been avoiding me.”“I’ve been avoiding everyone, which includes you. I just haven’t been up to being social.”“But I see you eating with your cousins or playing pool with our other dormmates.”“They’re being with me. I’m not being with them. Big fucking difference.”
  37. 37. “Oh,” Robert replied. “But that’s not all there is to it, is there?”Palau shook her head. “No. It’s not.”“Want to talk about it?”“Not really.”“That’s fair.”Palau sighed. “The thing is it isn’t. Not to you, not to anyone who comes into this world from another universe.”“Ooo-kay.”
  38. 38. “This universe is fucked up. Seriously fucked up. I mean most OWBC’s are happy, funny places where the most dangerous thingthat will happen is repairing an appliance with too few mechanical skills or getting chased by bees. Here, no one is safe. Not evenkids. Not even the heir to the whole fucking thing.”“Sounds scary,” Robert said sympathetically. Then he paused for a few seconds. “Hey, wait a minute, aren’t you the heir?”Palau nodded.“Then that means…” he trailed off. “Oh my plumbbob! I’m sorry. I didn’t know!”“No, you didn’t. Because that bitch of a director-person put you here with incomplete memories just to fucking make my life moremiserable. As if dying wasn’t hard enough she’s got to torture me like this.”
  39. 39. Robert looked down at the table dejectedly. “So my being here is torture for you?”“Aw fuck,” Palau swore. “That wasn’t supposed to come out. It’s complicated but the best I can explain right now is that dyingchanged me. I can sense things and do things that I couldn’t do before. And one of the things is that I can sense when a sim’smemories are incomplete and, well, yours are.”“And that’s torture for you?”Palau nodded. “It is. Because I know what memories are being blocked.”“How do you know that? Is it because you died?”“You could say that.”
  40. 40. “Wow, that sucks,” Robert said. “But it makes sense why you don’t like me.”“Fuck, that’s not it. I do like you Robert.”“But you just said-”“I know what I fucking said, just trust me I like you. I like you more than I should. And because I died. Because I’m the fuckingheir. It’s all fucking complicated and messed up and full of fucking drama like you wouldn’t believe. And I just need to get it allsorted out in my head.”“And it’s taken five months to do so?”“It’ll take as long as it takes.”
  41. 41. “So you like me, right?”“Got that, did you?”“Kinda.”“So do you think we can try to be friends?”Palau sighed. “We can try. No promises though.”“Fair enough.”
  42. 42. Things got somewhat easier for Palau after her talk with Robert. She was friends with him from bachelor challenge world so shealready had a leg up on what he liked. For his part, Robert found that he liked Palau a lot. Probably more than he should. But hedidn’t want things to go back to being awkward, so he tried to keep his peace.
  43. 43. Even though he still occasionally put his foot in his mouth.“You know, you don’t seem to have all that many friends. It’s okay I don’t have that many either.”“I have friends, Robert. It’s just most of them are family and have moved away or are dead.”“Oh. Sorry.”
  44. 44. “I told you things were fucked up here.”“Yeah, you did.”“You’re my friend, Robert. Just look at the aspiration points floating above our heads.”“It’s really weird seeing that.”“Just wait for the inappropriate heartfart. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a fire to put out.”
  45. 45. “I didn’t think you meant literally!”“Welcome to this world!” Palau called back between coughs.
  46. 46. “So how are things going with Palau?” Joss said one morning sitting down with Robert for breakfast.“Um, you know she’s right behind you.”“Yep! Don’t care. If she wants to listen in she can or she can mind her own fucking business, either way it’s not my problem.”“Ass,” Palau said looking up from her pancakes. “And it’s not like it matters, I’ve got class.”“See. Best way to get rid of an unwanted listener. Listen to the Joss-man, he won’t steer you wrong.”“The Joss-man, huh?”“In the fucking flesh. So how are things?”
  47. 47. “They’re good. We’re friends. We talk. It’s nice.”“Sounds boring as fuck. What do you talk about?”“The weather mostly.”“You’ve got to be shitting me.”“Yeah, I am. But what Palau and I talk about isn’t any of your business.”“Fair enough.”
  48. 48. “Do you think Palau and a guy like me?” Robert asked after taking a few bites.“You know she’s the heir, right?”Robert nodded.“Do you know what that means?” Joss pressed.“It means you’re telling me no.”“You said it not me.”
  49. 49. “Back off!” DJ Verse snapped.
  50. 50. “But I thought-” Robert protested.“You thought wrong!”
  51. 51. “But you said-”“I was talking about my fiancé, you moron! If I want a date I’ll ask him. Not some bumpy nosed buffoon!”
  52. 52. “Look, I’m sorry!”“You haven’t even begun to feel sorry. I’m going to have you kicked out of here for harassment.”Palau, who had been listening, stepped in. “Hey, DJ can I talk to you?”“Sure.”
  53. 53. “Hey, Deej, he made a mistake. Simmer down.”“He’s a creeper.”“He’s also my friend. As are you. I’m thinking you’re stressing because you’ve got a wedding coming up and you’re trying to finishyour senior thesis. Maybe you should move out of the dorms. Get a little privacy. And a whole lot more sanity.”“You know maybe you’re right. Plus my boy could come over whenever he wants.”“Exactly.”
  54. 54. “Maybe I’ll go talk to the RA,” DJ said.“Good luck,” Robert said stepping forward and into DJ’s personal space.“Back off!”“I didn’t mean anything.”DJ looked over at Palau. “I think I’m going to move this weekend. And that’s not even soon enough.”
  55. 55. Robert and Palau watched DJ walk away. “Dude what the fuck were you thinking?” Palau asked once she was sure DJ wasn’t inearshot.“I’m a pleasure sim and she’s the only other sim in this dorm that I’ve got any bolts with. I’m getting kind of desperate for adate.”“Not with her. Seriously. Not with her.”“What’s so bad about her?”
  56. 56. Palau leaned forward. “She’s had three other dormmates kicked out of school here for harassment.”“Were they?”“Not that I know of. The last guy just wanted to talk to her. Remember blue-haired dude? Harmless. Gay.”“Yeah?”“She had him kicked out too. Only his boyfriend saved him by outing him to the Student Disciplinary Council. She’s bad fuckingnews if you aren’t her fiancé or a female.”“I feel sorry for her fiancé.”
  57. 57. “Me too! And you haven’t heard the worst of it. He’s thinking of leaving her.”“Really? I don’t know why!”Palau laughed. “I know, right! Fucking peach like DJ is totally the woman every man wants.”
  58. 58. “Whoa, Joss! Let a guy know you’re around.”“Robert, I have no fucking interest in reading your diary.”“Still.” Robert looked up at Joss. “So what are you doing?”“Well, I was cleaning. It’s fucking fun and if I don’t do it, Lily will beat me to it and I’m not letting some fucking Fitzhugh cleanthe toilet before me.”“That’s a little weird, but okay.”
  59. 59. “Piss off. Cleaning is fun and educational.”“I think you need a date, Joss.”“Like you’re one to talk.”
  60. 60. “Still,” Joss said under his breath. “You could be right. Too bad there’s no one I want to date.” ~*~
  61. 61. ~*~
  62. 62. “When are Joss and Wil coming home?” Aubrey Chorde Warner asked over her grilled cheese sandwich.“Yeah,” her twin, Davan McIntire Warner, echoed. “And when are we gonna see Cassie and Orion and Uncle Frank and AuntBurundi and everyone else?”Joss sighed almost overnight his huge extended family went from seven households to two. It was hard and it was even harder onthe kids. “I don’t know,” he answered honestly. “Joss should be home this summer. Wil, we’ve talked about before. As for therest, they’re busy getting settled in and your Aunt Cee just had another baby. It’s probably just going to be cards and phonecalls for a while.”“That sucks!” Aubrey said.“Language!”“That fucking sucks!” she corrected.
  63. 63. Oz sighed again. “Why did I think daughters would be easier?”“Because you were being optimistic. I told you the female of the species is more deadly than the male,” Doc said from the otherend of the table. Then the simself looked at her kids. “You’ll make new friends, kids. And so long as they aren’t Marsha Bruenig,it will be cool.”“What’s wrong with Marsha Bruenig?” Aubrey wanted to know.“What isn’t wrong? She’s a stalker in the making. All she needs is photoshop and a telephoto camera and she’d be perfect. Oh,that reminds me. I talked to Joss today.”“Telephoto cameras and stalkers remind you of our son?” Oz asked mildly.“It takes too long to explain,” she replied. “But the short version is phone stalker leads to phone call.”
  64. 64. “So anyway, what did he want?”“A bachelor challenge,” Doc replied.“He called you from school to talk about that?”“He wants me to arrange one with Lark. He’s not really finding anyone he’s interested in at school and he’s starting to get thefamily sim heebie-jeebies.”“I know how that was. Until I met you, I was one photobooth proposition away from a bad decision.”“Good thing you met me, then.”“I tell myself that every damn day.”
  65. 65. “What’s a bachelor challenge?” Davan asked.“I’ll tell you when you’re older,” Joss answered.“What’s a photobooth proposition?” Aubrey chimed in next.Joss picked up his sandwich, deliberately not looking at his wife who was trying to hold in her laughter. “I’ll tell you when you’re alot older.” ~*~
  66. 66. ~*~
  67. 67. “Spicoli! What are you doing here?”“Thought I’d cop a visit, keiki,” the blonde reaper said from the chair in the corner. “Nice digs.”Palau shook her head. “Yeah, I suppose it is for a dorm room but that doesn’t really answer my question, you know.”
  68. 68. “Whoa, harsh, keiki, can’t a dude visit a bro without getting the third degree?”Palau rolled her eyes. “Sure a friend can visit. But friends generally come to the front door, knock first, and wait until it’sdaylight or at least not 3am to visit.”“That’s, like, totally bogus. Bros totally don’t have restrictions. Especially not roommates.”
  69. 69. “I’m not your roommate anymore, Spicoli,” Palau said a little sadly.
  70. 70. “I mean, I’m grateful you took me in,” she continued. “Hanging out in that waiting room wasn’t something I was looking forward to.Gladys is nice and all, but she got to go home at the end of the day. I didn’t.”“Yeah, Shin’s waiting room totally sucks. Mine’s a beach with tiki drinks, way better.”
  71. 71. “Yeah, the beach was nice,” Palau agreed. “And you were good company to a moody teenager.”
  72. 72. “I don’t know how I would have turned out if you hadn’t been there with your silly jokes and patient explanations,” Palau saidgratefully.
  73. 73. “But things have changed,” she said regretfully. “I’m alive and you’re a reaper. And not even the reaper for my universe. It’s notas easy as hanging out on the deck anymore. There’s some serious long distance involved.”“What if distance weren’t a prob?” Spicoli asked.“Then, I don’t know. It’d be nice to see you again. I’ve kind of missed your laid back attitude these past few months.”
  74. 74. “That’s why I brought this.”Palau stared at Spicoli. “You brought me a gift?”“Take it.”
  75. 75. Palau reached forward to take the beribboned box, but as soon as she touched it, the whole thing disappeared. “What the?” sheexclaimed. “What just happened?”
  76. 76. Spicoli reached forward and gently touched the necklace that was now hanging from Palau’s neck. “I gave you a key, keiki.”
  77. 77. “What do you mean? A key? How is that going to help?” Then she paused and shook her head. “No, don’t say it. Magic. You gaveme a magic key.”“Right on, keiki. All us reapers have one, figured you could use a place with bubbles and bodacious curls.”“Thanks,” Palau said. “I could use a place away from the crazy sometimes.”“My pleasure, keiki.”“What’s that mean anyway?” she asked.“Kid.”“I’m not a kid anymore,” Palau said regretfully.
  78. 78. “No, you’re not,” Spicoli said huskily, touching her arm gently. “Got to jet, wahine. Catch you later.” And with that, he vanished.
  79. 79. Palau stood there for several moments trying to figure out just what had happened. Spicoli was a friend, but more than that hewas a reaper.
  80. 80. Just what was she getting herself into? ~*~
  81. 81. ~*~It’s now time to interrupt your angst to bring you random goodness. Because we can’t be dramatic all the time, unless you’re ateenager. And then it’s positively a requirement.So let’s check in on the inhabitants of the house?
  82. 82. Since things have calmed down, it’s time for our bug nut to finally get to collecting her bugs.“Can’t we have someone else do it? Bugs are gross.”Nope!
  83. 83. “Latvia? Have you been eating beans again?”“Um, no? Why do you ask?”“Because, you’ve been tooting.”“That’s just Meri, she’s got a dirty diaper.”“I don’t think so. There’s a trail of bubbles the size of the earth coming out of your butt.”“Liberia! You’re so mean!”“I’m just saying. It’s pretty noticeable.”
  84. 84. “Well fine! I’ll just go outside then. And maybe I’ll find George Wendt!”
  85. 85. “Oh say can you see…”“No!”“Oh beautiful for spacious skies…”“No!”“My country ‘tis of thee…”“No!”“America fuck yeah!”“Yea!”
  86. 86. “Do I have to keep doing this?”Yes. But you can go greet Marina. Oman isn’t here so we should be safe.
  87. 87. “Hey, Marina I hear you like DocSupremeNerd’s kids. I’m her kid.”“Why is Aubrey hitting on the simself?” Liberia asked her sister.“Aunt Fuzzy’s hot.”“I don’t know, but I find it disturbing,” Latvia responded.
  88. 88. Ahhhh, I love Doc’s kids. Even when they grow up into skin baring clothing. And yes, Aubrey is gay and she likes the simselfladies. So far, none of them have really liked her back. Which is fine with me. Since she’s only recently teened.
  89. 89. And since it’s now past 6pm, it’s time to make a quick phone call and invite everyone over.
  90. 90. And I do mean everyone.
  91. 91. People hadn’t even made it in the door before Michelle Fobbs decided to abscond with Chicken Boo.“Bwak!”
  92. 92. “Hey! It’s you! Thought I’d recognized you. You’re that new girl in the office. The one doing that reality show.”“Um, yeah I am.”“Hey, do you think I could get a guest star gig on that show?”“Um…”De shook her head with a smile. “Oh Rhys.”
  93. 93. Uncomfortable conversations were thankfully cut off by cake mothing.And yes, Ori, Orkney is hot.
  94. 94. Meri grew up into horribly mismatched clothes and face obscuring hair.
  95. 95. She also grew up into a full bladder and didn’t quite make it to the bathroom in time. Almost reminds me of an asylum. Or abachelor challenge. Or both!
  96. 96. That’s much better. Now we can see how pretty she is.
  97. 97. “You’re a little late, Aunt Doc.”“You have a hot tub.”“So do you.”“Doesn’t matter. Had woohoo.”
  98. 98. Doc and Oz weren’t the only ones having woohoo. BlueBerryPie and Caffie were next to fall to the lure of the hot tub.
  99. 99. With the guests turning the hot tub into a revolving door of love, it was no wonder that the party was a success.
  100. 100. A fact that Orkney and Fuzzy celebrated by not getting pregnant.
  101. 101. Dammit Romania!Out to the yard with you!
  102. 102. “Ow! Ow! Ow!”Serves you right for macking on your sister’s love interest when you have a boyfriend.
  103. 103. This looks ominous.
  104. 104. Dammit Henry!Dammit Latvia!But I can do something about this. *Clicks cancel*
  105. 105. “Why’d you stop!”I think we’re done here… ~*~
  106. 106. ~*~
  107. 107. “I have a bone to pick with you,” Lily confronted Spica without any preamble.“What about?”“Does the phrase ‘magic lamp’ ring any bells?”Spica narrowed her eyes. “Should it?”“You’re damn right it should. Cause that’s how your fucking cousin and idiot mother got resurrected. When were you going to tellthe rest of us?”
  108. 108. “The rest of who?”“The rest of us whose family lost someone that night!”“You’re saying your family has a genie lamp?”“Had. We had one right up until I left for college. I used the last wish on it to wish for peace of mind since I don’t really feel likehaving twenty lovers when I’ve got Kor. And now I find out that I could have used it to bring my sister back. So I ask again, whydidn’t you tell us?”“So that’s what that wish does. I didn’t know. I thought it meant you’d have a peaceful life.”“What are you talking about?” Lily snapped.
  109. 109. “Look I didn’t tell you because frankly, I didn’t think about it. How was I supposed to know that there’d be other lamps out there,huh? That you could have brought Rose back. Your family wasn’t important to me. Your mom killed my mom, my cousins, and myboyfriend. Then my parents decided that my boyfriend wasn’t worth bringing back even though I was the one who told them aboutthe lamp. So forgive me if I wasn’t feeling all that charitable. Because no one’s been all that charitable to me.”“You know, you’re a bitch.”“Right back at you.”“But you’ve got a point. I’m sorry.”“Apology accepted.”
  110. 110. “But know this, if I find out that you’ve been holding out on any of us like you did with the lamp, I will personally end you.”“Deal. I can understand wanting to get your family back as soon as possible. I miss Quinn. I miss him every minute of every day.So the same goes to you, if you figure out another way to bring someone back you tell me. Because I’ve got a dead boyfriend anddead family members that I’d like to see not dead.”
  111. 111. We interrupt your drama to announce that I finally remembered to check to see what people’s lifetime wants were and Joss herewants to max seven skills. Time to break out the eggplant juice.
  112. 112. And one day and about 6 servings later. We have permaplat.This makes all five playables in the house permaplat. Kor off of LTA, Spica off of Wish for Peace, Lily off of Wish for Peace,Palau off of both LTA and Wish for Peace (all of the non-children girls in the main house are permaplat including Lebanon fromLTA. Wishes for Peace were used to get rid of non-plot important genie lamps on characters who really didn’t need them.)It was at this time that Lily became a dormie (Robert has been since I’ve moved him in). I do not need to play her through collegesince she isn’t in the family line and this makes boring college a little easier since I don’t have another playable in this house.Seriously, I hate playing through college and if it weren’t massively cheating I’d put in 8-day teens and shorter semesters ashacks.Back to the grind.
  113. 113. “Yes! Now time to try the other trick.”
  114. 114. “Shave and a haircut!”
  115. 115. “Two bits!” Palau finished the song. “Yes! I never have to play pool again unless I want to on free will!”
  116. 116. And so for a time, things returned to semi normalcy in the dorm. The cafeteria worker was still a bit of a pyro.
  117. 117. Thankfully there was always one of the kids around to help put it out.“That cafeteria worker is hot!”“Yeah,” Kor shot back. “She’s on fire!”“Oh yeah, baby! So are you, rawr!”“Is this really a good time to be hitting on me, Lil?”“I can’t think of any better.”
  118. 118. Thankfully the sprinkler system kicked in to prevent any more awkward conversations about people’s hotness.
  119. 119. “A person likes to sleep on a bed of nails. The effective radius of a nail tip is 1mm. If there are 4 nails per square cm and theperson of mass 75kg has 0.64 square meters of skin touching the nails, what is the average pressure and force for each nail?Assume that the weight is evenly distributed on all the nails that the person is touching.” Palau read her homework aloud andsighed. “Who in the fuck sleeps on a bed of nails? And why do college professors ask these kind of questions?”
  120. 120. “This fucking sucks! Physics fucking sucks! Math fucking sucks! This whole thing fucking sucks! Why can’t Paranormal require amajor like Philosophy or Literature. I could handle reading. None of these fucking story problems. They think they have storyproblems? I have fucking story problems.”
  121. 121. She paused for a few moments. “What? No fucking advice, director-person? What kind of creator are you?”Silence greeted her.“Fine. So you’re telling me, I’ve got to figure this out for myself without your help. I wonder if adopting a kid counts as liftingthe restriction. I could make the call as soon as I got home and have the kid delivered the next day rather than having to waitthe time to have a kid. It’d be faster. So much faster. As soon as I finish my homework, I’ll check the computer. And maybesee about finding an easier major.”
  122. 122. Palau looked up from the computer with a grimace. “Adopted kids don’t count to the three kid total… and the restriction doesn’tend until the birth of the first kid. Birth. Not adoption but birth. Fuck.”
  123. 123. “You haven’t been to visit, wahine,” Spicoli said appearing in the chair behind Palau.“I’ve been busy.”
  124. 124. “You totally need a vacation, wahine. Mondo stressoholic to the max. You need a break and a tiki drink and some good bubbles.”“Bubbles don’t make everything better.”“But they make things suck less and it sounds like your world needs less suck.”
  125. 125. “Yeah my world needs less suck. But bubbles aren’t the best option.”“What about waves?”“Nor those.”“Or drinks? I make a killer mai tai.”“No mai tai’s either.”
  126. 126. “Then how about this?” Spicoli asked his voice becoming huskier as he pulled her to him and placed his lips on hers.
  127. 127. When it was done, Palau took a step back, her eyes wide. “What in the hell was that?”“You know what it was, wahine.”“It was kiss. My first kiss.”
  128. 128. Spicoli tilted his head. “So how’d you like it?”“Not bad,” Palau answered, thinking back.“Is that a smile I see?”“It might be.”
  129. 129. “Then you should totally try it again. See if it’s what floats your boat or what boogies your board.”“You’re fucking shameless. You like me.”“Course I do, wahine. You’re one bodacious babe.”“But your job, I thought they didn’t like Reapers and Mortals mixing.”“That’s totally bogus. They don’t like us breeding with the mortals without permission. But you’re special.”
  130. 130. “Because I died?”He nodded. “And because of who you are.”“Why are you telling me this?”“You deserve to know. So you can pull out if want. I’ll keep away the men in grey suits no matter what you decide.”“Men in grey suits?”“Sharks. It’s what I call the brahs in the Reaper Office.”
  131. 131. “Did they put you up to this? To fucking seduce me?”“Whoa chill out! I wasn’t put up for anything. Aloha Au Ia’oe.”“What’s that even fucking mean? Just go. Just fucking go!”“Why the harsh?”“I don’t like being fucking used! Now get the hell out or I’ll kick your tanned ass out!”Spicoli got the message and got the fuck out.
  132. 132. Time passed and all too soon, it was time for the college students to take their final exams.
  133. 133. When they got back, Palau stopped Joss from going inside. “Can we talk?”He glanced over at her. “I don’t know can you?”“Very fucking funny.”
  134. 134. “So what do you want, cuz?” Joss asked.“I’ve got a problem.”“Only one?”“Har har. Fuck, be serious. I really have a problem.”Joss rolled his eyes. “So what is it?”
  135. 135. “You know how I died?”‘”Kind of hard to miss, seeing as I was fucking there.”“Smart ass. Well, because I was going to remember, because I was a simself kid, the Reaper Office doesn’t like to let us runaround without supervision. Each of us Rememberers, that’s what they fucking call us really fucking original name, had ababysitter. Liz had a hula zombie named Bob. Wil had a Reaper named Zane and some winged dude your mom sent. Me, I hadSpicoli.”“What about him?”
  136. 136. “For three months, for three fucking months, I lived with him. Laughed with him. He’s the one who found someone to explainwhat happened to Muscat to me. He’s the one to told me what to expect when I came back. He kept me fucking sane, Joss.”“Why are you telling me this?”“Because he’s been visiting me. Two times since I came back. But he told me, he fucking told me, that the people in his officewant us to be together. To have a child together. The only reason he got close to me was so that he could fucking get me intobed. He fucking used me!”“It sounds like you’re trying fucking hard to convince yourself of that.”“I am.”
  137. 137. “Because if you ask me, and you totally fucking did, he didn’t have to tell you jack shit.”“I know. That’s what makes this so fucking hard. Because I could see myself liking him a lot. But I don’t want to be used and Iwant this to be my choice because the creator fucking knows I don’t have shit for those.”“So what the fuck are you asking? Should you trust this Spicoli? Should you fuck this Spicoli? I’m not the one that should bemaking that decision. You need to. You need to ask yourself these things. You’re the one who lived with him for three months.You know him better than I would considering I’ve never even met the guy.”“You’re right.”“Of course, I am.”
  138. 138. “So what are you doing later?”“Other than going home for the summer? Nothing really?”“Want to go with me someplace?”“Where?”
  139. 139. “Where I got my tattoo. I was thinking of getting another one. To celebrate finishing our first year. Wanna come?”“Sure, I’d been wanting to get one of my own anyway. I need to complete the badass image than some badly translated kanji thatsays ‘whore’ when it’s supposed to mean ‘princess.’”“So you’re in?”“I’m in.”“Great! I’m going to grab a nap. We’ll go in about an hour.”“Sounds good, gives me time to clean the toilets.”“You’re fucking weird.”
  140. 140. “Time to see if this works,” Palau said laying down on the sofa in the common room. ~*~
  141. 141. ~*~
  142. 142. “You came.”“I almost didn’t.”“I’m glad you did. Can I pour you a brew?”
  143. 143. “No thanks. I want to keep my head about me.”“Ah, so you’re here for the heavy talk.”“You could say that. We need to fucking talk in any case.”“Okay.”
  144. 144. “Why’d you tell me about the men in the grey suits?”
  145. 145. “You know why.”“No, I really fucking don’t.”
  146. 146. Spicoli turn back around. “Where’s the flair I gave you, wahine?”“I took it off when I got here and left it with my clothes in the bathroom. I didn’t want to lose it.”“It’s a magic necklace. That’s not how they work.”“Oh.”
  147. 147. “Why’d you come?” Spicoli asked turning back around again.“Because I needed to ask the question that I just asked. The one that I’m still fucking waiting for an answer on. And since Ikicked you out of my room, I figured I needed to come to you to get the answer. What is it? Why did you tell me about what thesharks in your office have planned.”
  148. 148. Spicoli looked down into his drink. “Because you deserved the truth and a choice. Not some bogus line and your life even morefubar than before. You deserve better than that.”
  149. 149. “I looked up what you said to me. Do you mean it?”“I probably shouldn’t have said that. But I ain’t gonna hide what feel. You’re about the only person who doesn’t think I’m somestoned out beach bum who only lives for bubbles, brew and breakers. Not that those things aren’t totally bodacious but I gotmore to me than that. You can’t live for over ten generations and not change a little.”
  150. 150. “Yeah, speaking of that,” Palau said, spreading her hands. “You do know I’m gonna get old. Possibly fucking die. And I can’t offeryou commitment or really much of anything. I’m not even sure how good of a friend I can be. It’s not like I can just drop myfucking life and gallivant off to play a video game or three with you. I’m going to have responsibilities, not that I fucking wantthem,” she added under her breath. “Are you going to be cool with that?”
  151. 151. “I’m totally clutch with whatever’s clutch with you. I can’t be your knight in shining armor, but I can definitely offer you a placeto chillax when you need it. And whatever kind of stress relief you want – brew, beach, bubbles, or booty, if that’s what youwant.”“Come here, Spicoli,” Palau ordered.
  152. 152. “Right!” Spicoli smashed the cup against his forehead.Palau laughed. “You wonder why people fucking underestimate you. It’s stupid shit like that.”
  153. 153. “Yeah, but it totally lets me get away with not having to do extra work. Wicked awesome!”“If you say so.”
  154. 154. “So tell me exactly what your office wants from me?”“I’m not totally sure. They asked me if I’d knock you up and then bring them the kid if they showed any special abilities.”“What’d you say,” Palau’s voice was very quiet, controlled.“I told them yes. But I totally psyched them out,” Spicoli quickly added. “Cause I wouldn’t do that to you or my kid. I’m a Reaper.It’s my job. I’m not heartless like those gapers. Even if we did have a sproglet and they were bodaciously powerful, I wouldn’tbring them to the men in grey suits.”“What would have happened if you’d said no?”
  155. 155. He reached over and took her hand. “They’d have sent some other Reaper dude in my place. One that wouldn’t tell you thestraight story.”“Then I guess I owe you a thank you.”
  156. 156. “You don’t owe me. It’s the righteous thing to do.”
  157. 157. Palau got up and took Spicoli’s hands in hers. “Why don’t was go upstairs?”“Right on!”
  158. 158. “Are you sure this is what you want, wahine?”
  159. 159. “You’ve got to look like you’re making an effort to fuck me, right? Otherwise they’ll just send someone else.”“Probably. Can’t know for sure.”“I’d rather have it be you and I’d rather do this before it matters for real. Like when I can actually get pregnant. You know whatthey say about fucking practice?”
  160. 160. “You’re already perfect,” Spicoli answered.“Tell me that after we’re done.”“Aloha Au Ia’oe.”“Right back atcha.”
  161. 161. ~*~
  162. 162. So that’s where we’re going to end this chapter. The triplets and company have been moved to college. I think Lebanon knowsthat that I can finally control her. That means Henry’s days of being the town gigolo are over. Fun times. Also fun outfits. Ilove transition outfits!
  163. 163. For those of you who didn’t get the beans and George Wendt reference, I suggest you check out this video. is still Yakko’s World and despite everything there are still going to be Animaniacs references. Especially when this onereally just stood out to me.
  164. 164. Thank you to everyone whose sims and simselves I’ve used – SmoothieQueen, DocSupremeNerd, Orikes, Peasant007,FireFlowerSims, BlueBerryPie, and everyone else I’m forgetting.Things are going to slow down substantially since I’m going into Otakon time and there are things in my real life that aredemanding attention.So until next time, whenever it is next week or next year, happy simming!