I.M. Bored - Generation 8 Part 3


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Gen 9 is bor

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I.M. Bored - Generation 8 Part 3

  1. 1. Hi! I am so excited for this update, you know why? Because generation nine makes its appearance! YAY!!!Again, I haven’t decided on who is technically heir – since both Jill and Vegeta weren’t moving out in any case. The deciderwill be who gives me genetics I want in their kidlets – namely green skin, pink eyes, and recessive hair colors.So without further ado we shall begin!
  2. 2. Once the wedding was over, it was time to get down to the grind of legacy living and my handicap fulfilling. Felix got to workon his gaming enthusiasm.
  3. 3. While Veronica and Jill got to know each other over a kinda friendly game of chess.“Putting on a little weight, Jill?”“I’m pregnant.”“Oh? Is that all, I thought it was more than that.”“And so what if it is? Felix loves me the way I am.”“My and what a catch he is there, isn’t he. Old, ugly, probably full of dominant features.”
  4. 4. “I think your insecurities are showing.”“What do you mean by that?”“You’re acting all bitch-like to get more camera time admit it!”
  5. 5. “So what if I am? It doesn’t make what I said any less true. Felix is old and ugly.”“He is what he is and I can live with that. You are who you are, but you can’t seem to live with yourself. Who is the loserhere? It sure as hell isn’t me.”“I’m not a loser! I married your brother, didn’t I? I’m just as pregnant as you.”“So you are breeding, that’s good. Vegeta will like that.”
  6. 6. “You think that? I mean, I’m not really all that excited about becoming a mom. Makes me all hormonal.”“That would explain the mood swings. Either that or you are a total bitch.”“Not a total one. I’ve still got a few correspondence courses to complete.”“There’s classes on how to be a bitch?”“What did you think I was a professor of? Drama?”“Good point. Your move.”“You done cheating?”“Yep.”“Good.”
  7. 7. Random drama over, the family continued on in its fairly boring pursuits.Portraits were painted…
  8. 8. People popped into more advanced stages of pregnancy.
  9. 9. And awkward conversations…“So I feel like picking a bone with someone random today.”“Are you going to pick me?”“Wasn’t planning on it. I was thinking more along the lines of someone I’ve never met who would kick my ass.”“Have fun. I’ll just be sitting here hoping that Slacker will show up in the career choices.”
  10. 10. “Ahhhh, yes. My next victim…”
  11. 11. “What’s that on your shirt? Oop! I think it’s drool!”“What the? Do you know who you’re messing with?”“I don’t really think she does.”“Nope, I don’t know and I don’t care.”
  12. 12. “I’m Beatrix Kiddo, aka Black Mamba, aka the deadliest woman in the world and you just pranked me!”“And you fell for it! If you’re the deadliest woman in the world, I’ve got nothing to fear.”“Kick her ass, Kiddo! Kick her ass!”“I’m goin’ to walk away now in light of your delicate condition. However don’t make any mistakes, I ain’t doin’ this for you.It’s my unborn niece or nephew I am doin’ this for. You do this again when not pregnant and I won’t be so generous.”
  13. 13. “I think I might of made a mistake.”“What did you do, woman?”“You know your Aunt Beatrix?”“Yes.”“I may have pranked her.”“Oh my lady, I shall start planning for your funeral.”“Belay that Jeeves. There will be no funeral planning. At least not just yet.”
  14. 14. “Woman, why are you so belligerent all of a sudden?”“I’m nesting and I don’t like sharing my nest with anyone.”“Even me?”“Of course not, silly! I just want a little old nest of our own where we can be a family without all of the extra hangers on.”
  15. 15. “I will see what I can arrange.”
  16. 16. “I see that the cheese has caused you to have a little pot belly.”“It’s not the cheese, Felix.”“Oh.”
  17. 17. “You didn’t have to bring a referee to our match, Jill.”“I’m not a referee, I’m a coach. Whip her butt, baby!”
  18. 18. “I didn’t mean it literally!”
  19. 19. A spin and a twirl later, and we had our first baby born. Say hello to Anita Blake Bored. She’s got Grey eyes, black hair andalien skin.
  20. 20. Then as my game likes to do, we have another baby. This time a boy, with the same genetics as Anita. I named him NealCaffrey from the really neat show White Collar.
  21. 21. Birthing done, Felix and Jill wandered off to the love tub while I.M. floated by happy to see that his family had finally made itto the ninth generation.
  22. 22. I don’t know why I bother with Nannies anymore. A lot of the house doesn’t work because they are swimming in cash. I onlyget jobs for my sims because it is their lifetime want not because we need the money.
  23. 23. Still, the cake does look really yummy.
  24. 24. And the plant seems friendly enough…
  25. 25. “Gimme the cake and stop taunting me with it!”
  26. 26. “As you wish!” *Chomp*
  27. 27. “And then the plant just ate that old woman!”“You say this like it is a bad thing.”“It is! Who is going to watch the babies!”“I think we’ve got it covered.”
  28. 28. “Good! Because the baby’s coming now!”
  29. 29. And I now have my heir! Which makes Vegeta heir by default. Say hello to Han Solo Bored. Green skin, black hair and pinkeyes! The Pink eyes live!!!
  30. 30. “Hello baby! You have now made sure that I am the winner of the heir olympics!”
  31. 31. “Now can someone take this baby from me? I want to woohoo.”
  32. 32. “Someone? Anyone? Romance sim with two woohoo wants coming through.”
  33. 33. “I sense my mate calling me. I should go to her.”
  34. 34. “You called?”“Yep. The new nanny finally took Han so I could get dressed for you.”“Don’t you mean undressed?”“Same thing. So woohoo now?”
  35. 35. “Oh yes!”
  36. 36. As it does, it was soon time for another birthday in the Bored house. Or as my sims think of it, another family reunionmemory.
  37. 37. Felix took care of aging up Neal, who really looks a lot like his papa.
  38. 38. While Prof. River scared the piss out of Prof. Veronica winning the battle of the professors by default. And causing me to missAnita’s growing up.
  39. 39. Anita Blake BoredNamed after the lead character in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Vampire Hunter series.This little cutie is an Aquarius with stats of 6/7/5/7/10. Much nicer than her literary, if you want to call it that, counterpart.
  40. 40. Neal Caffrey BoredGemini4/8/8/2/3Poor boy looks super bored playing with the bunny head.
  41. 41. “Gah!”
  42. 42. “Scary no scaring! Scary no scaring! Scary no scaring!”
  43. 43. “And then the evil witch made a fool of herself in front of everyone peeing herself in terror.”“You don’t have to rub it in!”“Oh are you still here? I’ll go someplace else so you can cry in peace.”
  44. 44. “That’s right, you be a good girl and learn to potty so that you won’t pee yourself like Aunt Veronica.”
  45. 45. “And now it’s time for bed! Sleep well my little Executioner!”
  46. 46. “Your family hates me.”“Now, now, I don’t think it’s that bad. Only the ones who’ve met you hate you. I don’t think the rest care.”“Even your dead relatives hate me!”“Like who?”
  47. 47. “Like him!”“Grandpa River? He hates everyone, don’t take it so personally.”“Really?”“Really. Besides I don’t hate you. I love ever cantankerous bone in your body.”
  48. 48. “Oh Vegeta!”“I think I’m going to be sick.”“Jill, stop antagonizing her.”“Fine!”
  49. 49. “There feel better?”“Yeah, I think I do.”
  50. 50. “Ack! No I don’t!”
  51. 51. Jill doesn’t like to admit it, but she’s CLEARLY got a favorite child.
  52. 52. It’s okay. Anita is kind of my favorite too of the current generation.
  53. 53. Felix wanted to make some friends, which I didn’t really understand but hey I have a wishing well.
  54. 54. And I kind of have this no Elixir rule. Cowplant juice is okay though. And well Vash needs to stay young for his metal lover.
  55. 55. Even if it does mean that we seem to go through elderly townies and nannies at an alarming rate.
  56. 56. That night, it was time for Han to age up.
  57. 57. And into blue hair. I also noticed that of my heirs since Willow married Scot all of the heirs have had Scot’s nose and featuresfor the most part.Han Solo BoredScorpio10/7/10/1/0He will shoot first then be sorry for the mess afterwards.
  58. 58. Veronica proves she isn’t a bad mother and actually rolls the wants to teach Han his skills.
  59. 59. Vegeta also gets on the toddler training action. Probably because he thinks that the woman would be too soft on the boy.
  60. 60. “Blocks yummy!”“Meh.”“No like blocks?”
  61. 61. “Mmm… Waxy!”
  62. 62. And another person to add to the keep Vash Youthful pile. I promise you will be resurrected when you become annoyingghosts.
  63. 63. Speaking of, Vash has managed to not be scared by a few of them after all of his time here. That takes talent.
  64. 64. And as it does, another round of birthdays arrived.
  65. 65. Neal grew up to look rather dorky. Something real Neal would never even contemplate.
  66. 66. While Anita stayed cute but the shirt’s got to go.
  67. 67. Much better.
  68. 68. Han also got to meet his grandmother for the first time and promptly demanded her attention.
  69. 69. “AHHH!!!! Why didn’t you save me, Vegeta!”“I don’t like ghosts.”“Well I don’t like them either.”“Yeah, but I’m rolling the fear at the moment. Not something a Warrior wants to let slip.”
  70. 70. “I guess I can understand that. But you’d better power up, buster. I’m getting sick of being the ghost butt-monkey.”“I’ll try to get my power level over 9000.”“Do that.”
  71. 71. “Why are you having two girls kiss?”“Cause you have the other boy doll. Why do you have both boy dolls?”“Um. No reason. Let’s just play okay?”
  72. 72. “Sure. We can play Dusk! I’ll be Edmund and save you from Stella.”“Don’t you mean the other way around?”“No, I’m pretty sure I’d want to be saved from Stella. She’s boring and useless.”“Like you’re one to talk.”“At least when I get depressed I go kick preternatural serial killer ass not do thrill-seeker things just so I can see the man Ilove.”“Methinks you protest too much.”“Shut up. We should probably go to school now.”
  73. 73. “A D? How was I supposed to know that teacher was a Dusk fan? I need to go to a new school.”
  74. 74. “I liked your report, Anita.”“Thanks, Auggie. But you’re my cousin, you’re supposed to like my report.”“Where does it say that?”“In the manual that no one ever reads.”“Ah. So, water balloon fight?”“Sure!”
  75. 75. “I’m gonna cream your alien-eyed ass!”“Missed me!”“I haven’t thrown it yet!”
  76. 76. “Pfft! You couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn!”
  77. 77. “You throw like a blind man!”“That’s cause I am!”
  78. 78. “Oh. I’m sorry, Auggie. I didn’t mean…”“I know you didn’t, Anita. And it’s okay. I can do lots of neat things without seeing. And it just would get in the way. Likedid you know that your cowplant just put out a cake? You might want to feed it.”“Thanks. I’ll tell Grampa Vash that its time to hire another nanny to drink.”“You know what, Anita, we’ve got a weird family.”“You don’t know the half of it.”
  79. 79. After that awkward conversation, it was time for another birthday. This time bombed by the totally unnecessary butler.
  80. 80. Han grew up to look a lot like his daddy with blue hair.
  81. 81. And a quick clothing change later and he looked even cuter.
  82. 82. “Here grandson, all of the crap I’ve been collecting over the years.”“What am I going to do with it?”“I don’t know. I don’t care. Sell it for all I care.”
  83. 83. So he did.
  84. 84. Although the business didn’t do all that well when the customers got eaten by the Vash Beauty Specialists.
  85. 85. And since Vegeta was crap at sales, seriously everyone turned him down, he hired an employee in this guy to sell the randomcrap.
  86. 86. While he concentrated on other, more important, things.
  87. 87. Like topping his career and becoming permaplat.
  88. 88. And learning how to man the cash register.
  89. 89. Which he really needed to master. Getting sucker punched by the till was not his idea of fun.
  90. 90. Jill tried to help, but she had about as much success as Vegeta.
  91. 91. While Vash continued to be the ghost magnet. Which was his job since scaring the customers is also a bad thing.
  92. 92. So this is where I will leave you. Boring update, I know. But hey, it’s an update and honestly you can’t be expecting highliterature here.
  93. 93. Okay I admit it, I like Anita. I like her a lot. She makes neat faces and is really quite cute despite having the frog face that alot of people hate.I also like the Anita Blake books for no real good reason. They are tripe and drek but oh so much fun to read. So if I have myAnita sound like a bit of a wench, well the real Anita is worse.
  94. 94. I am not as fond of Neal for other reasons. He’s boring and I am thankful I don’t have to consider him for heir.But this is where I am. Generation 9 is now a child. And I am SOOOO CLOSE to finishing this legacy.Up next, Vegeta gets his supernatural and the kids grow up.Until next time, Happy simming!