Crater lake - bacc - week 1 - clenthar


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Crater lake - bacc - week 1 - clenthar

  1. 1. Hello again! I have to admit this is a lot of fun for me. And this is a good thing, right? Anyway, I’d give you a recap, but Idon’t really think you need one do you?We’re now halfway through the rotation with the twins Celdu and Cental. I’m sure you’re really looking forward to thishouse. I kinda am too. I want to see if Cental is furious with Brenna since I really need someone to be the Law.
  2. 2. I don’t want to do this! I don’t want to feel the power taking me over, changing me. Morphing me into what it wants me tobe.Why can’t I fix it? Why?Please, someone, make it stop.Help me!
  3. 3. Bah! Weak soul, so easily taken over, but still fighting a losing fight. I’ll win. I always do.This community will be mine and all of its inhabitants will be my servants as they should have been. I have spelled this bookto seem like an innocuous log of this house’s day-to-day life. Only one with a power like my own can see this as it is trulywritten.And there is no one like that left. I killed the last one centuries ago.But I must be careful, lest these newcomers suspect that not all is right with the vessel.
  4. 4. The brother is the first hurdle. He knows the vessel. Knows her well, if I could, I would make him a mindless servant. But Ifear that will be noticed. He is more well-known among these aliens and the vessel is.He’s also very big on doing his duty. From paying his taxes on time to destroying the witch that stole his sister’s body.
  5. 5. Yes, I must watch him. And perhaps make sure that he is too busy to notice until the assimilation is complete andirreversible.
  6. 6. I think the best way to do this is to make sure that he is too busy dealing with others to notice how strange his twin is acting.Perhaps a business. That would keep him occupied.
  7. 7. Then there is the other problem. The Lady Brenna. I think she suspects. But I am not sure. I know she dislikes me greatly.It could be simply jealousy because of my interest in her sweet and special sister. Or it could be something else. She bearswatching and perhaps killing.
  8. 8. Now her sister, Bree, that child is most special. She has the blood of the nature folk running through her. Her kisses are likenectar on my lips. She has so much untapped power that I am positively salivating at the opportunity to harness it.
  9. 9. The fact that she carries the vessel’s seed within her is pleasing to me. It gives me the option to choose my next vessel withcare. I know this life form will wear out and I wish to have many choices for my next vessel and the fact that they are thekin to my current host makes the transfer easier.And the nature girl is so simple and has no clue how much I am going to use and drain her.
  10. 10. If I could laugh maniacally I would. I really is a great morale booster.But there is so much I need to do in order for my plan to be complete. So much.
  11. 11. The brother was enamored of the idea of opening a business. At my suggestion he will sell all of the excess seafood we havestored as well as pleasantly smelling flowers. I plan on infecting a few bouquets to further my plan of conquest. Somedissent among the settlers is always a good plan.
  12. 12. And it is quite lovely to have a patsy on whom to blame for the mess. Thank you for volunteering, dear brother.
  13. 13. Still, I will have to be cautious. Brenna comes by often and very little escapes her eye.
  14. 14. I have another reason for keeping the vessel’s sibling occupied. He wishes to be a journalist and if he becomes one, he mighthave the resources available to start piecing together the full story.
  15. 15. I do not think he suspects me yet, as he is distracted by his latest conquest.
  16. 16. But I have learned to sleep with one eye opened just in case. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. It is anadage I live by and though he doesn’t know it, the brother is an enemy.
  17. 17. I wish I could say the same for Brenna. That is one enemy I would love to get close enough to place a dagger in her back. Itried to beat her into submission, turn her into a slave for me.
  18. 18. But she resisted my attempts.How very frustrating.
  19. 19. Then she turned the tables on me and attacked. It was all I could do to keep the vessel from succumbing to her blows.
  20. 20. Again she triumphed.But I will not let this insult rest unavenged, if she only knew how close she came to forcing me out of the vessel she wouldhave likely attacked it again.I will have to do my best to avoid her in the future. At least until I have the host’s soul fully caged and controlled. It is stillstruggling far too much for my liking.
  21. 21. It is hard to keep away from her. I find that the best way to do so is to seem involved in helping the brother. Not only does itsoothe whatever suspicions the sibling has but it helps keep me away from Brenna’s fists and kicks.
  22. 22. I have also cast a spell of lust and fertility on the brother to keep him occupied. I do not know or care if the brother’s chosenpartner wanted to do what the spell forced him to.
  23. 23. They should be pleased that I have deigned to give them this pleasure instead of killing them outright.
  24. 24. Then the brother did something totally unexpected, he hired the thing that had impregnated him to work in this business.
  25. 25. The only thing worse would be if the brother and the pollinator were to fall in true love with each other. Then they would beable to resist my commands and spells.
  26. 26. I’m trying, Celdu. I’m trying to protect you, my twin. She’s so strong, that I can only do small things.Please, please notice something is wrong. Please find help.I need you, Celdu. I need you to save me!If only there were someone who could read this book.Please help me!
  27. 27. It seems that my fears were for naught. The brother only wanted more help with the store. Someone to be a servant, aslave.He picked an apt subject.
  28. 28. And my spell has worked flawlessly. The Brother is with child. Now to up the stakes and make sure that he is too busy tocounter me.I really miss maniacally laughing.
  29. 29. But with Brenna, the blue-haired bitch, always around. I must restrain myself.
  30. 30. But sometimes it is so very hard.So very hard. However, I did not get the power I have now by making amateur mistakes and I will not start now.
  31. 31. The business has been doing well and it pleases me to note that it has succeeded in keeping the brother from noticing thechanges in his twin.
  32. 32. In fact, he is so busy that he rarely has time to care for himself.If he dies from his exertions so much the better.
  33. 33. Still in order to maintain my cover, I had to act like I actually cared about the business and help out.
  34. 34. When the brother saw how useless I was at electronics he took me off of the money taking machine and had me do somethingthat suited my interests perfectly.
  35. 35. Now I could taint the flowers as much as I wanted, weaving the spells of dissent and suspicion into each bouquet. I shouldthank the host’s brother for this opportunity.
  36. 36. So one little spell later and he was the proud owner of the best of the best award for commercial endeavors. Never mind hewas the only commercial endeavor in this area, the award pleased him.
  37. 37. I think that the surprise and shock of the award triggered the onset of his labor. He is lucky that his alien genetics allow himto carry children, the birth would have split open a human male.Or at least an unmodified one. I have heard that these aliens have made it possible for males to be pregnant and give birthwithout dying. I wish to see this for myself. It could be useful in the future.
  38. 38. Its brother gave birth first to a girl child named Calla.
  39. 39. Then to a boy named Chavar. They will make adequate back ups if the children of my prize and I are unsuitable.
  40. 40. The birth of its brother’s children made me curious if this body could get pregnant. So I cast a spell of fertility on myself andtried with my prize but with no luck.It seems that the procedure to suppress the host’s personality suppress its fertility. Pity. I would have liked to haveexperimented with what a child of my host body could offer me.I shall end this writing with that thought. I plan on moving my base of operations to the prize’s house as soon as possible.The sooner I am not around its brother the better.
  41. 41. I’ve got to do something. Now, while my captor is unaware. I’ve got to protect my brother and his children. Maybe a littlepush on the lust and fertility spell that thing cast earlier. Maybe that will be enough. I hope it is.Oh Celdu, why didn’t you notice my unease around electronics. You know how much I love them. Please realize that thisisn’t me.I’m afraid that the thing’s control is becoming stronger. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to fight it off much longer.I need help. But you need it more. Stay safe, my twin and remember I love you.
  42. 42.
  43. 43.
  44. 44.
  45. 45. Wait! What?!No! No! Noooooooo!!! ~*~
  46. 46. Hi! Me again. Did you ever notice that the sims money says ‘Sims’ on it? I didn’t. Not until now. And I’ve been playing foryears.Whoops!But anyways, we are not introduced to the conflict. I hope you like how I am telling this. The viewpoint of each story willbe a little different and there are times where we will get more dialogue.I am trying to do this without resorting to staging, although there will be some. But nothing that will take much. I reallywant to prove you can tell a story without losing the ability to play for fun. Something, I’ve been losing in some of my otherprojects.
  47. 47. Have I mentioned I love the reporter my game spawned. I want her! I want her genetics!Speaking of Genetics, some of the playables have recessives on them. Mostly hair and eyes. A few have skin recessives aswell – mostly those that are related. I love SimPE.
  48. 48. As for the business itself. Here are the stats:Owner – CelduRank 3 (bought cash perks)Sells – Flowers and Fish.Employee – Deleren (I really did need the help. Celdu was a horrible pregnant sim.)Since Celdu is Best Friends with Arlen that means that I can get him up to Judge before I have to hold him again.
  49. 49. Stats so far!Sims: 15 (10 adults, 2 toddlers, 3 infants)Community Lots: 0Sim Multiplier: 1Founder Career: 3 (Able to advance to Judge (lvl 8))Taxes: $1600Furious sims: 2 (Finally! Now someone can learn couple’s counseling and be the law.)Sick sims: 0Fires / Burglaries: 0 (Oh Burglar! Please to be coming!)Current Population: 15